It’s been a while.

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After an unannounced dropping off the face of the earth for like five million years (about two months or so really), I’m finally getting around to posting again. Hopefully it’ll be on a more consistent basis from now on, but I’m doubting that a little lol

Anyway, a couple of things have changed over the past months. I recently left my job and I’ve been spending a lot of time sorting stuff out from that and working on where I want to go from there. I’m definitely going to focus a lot more on university over the next few months because I chose some pretty full-on classes this semester and the assignments for them look like they’re going to kick my arse. On top of that, I want to focus on my Japanese a lot more since I feel like it’s nowhere near the level it could be considering how long I’ve been studying it.

Speaking of Japanese, if you’re friends with me on GoodReads you’ll notice I’ve been adding a lot of Japanese books to my Read shelf lately. Sorry for the spam~

It’s because I recently started to participate in Round 1.5 of the Tadoku Challenge. The goal is to read as much as you can in a two week-ish to one month (depending on the round) period; the competition is Twitter based and I made an account pretty much just for it so I wouldn’t be spamming on my main. I’ve been reading a lot over the past eight days or so, but I still haven’t managed to beat the amount I made on the first day lol I started on the 15th at seven in the morning and didn’t finish reading until about eleven thirty at night, and I’ve been trying to match that on some of the other days but I keep getting distracted by other things. Oh well, I’ve got plenty of time until this round ends anyway.

It’s been so good to read a bunch of stuff in Japanese again; I haven’t been keeping up with my study much at all now that I’m not taking classes for it so this is great❤ I do need to challenge myself with it a bit more, I’ve been reading a lot of the same stuff (fantasy, mystery, contemporary romance (F/F, M/F, M/M), manga, etc), and I’m not really trying to work on things I know I won’t have the vocabulary for. There are a couple of novels on my shelves and on my Kindle that I’ve looked at before and nope’d right out of, and I really should try those at some point. Also I should work on the news and academic stuff more probably because my vocabulary for that is super lacking. It’ssoboringthough.°(ಗдಗ。)°.

One book I really liked though was this one:
I read it in one go this morning and it was great. A bunch of middle schoolers are all able to go through their mirrors to a world with a solitary castle, they’re told that if they can find a key to a specific room they’ll be granted one wish. However, if they stay in the castle past five in the evening Japan time they’ll be eaten by wolves, and if they stay in the castle past the allotted timeframe to find the key (they have up until 30th March) they’ll be locked up there forever (and probably eaten by wolves). They’re brought there and told this by Ookami-sama, a girl with a wolf’s mask, and she offers hints throughout the novel.

The novel focuses a lot less on the mystery of the key, and more on the interactions between all the characters and their lives outside of the mirror world. They are all so good, and so precious, and I love them. They all have circumstances that make them want to stay in the mirror world, but also want to work to improve their lives in the real one. Their theories about the world are so close too, and I love the friendships that come from all of this. Love them so much.

Also, the book is very easy to read in my opinion. The grammar and vocabulary aren’t difficult and there isn’t a lot of uncommon kanji (off memory). So if anyone’s learning Japanese and need something to read I really do recommend this. A lot of it is just talking and kids hanging out, but it also deals with bullying, grief, unhealthy relationships (content warning: a middle schooler aged (I think) fourteen is dating a twenty-nine (or so) year old. It’s only mentioned in passing a couple of times, but it is brought up that it’s an obviously negative thing, etc. Also there are some mentions of suicide), and forgiveness.

Other books I’ve liked in this challenge so far are, of course, the NO.6 books although the further along I got the more average they seemed to become. Shion and Nezumi are great, but the treatment of Safu in the later novels is appalling. I enjoyed the first book in The Memorandum of Kyoto Okitegami, and didn’t mind the first High School Ghost Busters book (but not enough to start the second).

I hated Cendrillon of Midnight, and wasn’t overly fussed on Kasane, or Bad Lesbian & The 7 Wives. I did catch up on some of my manga backlog (which is huge) as well which was nice, and got through a bunch of that.

On top of that, I’ve also started writing every day again. I have missed it so much~~ I haven’t properly sat down and written anything in years. I’m super rusty, and I slow to start, but I wrote a bit over a thousand words yesterday for the first time in a long time and I’m kind of proud of myself for that even if I hate all of it already lol I’ve written a bit more today too, and I’m gonna keep writing as often as I can. Gotta say I haven’t missed blank Word documents or empty Scrivener projects though, ahh, I need to fill them with something so I don’t give up before I start lol Hopefully now that I’ve mentioned that I’m writing again I won’t stop completely out of the blue to spite myself (;・∀・)

Anyway, I feel like I’m finally on track again. My old job left me with zero motivation, and after I left I tried to get back into everything but I guess I still had some leftover feelings from that so it was pretty difficult. Now, though, I’m getting back into stuff and working on things a little differently to how I was before and with any luck I’ll be able to keep going. Once my uni classes get busier it’s probably gonna be a little more difficult, but I’m gonna do my best to keep motivated and as positive as I can. I don’t want to fall into old patterns again, I want to keep going as best I can and work towards my goals even if they’re minor ones to begin with.

So, yeah, long time no see. I’m doing pretty well these days, how are you? ❤❤︎

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