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There are spoilers ahead, but I’ve tried my best to put major plot ones (that also relate to other routes) under spoiler cuts. View Spoiler »

It’s taking me so much effort not to write Sidney as Sydney, but the thing I have that has his name in English characters has it with an ‘i’ instead of a ‘y’ so I must. Though it pains me. I’m also writing this summary as I go because I should have done this months ago, but never got around to finishing Sidney’s route. This also got a lot longer than I expected, I’m sorry lol

Elena(/MC) receives a letter from a mysterious benefactor named ‘Id’ calling her to attend an all-girls school in Yokohama. She leaves the church in Kanazawa where she grew up after her parents’ death in a fire and catches the train to Yokohama. She’s very nervous around guys and it’s just her luck she gets her luggage stolen and has to be rescued by two men (Shindo Masanari and his elder brother Ritomo) before being able to make it to the school. On the way, she gets told about the crimes that are happening lately and about the people who seem to be turning into something between humans and demons called ‘arazu’ that are causing trouble.

After arriving at the school, she meets her roommate Haruka. She shows her around the school, and at one point they run into Haruka’s fan club which leads to Haruka asking Elena to be her little sister. The school seems to have a system where older students mentor and take care of younger ones as sisters, and Haruka warns her fan club to be nice to her younger sister. Let’s be real though, as if that’ll really help. Later on, Haruka explains that she also works in theatre and has to leave during the nights for practice. She asks Elena to keep it a secret and here we get the reason Haruka made Elena her sister so quickly.

Elena tries to adjust to the school and make friends, but most people try to use her to get into Haruka’s good graces. She’s pretty timid at first and ends up running away from them at some point because she knows for sure they’re not interested in getting to know her. She runs to the chapel on the campus grounds and meets Iori who was playing the piano. He is annoyingly creepy and mysterious and enjoys messing with her. She runs away as soon as he lets her go.

Eventually, she does make a friend (Midori) who reaches out to her because she’d heard that Elena had grown up in a church. They bond over religion, it’s nice. Midori tries to introduce her to her friend, Youko, but Youko has no interest in getting to know Elena at all. At least until Haruka arrives and offers everyone tickets to her next show.

On the way to the show they run into Ritomo, and Elena thanks him for helping her get to the school. Right after her classmates start talking about how good looking he is, and when someone brings up Haruka they wave it off saying that ‘Haruka’s a completely different matter’.

Haruka shines on the stage as a prince and, of course, Elena finds herself a little nervous after that. In Haruka’s dressing room after the show, Haruka and Elena bond over Elena’s handkerchief which was made by her mother. Not long after everyone’s kicked out of Haruka’s dressing room and they decide to explore a while before going back to school.

Youko is a little huffy from the attention Haruka paid Elena the dressing room, so in the end the group goes without her to look at clothes as she’s heading back to the school by herself. Later on, Elena is emptying her pockets only to find her handkerchief is missing. She ducks out of the school and heads back to the shops.

While looking for her handkerchief she remembers her parents, wishing they were still with her. Someone interrupts asking if she doesn’t have any parents, she asks who and turns. No one’s there. She asks again who it was, but still no one appears. She wonders if it was her imagination or an animal, but she was sure someone was behind her. Freaking out she changes location and heads into a nearby alley, nothing bad ever happens in an alley. Her heart pounds loudly in her chest, and she’s shaking. She can hear some voices further off. They’re chasing someone. She turns to look when she hears someone gasp, a large shadow nears the alley entrance, and someone runs into her at the same time. They look at each other surprised.

There’s a foreigner standing before her. They can’t look away from each other and Elena wonders if it’s him the people are chasing. The people searching are getting closer to the entrance of the alley, and the man leans down over Elena pressing her against a wall. He puts a finger over her lips to keep her quiet and Elena can’t look away from his eyes—she’s sure she’s seen them somewhere before. The group arrives at the alley asking if they’ve seen a man running by, Elena jumps, and one of the men asks if they’re foreigners. She’s silent at that and looks down to hide her eyes. The blonde says something in a language Elena doesn’t understand and nor do the men at the alley entrance. They huff, tell Elena and the man to leave, and move on. The man lets go of Elena and steps back, and she runs out of there immediately. She hears him call after her, but she doesn’t stop. She wonders why she felt like she knew his eyes but keeps moving until she’s at a street further away.

She slows and stops at a small street and thinks of finding her way home. She hears footsteps, a man stumbles before her. He groans. He seems like he’s about to collapse when he changes. Elena runs into her first arazu. The arazu leaps for her and she screams, but something pushes it back. It’s the man from before. He asks her if she’s alright, and she’s in the middle of replying when the arazu interrupts. The man calls it a devil in Russian and then leads Elena to safety. They keep going and tuning corners until they can no longer hear it behind them.

He asks her if she’s hurt, and Elena replies that she isn’t before trying to ask what was even happening before, but she can’t seem to form the words. What was that man before? Did she imagine it? No, but it was like he wasn’t even human. Like a… The word ‘monster’ slips out to her surprise. The man agrees stating that it might be one of those ‘arazu’ he’s been hearing about. He adds that this area isn’t safe and then offers to escort her home. Elena protests, and the man realises he hasn’t introduced himself. He tells her that he’s Sidney Watkins, a journalist from London. She wonders if that means he’s British and not Russian like she was thinking. He also apologises for manhandling her earlier in the night, and she feels a rush of embarrassment at the memory. She asks why he was being chased, and he answers that it wasn’t for anything bad, he was just gathering information. She replies that if he hadn’t done anything wrong then he wouldn’t have needed to run away.

He asks her if she knows the secret service of the police and talks about how they were moved to the police force after the war. He mentions that they’re there to regulate the opinions of the citizens and are particularly against the free thought of foreigners and socialist ideology. So, a lone foreigner walking around late at night like him would be seen as particularly suspicious. They would have taken him away without any reason. Elena thinks about this for a moment, she has heard about the group being strict, and they have arrested a few famous authors and the like for dangerous thinking… Sidney continues stating he took the moment to divert suspicion by pretending that they were lovers. Elena rephrases this, shocked, and Sidney apologises again that he had to do it to a young lady he’d not met before. He asks her if there’s any way she can forgive him, and she thinks on it a moment before stating she does, she thought that method might have been the best in that situation too. She thinks that Sidney might not be a bad guy after all, and thanks him for saving her. He tells her that he’s glad she’s alright before asking what she was doing outside at this time of night in the first place. He doesn’t let her answer, and he escorts her back to the school.

They arrive at the school without running into any further trouble, and Elena thanks Sidney at the gate. He tells her to call him Sid and adds that all of his good friends call him that. Elena introduces herself after that, realising that she hadn’t done so previously. He repeats it and tells her that he’ll call her by her name from now on. He tells her, while looking directly at her face, that he hopes they’ll be able to meet again. Elena thinks again that he makes her feel nostalgic, possibly because he has the same colour eyes as her mother…?

Sidney mentions that she might get cold standing around outside, and Elena asks him if he’s alright since it’s so late, and she’s worried something might happen to him like earlier. Sidney tells her not to worry and that he’ll be careful. He smiles brightly and takes her hand, he tells her he’s glad he met her today, wishes her good night and sweet dreams. He kisses the back of her hand, and Elena pulls it back surprised. He laughs, tells her it’s just a British greeting and leaves. Elena stares after him trying to process—she was hugged by a man she’d just met and not to mention k-kissed…—she then tries to justify it to herself and remembers that she was treated similarly by the person in the chapel, but he and Sid were completely different.

Speak of the devil and he doth appear. Iori arrives asking who’s different from who now? Elena jumps and Iori asks her if she’s run into arazu already. He messes with her a bit; she asks him who he is and he says that it’s a game and she’ll win if she figures it out. By the time she gets back to her dorm it’s nine pm and Haruka still hasn’t returned.

The next day everyone who went to see Haruka’s play are talking about exploring some shops again, and one girl asks if they’ve seen one of the group since then. She’s missing. Later, everyone who went to Haruka’s play yesterday is being called in for questioning. The Guard are there, and Masanari informs them that the missing student (View Spoiler ») has been murdered. Masanari is the one to question Elena, and he’s just as good at talking to girls as he has been in every other route… pretty damn awful. She asks him to wait so she can process, but he tells her to shut up and not to worry about her feelings. He tells her again to sit down and get started, and that he’s not going to treat her gently just because she’s a girl.

She looks down at her hands in her lap and tells him what happened, she answers as truthfully as she can. She tells him about running into the arazu, which he scoffs at and asks if she’s trying to turn the blame on the murder to that man. He tells her she just must have been cornered by a bad man and she shouldn’t exaggerate. She says she has a witness and brings up Sidney. At hearing Sidney’s from England, he notes it down before asking her what time she got back to the dorm. She looks up at him and lies (remembering her promise to Haruka) saying that Haruka was in their room sleeping and didn’t wake up when she came back. Masanari clarifies that it’s the person who invited her to the production, and she confirms it and repeats that Haruka had been asleep at the time of her return. Masanari accuses her of hiding something almost immediately; this had been the first time she’d met his eyes, and also the first time she started speaking in longer sentences to him as well. When Elena doesn’t elaborate, he decides he’ll just ask Haruka instead. Elena begs him not to saying that it’ll get in the way of her work and she has nothing to do with it. Of course, he responds that the person to decide whether she’s relevant to the investigation or not is him and not her, but Elena’s story also has some inconsistencies. Before talking to Haruka, he’ll take her in for questioning. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her from the room.

Tsuyoshi, his colleague, is waiting outside and Masanari explains the situation before asking him to gather more information and also to find Haruka. Elena asks him to stop, and Tsuyoshi advises her to stop resisting and that he’ll let the staff at the school know what’s happened.

Masanari pulls Elena out the school gates by her arm, she stumbles a bit after him. He tells her to walk faster, and she tries to ask him to wait when someone interrupts. It’s Sidney; he states that it isn’t like a Guard to treat a woman so roughly. He introduces himself to Masanari and asks Elena after her health. Masanari asks if he’s the one Elena met yesterday and looks at him suspiciously asking what he wants. Sid replies that it’s obvious, he came to see Elena. Well, that and work—he’d heard about a case involving a student at the school. Coincidentally he’d arrived just as a Guard was roughly pulling a student out of the school. He asks if it’s possible to get a statement and Masanari rejects the idea immediately. He grabs Elena’s arm again and tells her that they’re leaving. Elena gasps at the tightness of his grip and his movements, but he doesn’t stop.

Iori arrives in the nick of time asking what Masanari thinks he’s doing. Masanari grips Elena’s arm tighter, and Iori tells him that she’s his and to let her go. She ends up in Iori’s arms, and Sid says that he meant to help, but was beaten to it. Iori replies that it’s because Elena is his. Masanari asks him what he wants, he doesn’t have the time to play with children. Iori laughs. He asks if it’s because of his height, because of his pretty appearance, because of his shorts? Masanari tells him to stop with the nonsense and just say what he wants to say. Iori tells him that he should gather more information so as to not mistake people and asks Sid if he agrees. He does, but Sid adds that it might have been better to have gotten to the point earlier as it looks like all the blood has risen to Masanari’s head. Iori says that it’s more interesting this way, and Elena tries to get some idea of what’s going on. Masanari’s just done. He demands Elena get handed over again, and Iori sighs. He says that Masanari’s nothing like his brother, and Masanari pauses. Iori finally introduces himself as the head of the school and both Elena and Masanari are shocked at the news.

Iori messes with Masanari some more, but Elena asks him to stop and Sid backs her up. Iori scoffs, he doesn’t want to forgive someone that was going to take something that was his. He needs compensation for it. Elena realises that despite his constant smile Iori might have been angry the whole time. Annoyed, Iori introduces himself properly. Sid adds some further information with Iori’s family, and that Iori’s actually quite famous. Masanari still wants to know what happened the previous night and wants cooperation with the investigation, he’s more than likely about to put his foot in it (as usual) when Tsuyoshi arrives. He’s surprised to see them still there, with more people at that, and Masanari explains that the head of the school is interfering. Sid and Iori both look amused, and Sid says that it doesn’t look like Masanari’s going to let this go. Iori pisses off Masanari some more, and Tsuyoshi tries to make peace only to have Masanari talk over him saying there’s no time to talk and that it would only interfere more with the investigation. Iori replies that yes, there is no time… to make a dog understand human speech anyway. Masanari grips his sword and Tsuyoshi intervenes again trying to find a compromise. Reluctantly everyone agrees, but Masanari insists on Sidney ceasing his investigation into the case and if he doesn’t the Guard will remove him.

Masanari and Tsuyoshi head off, and Sidney asks Elena if she’s alright. She says that she is and thanks him for saving her again. Iori asks what she means by ‘again’ and Elena explains that Sid escorted her back to the school yesterday. Iori tells her not to go near such shady guys like Sidney again, and Sid jokes about his cruel words. Elena asks if they know each other and Sidney replies that they’ve met a few times at parties and that Iori’s given him information as well. He talks about how Iori’s status brings a lot with it, and Iori replies that he has no intention of being the source of an article today and to leave. Sid says that he can’t leave right away, he can’t call himself a journalist when he leaves after catching something like this. Iori scoffs and tells him to write something he’ll find entertaining then, he’s been too bored lately.

Elena says that Sid must be busy being a journalist, is he working all the time? Sidney replies that it’s kind of like that, you never know when something may happen after all, but telling those stories to the world is a job worth doing. These articles are things that could change the world, in this time the best weapon to have is knowledge. Elena admits that she can’t really see it, but Sidney doesn’t take offence. He thanks her for her interest and apologises for rambling on. Iori huffs and says that talking like that doesn’t change the fact that he’s shady.

Elena’s still reeling at the fact that Iori’s the head of the school when Iori turns to her and says that he’s won the game. He gets annoyed when it looks like she’s still processing the fact, and she looks down. She apologises for not greeting him properly when she first transferred to the school, and thanks him for allowing her to attend. He waves it off saying that it was unnecessary, besides he wasn’t there that day either. She thanks him again, mentioning that being able to attend a school like this was like a dream since she’s from the country. She also asks Iori if he knew who it was that sent her the letter about her transfer. She doesn’t know anything about them or if they knew her father, she wants to know what kind of person they are. He tells her that if she’s going to ask she’ll need to ask in a way that’s fun for him. She says sincerely that she wants to thank them directly for looking after her all this time. Iori’s silent, he looks completely uninterested.

He changes the subject to the case with the arazu instead. He whispers in her ear, but before he can go further Sidney pulls Elena away. Iori calls him her knight and asks if that her power as well. Sidney replies that knights lay down their lives to protect their charge, and Iori replies that things are getting more interesting. He heads back into the school. Sid tells Elena not to worry too much about Iori. He notices how pale she looks and asks if the case was painful. He suggests she rest and she thanks him.

Elena’s back in her dorm room, worrying about everything, when Haruka gets back. Haruka says that she was at work the whole time and apologises for both the delay in getting back and the case. She and Elena lay down and rest, and Haruka pets Elena’s hair. Elena explains what happened that day, and Elena tells her that she told Masanari that Haruka had been in the dorm when she got back. Haruka focuses less on that and more the fact that Elena was being taken away by the Guard, but Elena reassures her that everything turned out alright. Haruka blames herself for not being there, but Elena tells her it’s not her fault and that she’s fine. After some pressing, however, Elena starts to cry—she’d been scared, she hadn’t known what was going to happen, and when she thought of what could have happened she’d gotten even more so. She was concerned about Haruka as well, and about the case. Elena then mentions that she’s scared of men. She’s always been. Haruka promises to protect her. She falls asleep in Haruka’s arms.

Some days later, Elena and Haruka are taken to Iori’s office for her questioning with the Guard. She’s a little nervous being in Iori’s office, and Haruka tries to comfort her. Masanari introduces himself to Haruka and she says that she heard he ‘looked after’ her sister the other day. He asks about her calling Elena her sister, and Haruka explains that that’s their relationship. She adds that Masanari had hurt Elena quite a bit, and that she’s can’t stay silent about it. Masanari doesn’t care. Haruka gets even more upset on Elena’s behalf and Iori laughs. Eventually they all take their seats and Masanari lays out the case: The scene of a brutal murder was found in Yamashita Park, and the murder seems to have occurred late in the previous night. The body had been drained of blood, had many surface wounds, and they were currently looking for the corpse’s limbs which had been removed. Iori speculates that the criminal could have taken the limbs with him, or… Haruka interrupts stating that Elena shouldn’t have to hear that much about her friend’s murder. Iori asks if she’d like elaboration on the gory details instead, and Haruka says just the basics of the case is fine.

Masanari then asks Haruka where she’s been the past few days. She explains easily that she had a show and was there that day, met Elena and the girls at the theatre, and so on. He doesn’t believe her, and Haruka scoffs. She states that surely there are people more suspicious than them in town, and why doesn’t he investigate those people instead? Iori’s entertained by the argument between them but agrees with Haruka that the perpetrator isn’t in his school. He tells Masanari that he’s got enough information and should leave the school. Masanari objects, and Iori says that he’ll take compensation for it if he wants to continue questioning. He looks directly at Elena as he says this, and she feels a chill run down her spine. Masanari says that Iori isn’t acting how the head of a school should, the way Iori’s acting as if he’s enjoying himself while a student of his has died, and he tells him if he’s not going to cooperate then at least stop interfering. He’s going to continue the investigation.

Iori laughs. He’s over it, he’s had this conversation with Masanari time and time again. If Masanari intends to continue the investigation, then he has an idea. He can get rid of this heavy atmosphere in one swift game. A gala. They’ll have a gala at Iori’s mansion on the 20th April for Easter. Iori continues to plan, and wind Masanari up at the same time, and tells everyone to direct any complaints to Masanari. Elena thinks that Iori is really looking forward to it. Masanari ends up leaving with no further information, and Iori has a party to prepare for.

It’s the night of the gala and Elena is admiring Iori’s house and surprised at the amount of people. Haruka mentions that it may be because of a rumour about something Iori prepared specifically for the party. Midori spots them and joins them, she’d been nervous by herself, and they welcome her happily. Midori tells them of a rumour that Iori is looking for a bride at the gala (lolololol), but on top of that there’s also the rumour that Iori will be displaying a Fabergé Egg. They talk about the egg and Russian history for a while before Elena brings up the fact that Thief Bran is intending to steal it. Elena’s shocked, a thief? In this story??? Midori adds that he’d sent a letter stating their intentions yesterday. How she knows the exact wording of the letter is odd though; THIEF BRAN IS THAT YOU? Elena says that they must be confident that they’re not going to be caught if they’re sending letters like that. They are confident. They’re right in front of you. It’s Midori. I’m gonna be so disappointed if it’s not Midori. We all know it’s not Midori. Midori adds that the thefts are done so cleanly it’s almost like magic. Elena wonders if it’s really alright to display it, and Haruka says that it’s Iori so he must have put precautions in place.

Iori chuckles behind them. He says that women love their gossip and welcomes them to his mansion. He asks if they’re enjoying themselves and Midori says she is and thanks him for inviting her. Elena and Haruka join her. Iori tells them not to worry about the police and the guard mixed in with the party guests and that they can think of them as furniture. Elena’s response to that is lacklustre, and Iori tries to teach her how to enjoy herself at parties by people watching. Sidney interrupts telling him he’s getting loud, and he greets Elena. Iori says that he doesn’t remember inviting him, and Sid replies that he needed to be there. Iori wonders where he got the invitation, and Sid tells him that he didn’t do anything untoward to get it; he got it from a friend.

As they’re talking someone else arrives. It’s Ritomo. He thanks Iori for the invitation, and he and Elena spot each other. Elena introduces him to Haruka, Midori, and Sid, and she introduces them to Ritomo as well. Elena talks about how thankful she is that she’s had people helping her, particularly Ritomo as well. Haruka’s a little surprised, but Elena says it’s just that she was so glad that he was a nice person. They talk about Ritomo’s achievements for a while, Iori brags on behalf of his friend, and also talk about Ritomo’s research. They bring up the case as well, and the letter from Thief Bran. Iori’s looking forward to it.

Masanari, dour faced as always, joins the conversation. He’s surprised to see Ritomo out and about, guess he still hasn’t gone back home, and Ritomo asks how they all know his brother. Iori explains that he’s the one looking into the case, and that the criminal isn’t even where Masanari’s looking. Masanari replies that that’s for him to decide and Ritomo laughs. His brother’s so serious because he’s such a leader. Masanari asks him not to tease him, and Ritomo says it’s less teasing and more worry. It must be hard organising both the police and the guard, particularly with Thief Bran coming as well. Masanari tells his brother not to worry and to enjoy the party. Elena smiles to herself a little, thinking that Masanari is quite different when he’s around his brother.

Suou, Iori’s secretary, arrives then and Iori introduces him to everyone. Ritomo thanks him for his hard work, and Suou pays unusual attention to Elena (like everyone else really). He then compliments the other girls. He also specifically mentions he’s glad to meet Haruka, and Elena wonders if it’s because she’s quite famous around he school. Suou mentions that this isn’t the time to stand and talk, Iori needs to greet the guests.

The party continues, and Iori finally displays the Fabergé Egg. Iori says that he has a surprise planned for Thief Bran, and he’s also gathered some masks for everyone to wear for the occasion. Yes, to catch a man in a mask we must all wear masks—It’s just that they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.

Ritomo hands Elena a mask, it looks expensive and has butterflies made of lace attached. Elena worries about dancing as she’s never done it before, and Ritomo assures her that it’s fine. This is just for fun, whether you can dance or not is secondary. Ritomo explains about masquerade balls and how, even if you know the person behind the mask, you pretend you do not for the fun of the game. Even though it’s dangerous you can’t help but want to try it—that’s what this party embodies. Elena says that she doesn’t really understand it, and Ritomo looks troubled, he says that she doesn’t seem like the kind of person to enjoy these games. Elena tries to make it better by complimenting the Fabergé Egg which starts Ritomo on a lecture of Russian history and the history of the egg. Elena thanks him for telling her about it and compliments his knowledge. He blushes and stumbles over his words a bit, it’s cute.

Anyway, Iori starts the masquerade. Ritomo nearly asks Elena to dance, but she says that she’s happy to watch instead. He says that he did want to dance with Elena, and she stammers that it’s impossible and he laughs. He says that it was a joke and that he’s not good at dancing either. He tells her to enjoy the party and leaves her. Meanwhile, Haruka’s dealing with invites from her adoring public. She thanks them for the invitations but says since she’s dressed as a girl today it might cause some trouble.

Elena steps away from the dancing not long after that, she wants to find somewhere quiet to rest. A police officer comes up to her asking what she’s doing, he tells her to go elsewhere. She moves along looking for somewhere without any people, but they’re everywhere. In the process she ends up lost and unable to find her way back. Eventually, she decides to rest first and then search for the great hall again. She thinks of her mother, of Russia, of the dancing, her feelings.

She hears a sound. Thinking she may be near hall she goes to check. She ends up in a dark room, inside is a glass case with a sheet over it. In the gap between the ends of the sheet she can see a glimpse of another Fabergé Egg. She hears someone behind her and turns, View Spoiler », she apologises for being there and asks if they could tell her the way back. They ignore her request and say that they’re glad to run into her there instead and explain that they’re waiting for Thief Bran—the egg in the hall is a replica. Elena realises this is the trap for Thief Bran, but they continue talking saying that they shouldn’t be by Elena’s side. They’re being overcome by her scent. They tell her not to run, they’re not going to attack her, they’re not like the lesser beings… but she has such a delicious scent. Won’t she let them… taste… just a little? They step closer to her. Elena runs for the door, but they catch her arm and pull her back. It’s fine, they tell her, they’ll take her back afterwards. Her objections catch in her throat, she can hear his breath pass her ear. She yells for him to let her go, for someone to help.

And someone does. A masked man pulls her away from them and wraps her in a white cape. She wonders who it is, and the person earlier calls him Thief Bran. Elena thinks that he looks completely different to what she thought a thief would look like; he’s beautiful. The person who’d captured Elena earlier laments Thief Bran’s timing, View Spoiler », they ask Elena not to interfere and jump for Thief Bran. He dodges their attacks before getting them in the throat. They laugh, it would be strange if they hadn’t fallen, but they’re better than this. They look towards Elena, and she can’t move. It’s like she’s looking at the scenery of another world. They move toward her. There’s a flash of light and for a moment all Elena sees is red. Thief Bran is hurt. The fight continues, but when the chance is available Thief Bran encourages Elena to escape. He’ll work something out. She runs.

Somehow, she makes it back to the hall. The party’s continuing with its attendees unaware of what’s happening. Elena wonders if it’s really alright that she left the way she did. There’s a bang, it sounds like a gunshot. The police rush toward the sound, but Suou steps forward asking the guests to calm down. He states that Thief Bran entered the mansion earlier, but the police are capturing him now. Masanari offers the assistance of the guard, and Suou accepts. He tells the guests to leave it to the police and the guard and advises them to continue enjoying the party. Iori gets the party started again with a dance. Elena’s amazed, he changed the mood of the room in an instant.

She decides to look for Thief Bran but finds herself pulled into a dance instead. It’s Thief Bran, but this time without the cape. No one will ever suspect, I’m sure. Also, good job, that cape was ridiculous. He tells her that this is camouflage so that he can escape, if he tried to leave now it would only cause trouble, but dancing with her would help a lot. He guides her through the steps of the dance, though Elena worries that she’s doing it wrong. He gasps at one point in the dance and Elena worries about his injury, but he has no idea what she’s talking about when she asks. They slip away from the dance floor only to be accosted by Elena’s classmates asking for introductions, but she waves them off quick enough.

They head outside and find somewhere to sit. She asks him again if he’s alright before taking it upon herself to look at his arm. She talks about treating his injury, but they hear voices nearby. Police are coming to check on them. Thief Bran tells her to head back inside, he’ll be fine from here, but Elena doesn’t want to leave him this time. He tells her not to worry about him, and they look each other in the eyes. Eyes Elena recognises. Because the hair, and height, and voice weren’t obvious or anything. It’s too late to leave now, the police have arrived. Elena rushes through possible options, but there’s only one. She apologises and reaches out her hands.

The policeman stutters through his question of what they’re doing. His partner begins to scold them for indecency. Elena apologises saying that they just wanted to be alone. The first officer scoffs about the youth of today, and the second calms him down. He asks if they’d seen anyone suspicious around and Elena denies it. He tells them to head back inside soon as they could still be around. Elena asks if they’re talking about the thief, and the first officer tells her if she knows that then she should hurry up and head back inside. Elena agrees. They head off and Elena sighs deeply. She turns back to Thief Bran and apologises before asking if he’s alright. He asks why she did it, and she explains that it was because he’d already done it to her. She calls him by his name. Sid smiles, and asks if that was why, and she explains that she only realised it was him not long ago and that something was off when they danced, but also she couldn’t leave the person who saved her. She thought she could save him this time. Sid tells her that he didn’t expect her to do dangerous things like this, and if he’d been frisked right now they’d find the Fabergé Egg too. If that had happened she would have been investigated as well, so he’s thankful. Elena explains that she was so nervous she thought her heart would stop, but she heard a masquerade was where you were supposed to keep things secret and pretend not to know. She was just following that rule. Sidney tells her that she’s stronger than she thinks even though she was so afraid of him to begin with.

The lights go out suddenly. Elena realises the police will have limited sight and asks Sid to run. He says that he will, but first… he takes her and presses a kiss to the back of it. He thanks her and leaves. Elena stands and watches him go.

She mumbles to herself about the kiss, her cheeks red, and wonders why he’s working as a thief in the first place. She’d forgotten to ask. The power comes back on, but as it does someone screams. The hall is in an uproar, and police and the guard are working to calm people down. Masanari yells for people to check the guests’ safety, and Elena sees someone lyng in a pool of blood. View Spoiler » Elena screams, she feels like she’s about to collapse. Haruka spots her and tries to shield her from it.

Every day since the party journalists would gather at the gates trying to catch people who knew the dead students. Elena wishes that they would leave, she knows in her head that it’s their job, but her heart can’t take it. But Sid has never been among them. She thinks it’s strange that he’s not trying to gather information. Were his injuries from the other night too severe? Or was there another reason? She wants to see him again to make sure he’s okay. She remembers the blood, how he protected her, how different he seemed as Thief Bran to when he’s a journalist, and wonders if he hasn’t collapsed somewhere in town, or been caught or… She spots him at the gate.

She rushes down, but he’s no longer there. She tries to get a little closer, but she’s swarmed by journalists. She asks them to move but can’t raise her voice above the mob. The questions get louder, and she covers her ears. Thankfully, someone comes to her rescue. It’s Sid, of course. He smiles and tells her that her knight has arrived. He takes her hands from her ears and tells her that everything’s fine. He hugs her to his chest. Embarrassed, Elena wonders if he’s treating her like a kid because she was trembling or if he was trying to hide her. Sidney talks to the other journalists, saying that he understands where they’re coming from but asks them to stop their boorish behaviour. This was a place for women to learn after all. One objects that this is their job, and he replies that he understands, but he’s pretty sure he saw the head of the school leaving by the other gate. The journalists run.

Elena sighs in relief when they leave, and then apologises for sighing just when he’d saved her. Sid replies that it’s fine, nothing makes him happier than easing her worries and helping her. Elena feels her ears go warm and hides her blushing behind her hair. She thinks to herself that although she’s no good with men she’s not scared of Sid. Just as she thinks that he lets her go, and she feels a little lonely somehow. It almost felt like he was a lover—when did being by his side start feeling like a place where she could relax? Maybe it’s because he’s saved her so many times, she thinks. She thanks him for rescuing her, and he says that he doesn’t need thanks, it was the right thing to do. She asks him if it’s alright that he’s not going to the other gate with the others and Sid replies that he’s not after Iori. He’s after her. Elena looks at him, he doesn’t look as well as he usually does. He thanks her for her help at the gala, and she tells him to stop. He’s bowing his head with his hands at his sides. He tells her he’s trying to show his thanks and that words aren’t enough, but Elena tells him it’s enough that he came. He’s saved her a lot, so he doesn’t need to worry about thanking her. Sid gives her a troubled smile and nods, but Elena only feels relieved for a moment. There’s something odd about Sid today. His eyes aren’t sparkling like they usually are.

Her gaze turns to his arm, and she asks if he’s in pain and if maybe he’s pushing himself to come out today. She apologises for thinking only of herself and offers to let him rest inside the school, if she explains to the sisters they’d surely let him in. She moves to lead him inside when she hears him laugh behind her. When she turns back he explains that she’s adorable when she’s flustered. Which, of course, only flusters her more. She wonders if he’s teasing her and he apologises. He’s still laughing. He asks her not to be angry, he’s just… relieved. He wanted to sigh in relief as much as she did earlier. He was afraid she’d look down on him for his activities the other night, but instead she was kind and worried about him. She wonders why he was doing it but doesn’t ask. Instead, he apologises for being so quiet and asks her for some of her time so that they can talk.

They end up in a secluded area on the school grounds, and Sidney apologises for leading her away. Elena thinks that it’s understandable he’s concerned considering she’d found out he was a thief. He looks even more upset than earlier and Elena stops walking. She asks if she can say something before they talk—she hasn’t told anyone about Sid, so if he’s concerned… He looks surprised at the subject, and Elena rushes to explain that since he’s looked so down she thought maybe it was because she found out. He says that it isn’t that, but he does believe her that she hasn’t told anyone. Embarrassed, Elena looks down and says that she jumped to the wrong conclusion again. He tells her to look up, she’s kind and he’s the one that misunderstood her earlier thinking she’d look down on him. What he needs to talk to her about isn’t that… it’s about the violent act at the party. He’s regretting that the disturbance he caused at the party is the cause for the death there. Elena says that it’s not his fault, but he tells her if he hadn’t caused a commotion the criminal wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of it. It’s his responsibility. He feels that he should apologise to Elena at the very least…

He clenches his hands together, and Elena reaches out and takes them. Elena tells him that she understands why he would blame himself, but she thinks he’s wrong. The person who killed her was to blame, Sid didn’t do anything wrong. She looks into his eyes, and eventually he returns her gaze. He asks her why, but she can’t find the answer right away. She remembers seeing the body, how the death must have hurt, how awful it would have been, how that pain would have been their last moments. She says, eventually, that she wouldn’t be able to forgive the person who killed in such a way. But she doesn’t feel any anger when looking at Sid. It’s not an exact answer, but it’s a reply based on how she feels. She then realises she’s been squeezing Sid’s hands the whole time and apologises. He says that he’s surprised to see her so angry before him, but that’s why he can’t forgive himself. The people who lost her were hurt too, it’s something they can’t recover from. He was hoping to lower that number, but… Elena can see the sadness in his eyes, and Sid tells her that he’s felt that pain and anger before.

Elena asks him to please not blame himself. He replies that he respects her kindness, and that he has a proposal for her (but not that kind of one, apparently). He says that it won’t atone for it, but he wants to catch the perpetrator by his own hand. She replies that it’s dangerous, and he’s already injured. She doesn’t want anyone to be hurt any further. He assures her that he won’t do anything to make her sad, and that he’s quite strong. He says he can’t stand back and just watch anymore. With the way the police are going they may never catch the killer. Elena gives in, she asks him not to push himself too hard, and he promises.

Elena remembers the party and the events leading up to the murder. She wonders about the killer’s motive, and Sidney asks her what she’s thinking about. She replies that she has no proof, but she’s curious about the person who Sid had fought that night. Sid agrees that they were a little different than normal that night, and Elena admits that she’d been really scared. Sidney adds that they seemed to enjoy hits that would hurt a normal human. He says that he’ll look into it and that he was concerned by it too.

Sid adds that he remembered something they’d said, View Spoiler », that’s stuck with him. Elena repeats it and he asks if it means anything to her. It doesn’t View Spoiler ». She mentions her mother, and how her mother was Russian. Elena was born in Russia, but her family had moved to Japan when she was little. She’s always wanted to visit Russia, maybe it would bring back memories of her dead parents that she’s forgotten. Sid apologises for making her talk about something painful, and she apologises for rambling on, but she’s fine… he shouldn’t worry.

Sid thanks her for the day, and says he spent it getting comforted by her the entire time. But he is happy to know the roots of her beautiful hair and eyes. He tells her that it’s his true feeling about it, of course he mourns what happened, but he’s glad he was able to meet Elena. She’s at a loss for words but manages to tell him that she thinks his hair and eyes are beautiful too. She’s always thought it after all. He thanks her, he takes pride in them. Elena wonders what that’s like, but with every compliment she’s received she’s started looking forward rather than back into the past.

She’s been quiet for a while, so Sid starts to ask if something’s wrong, but she asks if she can help with the investigation instead. She says that there isn’t much she can do compared to Sid, but she can’t just wait. She thinks she can help investigate if only a little. Sid tells her not to, but Elena pushes and he eventually relents. He tells her to be careful. He says he’ll look into what he can, and Elena finally asks him why he’s a thief. She tells him she doesn’t think he’s a bad person or anything, but she knows stealing is wrong so why? He tells her he might be a bad person, and does she still want to know? She realises he’s probably telling her it’s best not to ask, but she wants to know. … And I was all ready to spend forever typing up his possibly tragic backstory but, instead, he says that he can’t tell her now though he promises to tell her when he can. Elena tells him not to force himself to tell her if he doesn’t want to. Sid replies that he wants to tell her, but not now obviously.

The wind blows and with it so does the tone of conversation, Sid smiles. His lies have been revealed—Iori was never at the other school gate. He tells Elena that he’ll leave while he can, and asks her to wait until he gets back when he has more information. He asks her to remember that whether they’re sad or angry her eyes are beautiful, but happiness suits them best. He wants to see her smiling next time he sees her. She asks what this is about all of a sudden, but he waves it off not unkindly and leaves.

It’s been days since Elena saw Sidney, and she and Haruka are called into Iori’s office. Iori wants to have another party. Elena wants to get out of this one, but Iori tells her that she doesn’t have a choice. Haruka’s upset on Elena’s behalf and offers to go by herself, but Elena doesn’t want that either. Elena asks Iori how far he wants to go with this, they’ve lost two classmates and don’t have any intention of returning to the same place of the last murder. The killer still hasn’t been caught after all. Iori whispers in Elena’s ear that if she goes to the party she might found out what she wants to know. Eventually, Elena asks about the party and who’s going, mostly politicians and the like, Iori, Haruka, and Suou. Haruka seems to object, but Elena motions for her to stop and agrees that she’ll go.

After classes that afternoon, Elena searches for Sidney in the crowd of reporters. She thinks about how she may not be able to see him for a while, and how she wanted to tell him about the party. She tells herself that she’ll have to work hard and find out what she can before they meet again.

It’s the day of the party and Elena is as nervous as she was the last time. She keeps an eye out for anything strange, and Haruka is soon surrounded by her adoring public. She and Elena get separated, and Elena looks around. Iori is entertaining party guests and talking about his interests. He’s different to how he is normally and Elena wonders which one is the true Iori. She continues looking around but she can’t find Suou anywhere.

After searching some more she takes some time to rest. Iori is hiding something, Suou is missing… she’s thirsty. Someone offers her a drink—View Spoiler ». They offer her a drink again, and also offer her a room if she wants to lie down and rest. She thanks them for their concern, but insists that she’s fine to rest where she is. They offer to take her somewhere with chairs, and ask her if she’s nervous as they step closer to her. She agrees, somewhat, and they reply that it’s understandable after the disgraceful form they’d shown her the other night. They ask her forgiveness for the rude manner she received, and she gives them a shaky smile. Only for them to ruin it and start talking about her scent immediately. Jesus, dude, chill. They try to regain control, but grab her arm when someone interrupts.

It’s Elena’s knight in shining suit~ They let go of Elena as Sidney places a hand on her back, and Sidney greets both of them. They chat for a moment before Sidney asks Elena if she’s ready to go, and the two of them move away. Elena thanks Sid for rescuing her, and starts to suggest he move his hand, but he’s silent. They’ve moved to the other side of the hall, and the party guests are further away. Sid is still silent. She starts to ask what’s wrong when he pulls her to him. He asks her what she was doing, has she forgotten what happened at the gala? Knowing how dangerous it is, why would she be alone with them? She apologises and tells him that she was concerned, and he sighs. He asks her if she’d thought about what could have gone wrong, he whispers in her ear that they could have done anything to her. Like this… he moves down as if to kiss her. Elena isn’t sure how to respond, she calls his name, but even her voice disappears to his touch. All she can feel is the warmth of him, and her eyes shut from fear. He asks her if she understands now.

In an instant she feels the pressure disappear, and he releases her. He’s troubled when she opens her eyes, and she can’t think of words to describe it, but he looks pained rather than angry. She realises he’d been worried, and she realises that she could have ended up like the student from the gala. She apologises. Sid apologises for his actions as well. He adds that there’s no right reason to scare women, and Elena tells him that she’s not scared of him. He was only worried about her after all. She thanks him, again, for rescuing her. He replies that he’s glad he got there in time. He makes her promise not to do anymore dangerous things by herself and she agrees.

They change the subject to the party, and Elena asks if he’s there for work. Sidney says that he’s there about the case, but he heard about the party from Iori. Elena realises that she didn’t need to tell him about it like she thought then. He asks if something’s wrong, and she tells him that she was going to tell him before today, but they couldn’t meet. He replies that that was his mistake, and if she’d done any other tomboyish… no. He says that he should have thought of it earlier. Elena asks him if there is a way she can contact him if needed, she explains that while she won’t be going off by herself it would be good to be able to confirm things with Sid. He doesn’t have a way. Elena gets ahead of herself wondering how long Sid will even be in the country, surely he’d have to go back to England at some point? She thinks that their worlds are too different, and feels lonely at the thought. Sid tells her not to get too down, he has an idea. When she needs him she can just tie a white cloth to the gate of the school. She asks about meeting times and places, but he says that he’ll figure it out. He says that he may be able to get into the school as a journalist, or he could always sneak in. He’s Thief Bran after all. He says that he’ll definitely go to her, so please don’t do anything dangerous like this again.

They decide to part ways then, and Sid offers to escort Elena to Haruka. She has to promise, however, not to stray from Haruka’s side for the rest of the night. Elena agrees, and says that she’ll do her best not to worry him like before. Sidney blushes and tries to hide his face as he fakes brushing his fringe. He says that he’s a bit off his game when it comes to her, and Elena takes it to mean that he was concerned for her so she’s happy. She’s also glad she gets to see his blushing face, me too Elena, me too.

On their way to Elena someone greets Sidney as they’d wondered where he’d been, but he’d found a beautiful lady! He really was a smooth operator. Sid would’ve groaned in dismay if he could, I’m sure. He says that he’d told them to wait patiently, but they reply they’d already waited plenty. The newcomer asks why Sidney isn’t introducing him to Elena, and Sid refuses. He takes it upon himself to introduce himself instead; he’s Ewan Curzon—please, call him Ewan. Elena’s still trying to get over the fact that he called her beautiful.

Ewan continues to talk without even noticing Elena’s silence. She’s even more shocked when he compliments her eyes, and she stammers through a thank you. Sid asks Ewan (who is apparently a lord) to hold back a bit on his flirting, but Ewan claims he wants to seduce all the women of the world (good luck with that, buddy) so he can’t. Sid notices Elena’s surprise, and tells her that she’ll get used to it after a while. It’s like his default setting, so don’t worry about it too much. Sid warns Ewan that Elena’s a student, she’s still a child. Yeah, a child you manhandled and nearly kissed in a dark corner??? Elena takes offence to being called a child, but then thinks she probably does seem like one to Sidney. Ewan points out that she seems a bit concerned with his wording, and Sidney explains that women are women, and it’s a man’s job to protect those princesses. Uh-huh… Ewan pipes up with but she’s a kid, right? And Sid sighs.

Elena giggles, saying he’s not acting how he usually does. Sid replies that it’s embarrassing, but he’s glad he could see her smiling face at least. … Weren’t you the guy warning Ewan off flirting because child??? Okay, Ewan says the same thing. New favourite character. Hands down. Sidney says that he’s just telling the truth. Ewan denies it, that was totally flirting. He only wants Elena to think sweetly of him… Ewan wants the privilege of being able to whisper things to Elena too. Sidney rejects that idea immediately. Elena, meanwhile, is enjoying the show.

Someone else arrives to break up the revelry, it’s Masanari’s colleague Tsuyoshi. Oh, and Masanari too. Masanari says that he didn’t think this place would allow journalists to enter (I’m surprised they let rude jerks in without their kinder brothers tbh). Sidney replies that he has a lot of friends, and that he received an invitation from Lord Curzon. Elena wonders why Tsuyoshi looks shocked at the news, and Ewan says that Sidney must be pretty well known considering he’s friends with the guard as well. Hah, friends. Sid replies that it is a strength of his, and Tsuyoshi’s still surprised that Sid knows Ewan. Ah, my mistake, Ewan’s an Earl. Elena repeats his title, surprised, and Ewan sends her a wink. Masanari, lacking people skills as always (how did he become a leader when he sucks at making any possible political connection ever???), says it doesn’t matter whether he’s an earl or not, it has no bearing on their investigation.

Their investigation? Ewan asks, he adds that he’d been invited to that party as well, but unable to attend. He become very curious after hearing about the incident however. He asks Masanari if it really was a monster like the rumours say, and Tsuyoshi says that they can’t say anything about an active investigation. Ewan replies that it seems like they’re telling outsiders to stop sticking their necks out, but he really wants to know. He wants to know their opinion on the arazu as well. He and Sidney poke fun at Masanari’s personality, before Ewan asks Sidney if he heard anything about it? Sidney had been at that party after all. Masanari lets it slip that Elena had been there too and they have questions for her and Sidney, and Ewan asks her if she’s been looking after herself and receiving counselling. There are more important things to do first than deal with the Guard. Masanari only gets angrier as Ewan talks of the deficiencies of the guard, and Tsuyoshi has to remind him that Ewan’s an earl in order to prevent a murder. Sid stops him eventually, and tells him to ask the progress of the case another day.

Ewan stops, and suggests they get drinks. Sidney looks to Elena, he still hasn’t escorted her to Haruka. Elena realises that he probably can’t leave Ewan alone particularly with Masanari, and she tells him not to worry. She’ll head back by herself. Oh good, for a minute there I thought this party would end without bloodshed. Tsuyoshi offers himself and Masanari to take her, and adds that it’s probably best to separate Masanari and Ewan (are you sure? This party could do with a brawl). They need to wander around the floor anyway, so it’s not like she’s bothering them. Sidney and Ewan leave, and Tsuyoshi, Masanari, and Elena all look for Haruka.

Sidney and Ewan are talking. Sidney is scolding Ewan for riling up the Guard, and Ewan laughs. Ewan says that it looks like even the Guard are blaming Thief Bran for the murder though so he got curious about it. Sidney asks if he’s that interested in Thief Bran? Ewan shrugs it off, and switches the focus to arazu. Sidney says that the murder certainly looks like the work of arazu, but he doesn’t have enough information so he’s looking for more from someone who may be linked. Ewan asks if he can tag along if it’s not too dangerous. Sidney says that first they need to find Iori. This reminds Ewan of Iori’s Fabergé Egg and he wonders what Thief Bran would be doing with it. Sid suggests he may be keeping it in somewhere special. Ewan says that he would like to see it one day, and Sid replies that he surely will. He stops mid sentence. He catches sight of someone (View Spoiler »). They’re following Haruka. Ewan notices Sidney’s focus, but looks further towards Haruka and compliments their taste.

Meanwhile, Elena is trailing after Masanari who is in such a mood she feels like she needs to apologise for something. Eventually she says that she’ll look for Haruka herself and thanks them for helping, but Tsuyoshi tells her it’s fine. They’ll still help. Masanari, on the other hand, takes the opportunity to leave. Tsuyoshi decides to stick with Elena and help her look for Haruka. Just as Elena’s thanked Masanari and he’s about to leave RITOMO APPEARS. Thankfully, Ritomo decides he’s going to take Masanari away for a moment. He’s found a delicious blancmange and he wants to eat it with his brother. Masanari complains that it’s too sweet, but his brother does his duty as an elder sibling and drags him away to eat it anyway.

While Elena’s looking for Haruka, Haruka’s looking for her. But her search is interrupted by someone. View Spoiler » They ask her if everything’s alright, and when she replies the affirmative they say that she’s different to how she used to be. Uhhh, kay? Haruka asks what they mean, and they say it’s like she’s not quite the real one. View Spoiler » It’s not that there’s something wrong with Haruka, but the real one… View Spoiler » is wonderful. They come back to themselves when Haruka asks them to repeat it, so she tries to step away with the excuse of looking for Elena. They say that they saw Elena earlier and offer to take her there. Haruka agrees. Sidney watches as they go.

Tsuyoshi has lead Elena outside into the gardens. Elena thinks it’s almost like they’ve entered another world. She asks Tsuyoshi why he’s taken her outside, and he lies saying it looked like she was unwell and needed some air. She thanks him. Tsuyoshi tells her that he’s not great with events like this either. They walk further and further away from the building and Elena can no longer see the lights. She asks Tsuyoshi if they should start heading back, but he’s silent. She tries again, and again, and eventually he tells her that they don’t have to go back. Tsuyoshi tells her that he’s so happy they’re out there alone. Together. He talks about her scent, how different it is from the other one. How he can’t control himself. He had to back then because she was near other people, but now… she’s right in front of him, so it’s fine right? Her scent is so strong… he can’t help it. He’s acting strange… He turns into an arazu. Elena screams.

At that moment, Sidney sees Haruka and the person with her freeze. Haruka makes an awful excuse and runs for the garden. Sidney wonders if she knows something, but can’t catch her attention as she runs by. The person she left behind laughs and View Spoiler ». They ramble on about Haruka’s scent, View Spoiler » and after hearing it Sidney rushes after Haruka. Ewan asks where he’s going, but he tells him to stay behind. Ewan watches him go and looks back at the person that had been with Haruka, weirdo, he thinks.

Meanwhile, Tsuyoshi is freaking Elena out. He’s asking her for her arm, her blood, her arm. He wants her arm. He wants more. She clenches her eyes shut out of fear, but opens them when she hears someone call for her. She can see Haruka and Sid, Sid is reaching out for her. Haruka attacks the arazu, and Sid pulls Elena away. He and Elena watch as Haruka pulls out a sword and begins chanting something under her breath. The arazu freezes. Haruka attacks, and the arazu wonders why he’s being attacked like this? He did nothing wrong! Elena had been asking him for it. Just like at the gala. That’s why… he just wanted blood. He dies.

Masanari runs up then, asking what all the commotion is. When he sees Tsuyoshi’s body he stops. He doesn’t recognise him, he asks what it is and why it’s wearing a Guard’s uniform. Elena, reluctantly, explains that it’s Tsuyoshi. She explains what happens, and Sidney backs her up. Haruka’s silent. Masanari’s still processing. Someone else comes up, they laugh, and say if they’d just come a little earlier they would’ve seen something interesting. (View Spoiler ») They say that they’re surprised, they didn’t expect this to happen so quickly.

They say that they’ve now confirmed that the real one has been brought to them, and they look directly toward Elena. They tell Elena and Haruka to leave, but Elena grips Sidney’s clothes. They laugh, and Sidney says that Elena’s shaking and asks that they let her rest. Masanari, on the other hand, just gets annoyed. They ask what Masanari’s even so angry about? He’s caught the killer from the gala after all. Masanari says that he has no proof that Tsuyoshi’s the culprit. They tell him that there will be, and then ask Sidney to let go of Elena. They’ve already asked everyone but Elena and Haruka to leave after all. Elena says that she doesn’t want to leave, so their companion offers to take Elena back with them. Elena objects. Sidney holds her hand and objects as well, but he ends up threatened with deportation and the secret service force of the police. Elena doesn’t want anything to happen to Sidney, and she’s told if she doesn’t go she won’t get any answers either. She wonders what they know.

Sidney gets threatened again, and Elena speaks up against it and eventually agrees to go. Sidney objects, but Elena interrupts and thanks him for saving her. She goes to move away, but Sidney won’t let go of her hand. He asks if she remembers how to call him, and he tells her that he’ll go to her no matter what. He lets her go.

She and Haruka are lead away, but she ends up in a separate room to Haruka. Elena’s with the person who lead them away, and she asks if they knew that Tsuyoshi was the culprit. They reply that they didn’t know it was Tsuyoshi, but had a feeling it was one of the Guard. Elena asks more questions at that, and eventually she asks what the arazu are. View Spoiler » Arazu are the result of experimentation for super soldiers for the war. Unfortunately, it made more monsters than soldiers. When her parents died the research was recovered, and people had been working on it since.

It’s thanks to Elena that they have more arazu—her scent is awakening them. The person with her talks further on awakening arazu, and Elena notices something… View Spoiler ». They’re looking forward to the possibilities Elena brings them (View Spoiler »), but Elena’s still trying to work out everything in her head. She starts to blame herself for the murders, and the person before her says nothing to contradict her. She loses consciousness.

Sidney is walking Yohohama Harbour. Something moves on a bench, and Sidney apologises to it for being late. It’s a man called Ramsay (though when he speaks his nameplate shows Victor Ivanov), and he asks Sidney for a report. Sidney tells him that a devil has appeared, and Ramsay asks if he’s sure. Yep. Pretty sure. Ramsay mentions that Sidney’s seen them before, and Sidney nods, ten years ago. Normally you wouldn’t think of humans turning into monsters, but now… Ramsay agrees, View Spoiler ». He mentions the stolen research, and Sidney states it could be the person earlier. Sidney also brings up what he’s heard, View Spoiler » and who has been saying it. They deduce that the research and experiments are still continuing (gee, you think?), and that they need to find the source. View Spoiler » The last they heard was they were in Japan and they need to find their whereabouts. Sidney mentions, as well, that the devil that appeared today was from the Japanese Guard. However the parties had guests from all over so they can’t limit their search to people from Japan. Sidney says that Elena’s the key to all of this.

The journalists out the front of the school are gone the next day, and Sidney is looking at the gate by himself. Elena hasn’t left him anything so he supposes that there isn’t a problem, but what if she can’t alert him? He hears footsteps, Haruka appears and tells him that he won’t be able to see Elena. He asks if that means Elena hasn’t been back to the dorm yet, and Haruka confirms it. She’s tried to get to Elena, but sent away each time. Sidney says that he’s worried, and Haruka asks why he’s so interested. He replies that he’s worried about her, particularly after what happened yesterday. Besides, he’s also in her debt. Haruka asks what he means, but he doesn’t reply. Haruka sighs, she tells him she’d just be happy if Elena could come back. She adds that they’ve been separated completely since then. Sidney suggest going to the police, but Haruka’s already asked that of the sisters—she’d been told that Elena had been taken by her guardian. She hasn’t been able to find out more.

Sidney asks why she’s telling him this, and she replies that he’s a journalist. He should be able to use his position to get something. She says that she’ll do what she can, but it would be better with more people. Sidney asks if she’s suggesting an invasion, Haruka replies that she isn’t… not yet, but they may have to. Sidney remembers the arazu and how Haruka was able to fight it. He agrees, and tells her that he’ll do what he can too. But can he ask her a question? He asks her what she did to the arazu. Haruka explains, View Spoiler », and Sidney asks if it’s possible for him to learn how to do it. She replies that it’s impossible, it comes from the bloodline. Haruka leaves and Sidney goes over what she’s told him, but he decides the first thing to do is to free Elena.

Elena had hoped this was a dream. She’s been living locked up for days with her blood being taken and tested. She wants to go back to the dorm, but even if she can escape she’s worried about arazu appearing. She doesn’t want there to be more of them, she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt anymore. She’s trying to stop crying when someone enters, and they say she’s been crying every day. She replies that she’s not crying, go away. They sit down next to her and wipe her cheek. She asks them to stop and they say they will if she stops crying. They sound kind of nice here, and then ruin it by pulling her hair. They demand her blood, but her body’s too weak to give anymore for now. They leave.

Unfortunately, someone else stays. They look at each other. Elena wonders why she can’t look away, but she recognises those eyes from somewhere… she panics. She wants to run, but she can’t even move a finger. View Spoiler » She can’t breathe. Tears stream down her face. They leave. She can move again. She falls asleep. She dreams of her parents’ deaths. View Spoiler » She’s in the room given to her by the church, the person talks to her again. They tell her everything is alright and not to cry. They stroke her hair. She asks them who they are, but she can’t see them even when she opens her eyes. Eventually, she sees a silhouette of a person at her window. Their eyes shine brightly. She thinks they’re an angel. She asks them we’re they’re going, but they tell her to rest. View Spoiler »

Elena wakes and she’s still stuck in the same room. Joy. She remembers how comforted she used to feel when she thought of the angel when she was a child. She feels like she’s about to cry again, but tells herself nothing will come of it if she does. She doesn’t want to act how they’re expecting her to anyway. She tries to think positively, and stretches. If she stays here she’s just going to get her blood taken again, first she’ll need to find a way out. She thinks of a couple of different ways out: first, when someone brings her food. Second, using the curtains and rappelling down from the balcony… no, with her body as it is now that’s impossible. Her only chance is to run when someone brings her food.

The door opens, she pulls it open and pushes the person out of the way. She yells an apology, and runs. She tries her best to make it to the exit, but she can hear people running after her. She hears someone ahead of her, and with the lack of activity she’s been doing lately she’s running out of breath. She doesn’t have any confidence in escaping if she’s found now… she pushes on. Maybe, she thinks, it would have been better do this at night, but she hopes the person who took her may be out at this time of day. Hahaha, no.

And there they are. She’s only made it worse for herself now, in running she’s made herself useful. As they get someone to pull her away there’s a sound from outside. The Guard are starting an investigation of the property, and Sidney’s accompanying them. Elena tries to yell, but someone covers her mouth. They threaten Masanari, and then Sidney—threatening Sidney’s much easier, the secret service would be very interested in a foreign spy after all. Oh wait, it’d be boring if he was just captured, why not let him experience the arazu firsthand?

Elena can’t hear Sid or Masanari any longer, and she can’t move as her blood gets taken. She falls into a spiral of self blame, just her living is calling forth arazu, she wants to disappear. She starts to cry, and they tell her that they’ll make her wish come true. Her wish? View Spoiler » Elena asks if there’s a cure for the arazu here, but they don’t tell her. She collapses.

Sidney and Masanari are outside. They talk about the case, what the guard are doing, and what happened to Tsuyoshi. Masanari says that his movements are being restricted as well. Sidney thinks about possible next steps, and wonders where they’re hiding Elena.

That night, Elena’s on the balcony looking at the sky. She’d tried to think positively but was already falling back into despair. She has something she needs to do, though, she needs to find the cure. She spots a white napkin on a table nearby… a white cloth. She remembers Sid’s words from the party and grabs it. She might cause him more trouble than it’s worth, but… gathering her courage, she ties it around part of the balcony.

She doesn’t hear anything about the cure from then onwards, but she’s not giving up. Her days continue as they were, but she feels things are looking up.

Elena’s looking at the white cloth on her balcony wondering if she could have used the curtains as a rope after all when her keeper enters the room without knocking. They’re bringing her food and saying that they want to make sure she’s eating. She tells him she has been and asks him to leave. They don’t reply and place the food down, but they don’t leave either. She doesn’t want to eat in front of them, but she doesn’t have a choice. As she eats they tell her that they’re leaving tonight for a party. She hurries to eat, thinking she’ll need her energy to escape, but of course the food is drugged. Are we really surprised?

While they enjoy the party, Elena wakes. She remembers every encounter she’s had with them so far, and goes through what they’ve told her. Her head hurts, but she manages to open her eyes. She knows she needs to escape, and when she tries she can’t move. She wishes for power, power like Haruka who can fight arazu, power like Masanari with his strong force of will, and like Sid when he focuses on what’s to come. She falls back into the dark again. She hears a noise, have they come back? No, she doesn’t want to give up now…

Someone tells her that it’s alright, and they ask her not to cry. Elena wonders if she’s dreaming again. She opens her eyes. AGAIN WITH THE CAPE. WHY. They lift her from the bed, and Elena calls them an angel. He smiles, and Elena recognises him. Your knight has arrived, he says before correcting himself saying that he’s come to steal her away in the night as a thief. She apologises, but doesn’t answer why when he asks. She thinks about how she got him involved, and he tells her it’s alright. He’s taking her away from it and she doesn’t need to worry. She apologises again, and he tells her to rest.

She wakes in a completely different room. She gets out of bed trying to remember what happened last night, she dreamt of something from years ago, she dreamt of Sidney… A door opens. It’s Ewan who apologises for not knocking in case she was asleep. He tells her that her knight wouldn’t even let him near so he couldn’t even see her sleeping face. Knight? She asks. Since he’s not here, he’ll be the prince seizing his chance. Elena isn’t sure how to respond, and Ewan continues without waiting. He offers to whisper sweet nothings to her since she’s not offering any objections. Elena tries to interrupt, but he goes on to say he’ll take his chance before her horrible thief knight comes back. He offers her his hand, and Sidney arrives. The horrible thief has arrived.

Elena’s only just realising that everything she dreamt last night really happened. She thinks about what she needs to do to thank him somehow, but Sidney and Ewan are already talking. Sidney tells Ewan that he was sure he told him to stay out of this room, and Ewan replies that he thought he’d help look after Elena too. Sidney says that he can’t let a noble like Ewan do that, and Ewan replies that he thinks if he’s serious he could. I’m taking this to mean that Ewan isn’t even capable of looking after a goldfish let alone a young lady. Sidney asks him to use that seriousness another time. Elena giggles. She apologises when Sidney looks over, but their banter is just like at the party and she can’t help it. Ewan replies that she doesn’t need to apologise, he’s happy from the bottom of his heart to see her so happy after looking so upset. Sid steps closer to Elena as well and tells her the same thing.

Elena then asks where they are, they’re in Lord Curzon’s mansion. Ewan is Sidney’s patron so Sidney’s able to use the mansion as he likes. Ewan tells her to do the same, she’s welcome to whatever she likes. Elena remembers that she hasn’t even said thank you and still he’s allowing her to stay? She doesn’t want to cause any trouble and she should leave soon, but… Ewan laughs, and says that Japanese women are really reserved. He tells her that even if she wants to decline she’s insisting on her staying. Sid agrees, they can’t leave Elena alone with things as they are now. Ewan asks what she’s going to do? He doesn’t think she can fight both of them. It’s fine, he tells her, they just want to help her. Besides, this is the first time he’s seen Sidney take such an interest in someone so he’s pretty interested in her as well. He wants to know more about her and Sidney’s relationship. Sid asks him what he wants to say, and Elena feels like he’s speaking like the relationship they do have is nothing. Sid notices something’s wrong, and Ewan asks if she’s still tired. He tells her if she needs anything to ask Sid since he’s not allowed to look after her, but if she can’t sleep he’s totally available to help her with that. Completely ready and willing. Seriously.

Then, since Elena’s awake, he offers to get some food ready for them. Sid suggests soup and tea, and Ewan laughs. Sidney’s really quite gallant when it comes to Elena. Sid says that it’s something he’d do for especially when they’re as weak as Elena is at the moment. Ewan replies that he’s counting on Sid to act the same when he’s sick next then. Sid replies with ‘yes, my lord’ and says if Ewan wants him to then he will any time. Ewan freaks out a little bit, and asks Sid what he’s doing. Sid replies he’s saying what he should be saying to an earl above his station. Elena notes that Ewan seems to hate it though, and Ewan says that he doesn’t like Sid taking that stance with him. Elena realises that they can’t say they’re good friends with that disconnect of status between them, and Ewan asks Sidney not to do it again.

Ewan leaves not long after that, and Sidney and Elena are alone. He offers some tea, and Elena thanks him for saving her. Then she asks him why, it was dangerous to come and get her like that, and… she remembers the Fabergé Egg, and wonders why he stole that too. She realises that there’s a lot she doesn’t know about Sidney and she looks down, a little upset at the fact. He tells her it was because she was in trouble. She left the white cloth tied for him after all. She doesn’t want anyone involved further, she’s just happy to be out of there. She thanks him again and he calls her by her name. He asks if she would like to take a walk around the park, it might help her mood.

She jolts, she can’t go outside. If she does something will go wrong and Sidney would get wrapped up in it. He asks what she means, and he asks if it’s about what Tsuyoshi said. It’s not, but… she can’t say. Sid asks if she doesn’t want to tell him, and she says that if she starts she won’t be able to stop. Sid’s kind so if she tells him he’ll just comfort her, but she can’t accept that… it’s all her fault after all. He says that he can’t see how any of it makes her undeserving of comfort. Humans are there to support each other when needed. He tells he can’t leave it alone and wants to help her. She starts to cry. He tells her that he believes it’s a lie that something will go wrong with both of them together, he’s happy they’re together. He takes her hands and presses them to his lips. Elena apologises for crying so much, and he tells her not to worry before offering to help stop her crying before her eyes get too puffy. She asks how, and he says he’ll do this—he kisses  the outer corner of one of her eyes. He says that when they’re surprised people generally stop crying. Elena thinks about this for a moment, before remembering that she’s been kissed a lot by Sid since she met him. Certainly, she’s stopped crying, but he face heats up instead. She thinks that she’s the only one being concerned about it, however, as Sid looks completely unaffected by it. She thanks him. He tells her that he’ll do it whenever she likes if she wants.

Sid moves away, and Elena wonders why she feels upset at that. He asks her what’s wrong and she mentions that she’s been scared of men for the longest time, and that it’s weird that she’s completely fine with Sid. She feels completely at ease around him. She doesn’t remember last night well, but she was sure she was held by him too and she hadn’t been scared at all. Elena compares him to her father (and I had to walk away for ten minutes because ugh, I’m out guys. I give up. Can I skip this bit?), she talks about how her dad used to hug her, etc, etc. Sid is awkward about it, ME TOO MATE ME TOO. He says that he kind of has mixed feelings about this comparison. This scene is going on way too long for me, omg, I’m dying. He tells her not to worry about anything, and then suggests getting some food. Yeah, let’s drop this topic please. Elena says that she’s fine, and Sidney tells her he’ll be in the next room so just to yell out if she needs anything. He bails. Yeah, I’d bail too omg.

She calls as he’s leaving, and she asks him to take her back to where she was last night if anything happens. He asks why, she was clearly afraid of being there, and she tells him that she doesn’t want him or Ewan hurt because of her. When he sees her like this he wants her to rely on him, and he swears he’ll protect her and her kindness, and leaves. And he’s gone. Elena thinks that he doesn’t understand how dangerous it is, and thinks that she needs to tell Ewan as well.

Someone’s crying for their brother who’s left on a train for another country. They’re told it’s okay because their brother is with the pastor so it’s fine, and they’ll be riding the same train later with their parents. Everyone will be moving to this new country. After getting off the train they’ll be riding a boat as well, so they’ll have to look forward to it. They ask if the people bothering their dad and grandfather won’t be in this other country, and the person comforting them agrees. Their brother’s just going first to make sure. Everyone’s going to be together in this new country.

Elena’s having tea with Ewan and Sidney. She’s nervous about her manners and worrying she’ll do something wrong. Sidney saves her and explains she’s nervous at being watched, and Ewan responds that he thought she was used to it. Sid tells Elena not to worry, and Ewan’s surprised Sid calls her by her name. Sidney replies that it’s normal to call someone by their name in Japan, and Ewan says that he knows that, but it feels like there’s more distance in how reserved Japanese people are. So, he continues, can he call her Elena too? Sid says it might be too early, but Ewan pipes up that it’s the third time they’ve met and he wants to get to know Elena better. Elena gives in. Sid calls him pushy, and says that it’s a virtue to be good with people, but it can cause misunderstandings. Elena asks what misunderstandings, and Sid sighs exasperated.

Ewan says that if he’s jealous he could call her by her name without the honorific too. Sid replies that there’s a standard to follow, and Ewan says that it’s weird for him to get so upset. He turns to Elena and adds that it looks like Sidney’s jealous of how close they are. He laughs as Sid calls his name. He says that Sid’s acting unusually childish about it. Sid goes silent, and Elena tries to defuse a potential argument. They both apologise for making her worry when she’s trying to recover, and encourage her to drink her tea before it goes cold. Neither of them look away while she drinks, much to her dismay.

At least the food is delicious, and Sidney chuckles and tells her he’s fallen in love with her smiling face. She tells him not to tease her, but he keeps smiling and tells her he’s not. Her blushing face, too, is causing him trouble. It makes him want to say even more. Ewan, meanwhile, is muttering that he was told not to look so much, but agrees it’s as Sidney says. He adds that it’s normal that her bright and happy face would be wonderful compared to her dark one, and that he’s glad he brought sweet things and different tea than usual. She thanks them, and Sidney says that she worries too much and they can spoiler her further if she wants. She says that she’s perfectly fine with this, they don’t need to do any more. Ewan says it’s fine for a girl her age to be spoiled a lot, and asks if her concern is because of what happened before? She jumps at the question, and Sidney scolds Ewan for being too impatient. Ewan replies that he wants to know, it’s weird that she would be locked up somewhere alone and drugged so that she can’t escape. If he knows what’s happening he might be able to help protect her next time.

Elena says it’s fine, she has to leave soon. She doesn’t want to cause any further trouble for either of them. Ewan tells her she’ll get captured again and they’d have to plan to get her back, but if it was for her he’d do it again and again. How about it Sidney, how would they save her the next time? Elena realises here that Ewan played a part in her escape and thanks him, and he asks her to explain what’s happening. She’s scared to, and doesn’t want to involve anyone else, but eventually she decides she has to. Sidney tells her not to push herself, but she begins. View Spoiler » She closes her eyes, and thanks them for helping her escape, but she doesn’t want to involve anyone in this further. She’ll figure this out herself. She stands and moves to leave, but someone grabs her hand.

Sidney asks her where she intends to go. She asks him to let her go, but she can’t pull out of his grip. He catches her other arm as well. He asks Ewan to leave and he does without much protest. Once the door closes behind Ewan, Sid pulls Elena to his chest and wraps his arms around her. He whispers in her ear, he asks her what he’s lacking, why can’t she rely on him. She replies that it’s not that, it’s the opposite… he’s always saving her. Then leave it to him, he replies, trust him to look after her. She can’t. If she does then she’ll never be able to leave his arms (don’t think he’s complaining tbh). He says she doesn’t have to, she can just stay there forever. He’s always asking her to rely on him, but even now while he’s hugging her she’s so nervous, he tells her she can lean on him. She tries to tell him again that she’ll bring trouble, and he lifts her. He walks over to the bed and falls onto his back while still holding her.

His arms are still wrapped around her. She can’t move, and her cheek is against his chest, she can feel her face get warm, and she calls his name. He laughs, and tells her that like this she has no choice to give in now. Just give in and relax. He asks for the right words to say it in Japanese (oh, now he has trouble when he has much better vocabulary than I do. Rude.) for an instance like this. He treats Elena like a kid, and despite herself she starts to relax. She closes her eyes, and he tells her it’s going to be alright. He asks if she was worried about something happening to him and Ewan, and he tells her that they’re going to be alright. Everything’s going to be fine.

He asks her, since she said she would go by herself, what her plan was. First, she was planning on going to Masanari and explain how Tsuyoshi became an arazu. Sidney mentions that the Guard were all receiving medicine lately, but Masanari hadn’t gotten his yet. He tells her to leave it to him to let people know. Elena hates to ask him, but he’ll probably be believed more than she will so she agrees. He asks her what she was going to do next. She she replies that she heard about a cure; she was going to go back and try to find it. Sid asks why she’d do that rather than run away, and she explains that she can’t View Spoiler ». She feels responsible. Sidney tells her she’s strange, she seems like a frail flower but she doesn’t break in the wind. He says he won’t forgive anyone who tries to break her. He asks her to let him help, and he won’t take any objections. He squeezes her a little and brushes hair, and then laughs. Elena remembers her family, mumbles ‘mother’ and Sidney’s just…?????? Is he both her parents now? It’s so awkward, I know, you have my sympathies. Elena falls asleep.

Ewan enters the room and walks over, he asks Sid if he’d known about the research. Of course he did. Sid explains that there’s more to it, and in the worst possible scenario there’d be another world war this time with arazu included. There’s the possibility that the Guard will use them as well. This won’t stop at just Asia, it’ll reach all over the world. And the key to all of this is Elena, Ewan concludes, and Sid brushes her hair. Sidney sympathises for the destiny she has to shoulder, and Ewan says that she’s like him.

Meanwhile, an alert has been put out for the Guard to find Elena and who took her.

Elena wakes alone. It takes her a while to remember what’s happened and where she is, but when she does she laments how childish she was acting. There’s a knock at the door and Ewan enters, he says she seemed to sleep pretty well since yesterday and Elena can’t say anything through her embarrassment. He tells her he sleeping face was really cute, and Elena freezes from the shock. He offers breakfast, but she asks him to wait. He leaves, and Elena wonders where Sidney is. She needs to apologise for yesterday.

She ends up having breakfast with Ewan, and he flirts with her the entire time. Elena wonders if they have to learn how to compliment girls in England, but that doesn’t mean she’s not embarrassed. She changes the subject to where Sidney is, and Ewan answers that he’s at work and asks if she’s bored with just him. Ewan asks her about her childhood, and she tells him her childhood won’t be an interesting topic at all. So she asks about his instead. He’s happy to be able to tease reactions out of her by himself, and he’s sure Sidney’s regretting not being there. He talks about his childhood for a while, and eventually she asks about Sidney’s childhood as well. Ewan asks her if she likes Sidney, and she fumbles through half an answer before stopping to think. Her chest does feel warm when he’s around, she’s always happy when with him… Ewan says he understands, he thinks Sidney’s amazing too. But, she can’t like him. He’s serious when he says it, but he makes a joke immediately after and Elena’s not sure how to respond.

He says that he wondered why he was so interested in Elena, but he finally understands. He leans closer, and tells her that it’s the colour of her eyes. The colour of the setting sun on a river, he feels nostalgic when he sees it and he wants to look at it forever. He laughs when she tries to put some distance between them and she thinks he was teasing her. He apologises, but tells her that he was serious about it… it and that she can’t like Sidney. It’s for her sake he’s saying this.

It’s night, and Elena can’t calm down enough to sleep because of what Ewan told her. She wonders what he means by it, and why her heart hurt so much to hear it. Someone knocks on her door. It’s Sidney, and he’s no longer calling her by her name. She asks him when he got back, and he tells it was only just now. He’d seen the lights on in her room and thought he’d come see her. She thanks him for his hard work, and he says if he could end every day like that all his exhaustion would disappear. Embarrassed, but pleased, she tells him she’ll say it a lot from now on. He asks her if she slept well yesterday, and she apologises for falling asleep right in the middle of everything… and on top of Sid. She feels her face go red and looks down. He asks if she was concerned about it, and when she says yes he tells her not to worry, she has such an adorable sleeping face too. She says that Ewan said that too, and he sounds quite put out at the fact. He says that it mustn’t be interesting to be told the same thing twice and asks to be able to rephrase it. He places his hands on the table and leans over to Elena, he’s so close she can feel his breath. She says she doesn’t have to hear it, and thinks to herself that any further and her heart wouldn’t be able to handle it either. Sidney replies that it’s a pity, but well he’ll just whisper his feelings for her next time.

Elena asks Sidney why he’s treating her so kindly. He responds that he selfishly wants her to understand too, and Elena wonders if he’s making fun of her again. But, he says, it’s a little self-centred of him to want people to understand if he doesn’t reveal anything about himself. Elena thinks that she knows nothing about Sidney, which is upsetting, but she opens her mouth and says that she does know things about him. He asks what kinds of things, and she responds that he’s kind, he has a different side as a journalist and he’s strong physically, he’s a unique person but also bold… and he’s a little pushy. Sidney laughs, he’s let her know a lot.

And, she adds, he takes pride in his hair and eyes. She tells him she feels somewhat nostalgic when she looks at his eyes. She thinks it’s like looking into a deep, deep ocean. She says she feels like she knows his eyes. He tells her he feels the same when he looks at hers. They’re the colour of a beautiful setting sun. Elena replies that Ewan told her the same thing, she wonders if it’s a coincidence. Sid gets flustered, Ewan’s beaten him to it again. He asks if he can say it properly this time, and Elena tells him that he doesn’t have to. She says that she’s just happy to be told something like that. Especially after everything she told them before. Sid tells her that that’s not something she should take on herself, the ones to blame were the ones that ordered it.

They talk about Russia for a while, Elena talks about how she’s always wanted to go and what she’s been told about it. She asks Sidney if he can tell her about Russia, and he replies that he can only tell her generalities. She’s happy with that. He talks about the fall of the Romanov family, the revolution, and the change of the country name. They talk about what reasons that may have been behind it, and that her parents were lucky to get out of Russia when they did. A lot of Russians tried to seek asylum in other countries as this went on, and to a lot of people Russia became a ruined country. Elena says that she always thought about living in Russia where her parents lived, and Sidney replies that she’d be able to see the scenery they saw, but the country has changed. Everything that was there is different. It’s completely different from what it was in the past.

Elena notices Sid looks especially sad, and he apologises if he crushed any of her hopes about it. She tells him not to apologise, and thinks that Sid may not really just how sad he looks right now. Sid adds that those who have left can’t return, the home country they thought they had will never come back. He tells her that there are people who escaped being hunted by the Soviets as well. She asks why, and he explains that the Soviets are chasing nobles, scholars, and politicians in particular—they don’t want stories of Russia spreading. Elena says that it would be very difficult to live like that, stifling. Sid closes his eyes. She says that on top of being unable  to go back to the country where they grew up they wouldn’t be able to live freely elsewhere… Sid nods, they can only rely on their memories and things that remind them of their home country.

Elena remembers the Fabergé Egg suddenly, and she asks if that was possibly one of those? Sidney sends her a pained look, and apologises that he hasn’t told her what he can about his thievery and asks her to wait a little longer. She agrees and tells him to let her know when he’s ready. He asks her to be a little angry, at least, about making her wait, but she replies that she believes in him and that he more than likely has a good reason. He starts to say something and stops.

He changes the subject, saying he’s been in her room for quite a while and that it’s time for him to leave. She thanks him for talking with her, and they both stand. She asks him if something’s wrong, he’s still standing there without moving. He replies that he thought he should apologise for keeping her up so late, and Elena says that it’s fine she’ll sleep well anyway. He asks for her hand, and Elena doesn’t feel like she can refuse, so she takes his hand. She’s feeling shy, and Sid says if she’s going to be like that he’d start getting shy on her too. He escorts her to her bed. Once she’s there he pulls the blanket up and tucks her in. He tells her not to get out of bed until morning, and she agrees and he wishes her goodnight with a kiss to her cheek. He apologises at her exclamation of surprise, and says it’s a habit from when he would tuck his younger sister into bed. His sister, Elena feels a sting in her chest. He asks if she disliked it, and she replies that it’s not that. Looking at him, now, feels like an old memory… he really makes her feel nostalgic. She agrees that what he did isn’t normally done in Japan, but explains that it feels like she’s been treated like that before, and that she’s been feeling like she knows him from somewhere ever since they met. She tries to brush it off with the fact that he has the same colour eyes as her mother, but he asks her what she would think if they had met before? He then says it was a joke, and that it’s nothing. He tells her to sleep this time and wishes her goodnight. Elena thinks he looks sad as he leaves.

Sidney is out later that night. He’s in Yamashita Park meeting with the man he met at the docks. They talk about the movements of the Guard and next steps. Meanwhile, Ewan is at Yokohama Harbour, he wonders when he can go back.

Elena wakes up in a good mood, she thinks Sid is the cause and she remembers the attempted joke he made the night before. He hadn’t seemed like he was joking when he asked, and she thinks if she were just a bit older possibly things might be a little different. She wants to know what he meant, she wants to know about his reasons for stealing, she wants to know what he needs. She feels like she won’t find out anything as long as he keeps treating her like a little kid.

There’s a knock at her door. It’s Sid, and the fact that she was just thinking about him makes her unable to calm down. She’s able to wish him good morning when he enters, and he tells her that she’s looking better this morning. She says that it’s thanks to him that she’s getting used to being here, and she slept so well she didn’t even dream last night. He says it seems like it, and he brushes something from her face. Elena quickly reaches to tidy her hair with a comb, but Sid beats her to it guiding her to a chair and taking the comb from her fingers. He tells her not to worry, he’s pretty good at brushing hair, and asks her to leave it to him. Apparently he combs it better than she does. She asks if he did this a lot for his sister and he says that he did it for her a lot. Elena notices his sadness as he talks about his sister, and thinks to herself that she’ll be happy whenever he decides to talk about everything, but being treated like a sibling is really giving her some mixed feelings.

He notices her lost in thought and asks if something’s wrong. Elena says that it’s nothing, just that it feels like he’s treating her like a kid. She apologises for it, especially since he’s been so kind to her and everything. She doesn’t want to seem ungrateful or anything you know~ He apologises, he hadn’t realised she was seeing it like that, and she responds that he’s more of an adult than she is so it’s probably a reason why. She then asks how old he is. He’s twenty-seven, just a bit far from Elena’s age… and by a bit we all mean quite a lot. If she’s concerned about being treated like a kid he can work on not saying as many overprotective things as he has been, but he’s not treating her like a kid, he’s trying to look after her. Elena thinks that he’s so kind, and that anyone would develop a liking for someone if treated like that. She feels a little torn at the thought, and wonders if he treats everyone the same way. She thinks about the time she couldn’t find him at the gate, the time she found out she couldn’t contact him, the distance between them… she just ends up depressing herself.

She excuses herself to finish getting ready, but when she goes to stand she feels Sid’s hands on her shoulders. He says that she’s really bad at accepting being looked after and asks her if she got lost in thought again. She says that she was looked after plenty just earlier, and he asks if she’s sure? She’s always trying to take things on by herself just like the arazu. Is she still concerned about causing trouble? She’s treating him like an outsider despite the fact that she promised to rely on him. He’ll tell her this now since he has the chance, whatever she does he’s not going to leave the case alone. Won’t she work with him? He’ll protect her and if she needs power he’ll do everything he can so that it doesn’t end in tragedy. Elena asks what if he gets hurt doing it? He’s important to her. He says that he’ll be fine, he’s pretty strong. If he can be helpful he wants to be involved. Elena realises that she can’t leave him alone, and that he won’t step away from the case either. She’s worried, but at the same time she realises he really is serious about helping her. She decides that she’ll do her best as well, together with Sid. She agrees, and Sid tells her he’ll protect her no matter what happens. They work out next steps.

Sidney heads out into Yokohama to meet up with Masanari. They banter for a while before Sidney gets right to it, he knows how Tsuyoshi became an arazu. He explains to Masanari some of what he’d heard from Elena, but doesn’t reveal his source. Masanari asks him if he was the one to abduct Elena, and Sidney asks him what he means. Masanari reveals an ongoing case about Elena’s disappearance and how the Guard are searching for her location. Sidney asks why Masanari thinks it was him, and Masanari says that they’re currently looking into Lord Ewan Curzon as the abduction occurred the night of his party. Sidney laughs, the evidence they have is vague and circumstantial, they really seem to be pushing for it. Sidney thinks that there isn’t much time, and he tells Masanari that he hadn’t seen Elena that night. To think that she’s gone missing, he’s worried about her. He asks why the Guard is investigating this rather than the police, shouldn’t they be working on Tsuyoshi’s case first? Could someone be influencing the top ranks of the Guard?

When he gets back to Ewan’s mansion he lets him know what’s happening. Ewan doesn’t seem especially concerned, and he asks Sidney what he was hoping for when he rescued Elena. Sidney doesn’t answer, and Ewan asks if he’s going to report that as well.

It’s been days since Elena’s seen Sidney, he’s been busy coming and going and she’s a little worried. Just as she decides to get some sleep someone knocks at her door. It’s Sid, of course, and she gets up to answer it. He asks if he can come in for a while. She asks if he’s been working up until now, and he says he has, but his exhaustion has disappeared at the sight of her. She sits down on her bed and Sid pulls a chair over. He tells her that he spoke with Masanari, and he also met with Haruka. He told her she was safe, but didn’t tell her where she was. Elena thanks him for going that far, she apologises for not being able to do much more than wait. He tells her not to be down on herself, she’s been through a lot, for now just stay by his side and believe in him. He takes her hand. Elena says that he’s too nice, and he says that when he sees her trying so hard he wants to be nice to her. He gets his power from her.

He tells her if she has something to say she should say it, he wants to be there for her. She thinks that she’s fine as long as he’s there, but she’s sure that’s different to what he means. She wants to see through through with Sidney. He asks if she still thinks he’s treating her like a child, he says it’s written on her face when something’s wrong. Besides, he’s in a similar boat; she compared him to her parents earlier too. Elena asks when and he tells her about both times, he says that he could deal with being compared to her father somewhat, but being compared to her mother kind of hurt. She blushes and rushes to apologise, she hadn’t meant that at all. She hasn’t thought of him like a parent at all, he just makes her feel safe. She remembered her family at the time so she said those things, so—Sidney laughs. He calls her cute and he wonders if he teased her too much. Sid doesn’t stop laughing and she joins him. She looks over at him and is glad that she’s able to talk to him like this. Sidney recovers and says that he didn’t think she’d take so much notice of being looked after though, and she replies that she’s always being treated so kindly by him, but she wants to work hard too. It’s lonely otherwise. She knows he’s probably fine by himself, but she wants to stand by his side and assist in the investigation. She wants to protect Sid as well. She can’t do much, but she’s prepared to do that. Fighting arazu might be difficult, but gathering or sorting through information is something she can do. He might have to teach her a bit, but… She asks him to let her help. Sidney replies that she’s stronger than he thought, she’s been showing him that every time they meet. He agrees to let her help from then on. However, there’s one thing concerning her that he can’t change: he’s not going to stop looking after her, so please accept it. If she can manage it he’ll allow her to help in the investigation. She agrees.

Then, he’s going to do so tonight. He squeezes her hand, and moves to sit next to her. He whispers that there’s something he needs to tell her. She may think of him completely as an adult, but there’s part of him that isn’t. He was jealous of Ewan before. Ewan gets to call her Elena without the honorific. He was jealous like a child. Elena tries to find the words to reply, she says it’s a little unexpected but thanks him for telling her. He asks her if he can call her Elena as well, and she agrees. He wonders what he would have done if she’d said no, and she says she wouldn’t do that. Yes, because she’s nice, he agrees. He realises it’s gotten quite late and tells Elena she should get some rest. She tells him the same, and he says he will after he’s put her to bed. She says she can go to sleep herself, but he asks her to let him stay until she’s asleep. She gives up on fighting him on it, and she thanks him for everything. She tells him she’s glad and really grateful that she was able to meet him. If she can, she wants to stay with him even after everything’s over. He tells her she’s wasting her words, and his voice is a mix of joy and sadness. He tells her that he’s thankful he met her, from the bottom of his heart. He feels like he can do anything with her there. Her existence is his hope. He’s attracted to her because she’s his complete opposite, bright, and honest. He hopes she can stay that way, he wishes for it. He kisses her, but it feels like she’s taking something as he does.

He apologises for taking the same actions as the person who took her and she tries to get up. Her body won’t move. She can feel her consciousness fade to sleep, and as she goes she tries to catch sight of Sid’s face. She can’t.

Sidney’s meeting with Ramsay/Victor Ivanov View Spoiler ». Victor says that they’ll finally be able to take back what’s theirs. Sidney replies that it’s too early, the job’s only half done. They still don’t have the research about the arazu which is the most important thing, but when it comes to it they can trade Elena for it.

Elena wakes in a warehouse. She’s with someone she doesn’t know, and she’s tied up. She asks what’s happening, who they are, where she is, but Sidney interrupts. She thinks he’s there to help, but he just asks her to settle down. She wonders why his voice is so cold, why he’s not untying her, why isn’t he saying anything, why is he standing next to this stranger? Why isn’t he looking at her? The trade (View Spoiler ») is going down. Elena is pulled upright and pushed forward. She’s still asking what’s going on when the trade is near completed, and when Sidney’s accused of deceiving her he doesn’t deny it. View Spoiler » She gets told that Sidney had been the one to propose the trade, and Elena finds all of this very hard to believe. Sid remains silent, and Elena doesn’t have the courage to turn and face him.

The trade is half completed, she’s on the other side. She’s told to watch—the Guard burst in. They order to capture Sidney and Victor, but Masanari seems to be lost in thought. He asks why a citizen would hold the secrets of the Guard, doesn’t that file include the method of making arazu? Masanari reveals what he was told by Sidney about the Guard turning into the arazu, and his team begin to clamour for answers. Victor confirms his part of it: they were after the research to make arazu, but he hadn’t imagined the Guard would be. Masanari’s superiors try to save face, but it’s too late. View Spoiler »

Elena can smell blood. The Guard wonder aloud about the smell, and Elena remembers that her blood can awaken arazu. She yells for everyone to get away, but the arazu have awakened. Masanari fights back, but the arazu just keep coming. Haruka arrives in the nick of time, apparently, and she’s brought Kazuha with her. An arazu gets a bit close to Elena and Sid intervenes, but they’ve forgotten about the person from the gala party View Spoiler ». They transform into an arazu.

The arazu tells Elena not to be scared, they’re different from the other arazu after all. They know to treat her carefully, and know which people to remove from their way. Just like this… They go for Sid, who dodges well enough, but that only makes the arazu try harder. Their speed increases, they get him once but not hard enough, but as Sid gets a hit in he’s hurt as well. It looks like the end for him, and all Elena can think of is how much she wants to protect him, she screams for the arazu to stop. View Spoiler » Sidney is able to get away. He asks Elena why she tried to save him, but the arazu begins muttering behind them. They’re frustrated that they were so close to finishing him off, but they’re happy (View Spoiler »). Victor, who is miraculously still alive, along with Utagawa both think of possibilities, and then start arguing over who will get to keep Elena. She asks them to keep away.

Two gunshots loud. Ewan arrives to save the day, and he brings with him the English Guard. He tells everyone not to move, the English Guard have seen everything. Isn’t this a problem for country relations, and the fact that the research into arazu was continuing, well, England will take responsibility for this and manage it themselves. He says it’s too dangerous and no one knows how far this would go, so it won’t be used for wrong in England. Tsukada responds that there’s nothing to prove that England won’t use the research negatively, and Ewan offers to reveal that the Soviets and Japan were colluding instead. View Spoiler »

Victor calls Ewan a traitor. Elena wonders what he means as she’d thought Ewan was from England. He rushes for the exit, and in the confusion Sid slips out of the English Guards’ hands as well. He and Sid escape.

Elena’s still living in Ewan’s mansion, she thinks over what’s happened the past few days. She wonders if everything with Sidney was a lie, but she knows that when Sid looked like he was about to be killed she’d wanted to save him. Someone knocks at her door, it’s Ewan. He tells her that she’s welcome to continue staying at the mansion, and apologises that she’ll be seeing the English Guard around a lot. She asks him about what he’s going to do with the arazu research since the world leaders would probably want it monitored. He replies that they need to have a conference first to confirm, but for now it’s being looked after by England. They’re investigating everyone involved. Elena asks if Ewan knew that Sidney was a spy, and he says that he had his suspicions. He’s also used to things like that. Elena asks him if he’s actually Russian, and he replies that he is. He goes by Ewan in England, but his real name is Rodion Aleksandrov, and all of his cousins called him Roger. He went to his family in England, his grandmother’s sister was the mother of King George IV, and his uncle was Nicholas II of Russia (help, I’ve fallen into Russian history and can’t get out). Ewan talks about how he can never return, and how Russia remains in his memories. Elena says that the world may change yet, and he may be able to live how he likes. Ewan replies that even if the scenery remains the same, it’s Soviet now, not Russia. Elena says that Sidney told her the same thing, and Ewan wonders when if a saviour of Russia will ever appear. He wishes her goodnight and leaves.

Elena looks out her window. She thinks about Sid, wondering if he’s still running, and Elena thinks all she can do is wait. Wait for everything. Information, her future, news of Sid… she wonders if her blood is going to be used for research again, it’s a possibility. She doesn’t want it, but there’s no way she’d be able to stop it by herself. She wants Sid by her side. She realises she’s crying and tries to stop, and someone tells her it’s fine and not to cry. Sid appears, and Elena suddenly remembers where she knows him from. She calls him an angel, and he says that she was crying then too. He couldn’t leave her alone then either; she’d been the same age as his younger sister the last time he’d seen her. She asks him why he was in Kanazawa and he tells her that he was there to meet her father View Spoiler ». He’s not a Soviet spy after all, he’s a double agent. He says that he couldn’t tell her anything, and looks so down that Elena tells him that she believes in him. She’s sure he has a reason for everything. He’d seen the arazu in Siberia before, and in Russia.

So he’d gone to meet her father, but both her parents had been dead for days and only Elena was left. He saw her crying and couldn’t just leave her there. Elena thanks him, he’d really helped her after her parents died. He says that he should be thanking her, he’d lost his family, his country, everything, back then, and he’d thought she was like him. But, unlike him, she was able to smile and it was lovely. Seeing it, he’d thought, one day he’d be able to smile again. He apologises for being a human rather than an angel, and Elena replies that she’s glad. If he was perfect she wouldn’t be able to help him even a little. Sid tells her that it isn’t a little, her smiling face has saved him a lot. To him, she’s the angel. He’d exchange his life for hers in a heartbeat.

He asks her if she would let him steal her. He doesn’t want her to get used again, he doesn’t want her to cry. He asks her if she’ll run away with him. She replies that she’ll go anywhere a long as they’re together. She asks him why he’s so surprised considering he’s the one who asked to begin with, and he says that he hasn’t even told her everything yet. She says that she knows he has  reason, and she believes in him. Simple as that. He tells her that he’ll tell her everything when they’ve found their own paradise.

They head for the Yokohama Harbour. They’re going to America, and Sidney says that he can do some research there too. He may be able to perfect the cure for the arazu. But the research is with the English… conveniently Ewan appears. Oh these pre-planned escape plots. Elena thinks that Ewan may believe that Sid is a Soviet spy, but when she starts to speak up to defend him Ewan hands over the arazu research instead. Ewan explains that England isn’t his master, and it’s Russia where he belongs… just like its true ruler. He looks to Sidney, who is actually Lasker Aleksandrov, the eldest nephew of Nicholas II, Ewan’s relative, and the rightful heir.

Of course they explain this right out in the open so is it any surprise when Victor (who is also conveniently nearby) freaks out? Sid explains how he escaped, which is essentially a confirmation of oh hey I’m royalty. Ewan talks about how Sidney is different than him, and is the one that will be able to save Russia, and about how the Soviets killed everyone. He then says that they got Elena and the research in order to take back Russia. Elena’s like aklsfjla what??? But Sidney disagrees, he doesn’t have any intention of doing it. Ewan replies that this is their chance, they can use it to take Russia back. Elena is a little hurt at the word ‘use’ but Sidney tells Ewan that there’s no meaning in reviving the country. Victor, meanwhile, is deciding to kill them both. There are gunshots, but the one that goes down is Victor.

Ewan’s holding the gun. He grabs Elena and puts the gun to her, he begs Sidney to think about it if he wants to save her. This is for everyone. Elena asks who everyone is, and Ewan says that it’s for their countrymen, for his family, so that no one will die like them. Elena asks if this is what they’d want, and she adds that even if it may not mean much the people in Russia now are living without war or unrest. Would they want to start a war? She thinks that they wouldn’t want to start something like that again like Sid seems to want to avoid as well. Sid agrees, he doesn’t want a war. Sid begs him to stop looking back at the past, they have to move forward. Ewan doesn’t want to hear it, he’s sure their family would want them to do it, Sidney’s the one to retake Russia. Elena replies that he isn’t. Ewan asks her what she thinks she knows, and Elena says that it’s nothing. She knows nothing about who Sidney really is; journalist, thief, spy, royalty, she knows nothing at all. She was sad about it at first, but that doesn’t matter. She trusts him. She loves the kind person he is right before her eyes. She asks Ewan what she sees when he looks at Sidney, is he really seeing the person in front of him?

Everything’s about to be resolved when Victor, friggin’ Victor, shoots. Ewan covers Sidney. Sidney says that he’ll call a doctor.

Bad End: View Spoiler »

Ewan rejects it and says that he’ll finally be with everyone else. He smiles at Elena and tells her she was right. Ewan tells Sidney that he’s not the heir, he’s his beloved very kind friend. Elena hugs Sid and comforts him as best she can.

Good End: View Spoiler »

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Good End | Bad End

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