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As you can probably tell I don’t have any reviews or anything that kind of counts as semi-interesting content ready at the moment, so here’s some rambles about what I’ve been doing lately instead❤︎ (Other than messing about and changing my blog theme a bit anyway)




Duke of my Heart (A Season for Scandal, #1) by Kelly Bowen – Initially I’d wanted to read the third one in this series, and more than likely I would’ve been able to without needing the background info from the previous books, but oh well~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  more books to read! Anyway, I’m liking the main characters and their dynamic so far, but ugh the insta-lust. Like I know it’s a thing, but having the extremely competent MC get distracted nearly constantly by a dude looking dishevelled (when she’s more than likely seen something similar that many times due to her work) is a little??? On the plus side though, the scandal she’s helping to cover up is interesting and I wanna see where it goes.

Winterglass by Benjanun Sriduangkaew – This book was hyped on Twitter for ages, and even without that I would have bought it for the cover alone. Look how pretty it is! Look at it! Sci-fi/Fantasy retelling of The Snow Queen, which I’ve never read whoops, and so many LGBT characters and it’s so interesting so far❤︎ I’ve had this pre-ordered for I can’t remember how long, I hope it only gets better from where I’m up to~

AMNESIA 〜Samayou Joker〜 – I’ve been trying to read this for months. I don’t know why, but as big of a reader I am in English, it’s a lot harder for me to motivate myself to read novels in Japanese. Possibly because I keep comparing my reading speed to how fast I read in English and whining about it lol Anyway, a novel centred around Ukyo who is my favourite Amnesia character❤︎ IF ONLY I WAS ACTUALLY READING IT LIKE I KEEP MEANING TO. I’m gonna have to work on that… (;´▽`A“




Chouchou Jiken – IT’S HERE❤︎❤︎ Animate International ships so quickly to Australia, I’m amazed~ Anyway, I am halfway playing through Haruka’s route, and I love it. Tbh I was totally here for this game when I saw this CG of Haruka and Elena(/MC), but that wasn’t the only reason of course~ The other one is that it’s pretty and I’m shallow❤︎ Nah, for real though, it’s really fun so far and I like the setting and the case that’s happening and how everyone fits into it. I can’t wait to play the other routes as well (*゚▽゚*)

Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Kuroyuri En’youtan – I was really looking forward to playing this! I loved the first game, and everyone in it was great. Unfortunately, it took me a while to get around to it because I keep picking up and dropping games like immediately after starting lately. Also unfortunate is the fact that Chouchou Jiken arrived the day after I started this one. GUESS WHAT GAME GOT DROPPED IMMEDIATELY? Yeah. Sorry guys~ I still love you all, I promise.



You know how I said that I was working on my Korean study again? Yeah, I haven’t been doing much of that lately. It’s probably for the best for now because then I can revise a whole bunch when I get back into it. I’m not good at revising or going over stuff, so really my Korean study was feeling like a rush to get through every single textbook I own without looking back. Might take some time to go over everything and actually practice soon.

On the other hand, uni’s going alright❤︎ I’m only enrolled in one class this trimester, but it involves a lot of reading. The class is pretty much based off Tadoku (多読) which is extensive reading in, in this case, Japanese. It’s got over one hundred Japanese short stories and in order to pass with a high grade I need to read at least 20,000字 per week. As I said earlier, I find it hard to concentrate reading in Japanese sometimes (visual novels/otome games/manga seem to be the exceptions), but I can pretty much knock out double that amount in a day if I don’t get distracted. On top of the reading, I need to prove I’ve actually done it (Me? Lie about uni work? Never!) which is done through quizzes after each story (which makes me want to read them even less tbh), and I have to write a comment after each one as well.

I’ve still gotta enrol for my classes next year, but so far this one’s been going alright. I’ve passed everything and will more than likely pass my one class this trimester too, which means I’ll have done enough Japanese units for my major. Now I’ve just gotta do enough units to meet the course requirements to graduate~ I’m banning myself from taking another language class next year (I’m very sad about that btw), and I’m gonna take some English/Writing/Religion classes instead. They sound interesting, but they also sound like I’ll be drowning in essays and writing requirements, so hopefully I manage well enough lol


Anyway, that’s about it I guess~ Hopefully I’ll have some ramblings done about Haruka’s route in Chouchou Jiken soon, or I’ll finally finish one of the books I’m reading lol

What’s everyone else been up to? (I ask into the void ( ´艸`))

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