Goals for 2018

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Joining in with new year resolutions that I probably will fail to accomplish now that I’ve mentioned them because that’s always how it works for me❤︎

Goal One: Uni

I recently did some math (and gosh, I suck at maths so I’m hoping I’m right) and it looks like that if I pass the class I’m currently taking and my next two classes next semester I may finish university this year. At first I’d thought I’d already taken enough, but it turns out I’d somehow added 18 credit points where there wasn’t, and before realising this I spent over an hour panicking because what??? Uni can’t be over??? What is this???

So, uni isn’t quite over yet, but it will be by (hopefully!) June this year. Or at least the classes portion will be, I’m still not too sure on how the graduation part works. Gonna have to look that up.

Goal Two: Travelling

I say my second goal is travelling, but really it’s just going back to Japan again. I miss it. It’s been years lol If I do manage to finish my uni degree this year then the trip will be in celebration for it, but even if I don’t finish I’m gonna save up and go anyway. I want to go to some places I haven’t been yet, and see some Takarazuka Revue musicals live instead of via SKY STAGE, DVDs, or streams online.

Goal Three: Blog

I wasn’t consistent at all with this blog last year, and I definitely wanna work on it more in this one. I need to get back into having posts queued and ready to go. I’m thinking of also posting about other things than just books and otome games every now and then too, not sure what though~ I’m also super bad at commenting and that’s something I’m going to work on as well. I want to be more involved in things in blogging communities, etc. I need to stop being so shy.

Goal Four: Books

My Goodreads goal this year is 150 books. Last year I read 130, granted a lot of that was manga because I’m never gonna stop counting those as books for my GR Challenge. I’m probably gonna read a bunch again this year, but I want to read through a lot of the books sitting on my shelves at home that I haven’t read yet. As well as those, I have a heap on my Kindle that are sitting unread, so I’m going to work my way through those too.

On top of that, I’ve complained about this before (many times), but I’m an annoyingly slow reader in Japanese so I’m going to read a lot more Japanese novels this year too. I have a heap of novels that I’ve been too intimidated to try reading and I really need to get over that. Even if it takes me a while I’m gonna finish as many as I can this year (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧︎

Goal Five: Languages

I keep stopping and starting with my languages, and it is aggravating.

I’ve gotten really complacent about Japanese, and I’m not putting in any of the effort I used to to try to keep up with it. Yeah, sure, I play Japanese games, watch Japanese shows, etc, but I don’t try studying anymore and I haven’t since I failed N1 the year before last. Outside of the Japanese Reading class I have at uni I don’t read much of it, and the short stories we have there aren’t challenging at all. After this class finishes in a couple of weeks I won’t have uni work forcing me to work on Japanese, so I’m gonna have to start studying again. Maybe I’ll try for N1 again this year? Or re-do N2? I could do with a better score lol

I still barely remember any Korean or Chinese or French. Which is weird because I spent the better part of a few months working on Korean last year and yet… nothing??? What??? I mean, Chinese and French I can understand because I haven’t done anything with them in ages, but I’d actually been working on Korean somewhat recently. Why? 。(´д`lll) Gonna have to work on each of them this year.


Anyway, that’s about it other than some more personal ‘improve self’ kind of goals and all of those~ What’re everyone else’s goals for this year? Or what’s something you wanna do this year or something you’re looking forward to?

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4 responses to “Goals for 2018

  1. Shruti

    Oh we have similar goals! I want to blog more consistently and learn new languages without slacking off too. 😁 Happy New Year!