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Review | ShadowShadow (Wendy Darling, #3) by Colleen Oakes
Series: Wendy Darling #3
Published by SparkPress on July 18th 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 271
Format: Kindle eBook

War has come to paradise, and the Neverland you know will never be the same.

Wendy Darling finds herself once again in the arms of Peter Pan, a charming god-child who desires power above all things. Instead of the passion she once had for him, however, this time Wendy’s hear burns with a secret: with Hook as her ally, she is there to defeat the evil that lies inside of Peter, the darkness that holds all Neverland hostage—the Shadow.

This is a task made nearly impossible by the arrival of Booth, her sweetheart from London and a new pawn in Peter's manipulative game—a boy whose heart she must break in order to save his life.

As all of Neverland prepares to fight, Wendy races to untangle Peter's connection to the Shadow, a secret long buried in the Forsaken Garden. When the time comes, all of Neverland will rise to fight—but if Wendy can't call the Shadow, everything she is fighting for will be destroyed. Is Wendy’s love for her family enough to save them, or will Peter’s madness consume them all?

Wendy Darling was a girl with a purpose, not remotely the same girl who had fled Pan Island in a flurry of fear.

I love Wendy Darling, which is probably not something you hear often considering the general disdain people have for girly girls or motherly girls or girls in general, but I love her in most incarnations. I especially love her in this one. She’s not the strongest, or the best fighter, and has to push herself to be brave, but she’s kind, understanding, and willing to go to any length to save her family, and Neverland. I love her a lot.

Speaking of her family, I was really glad to get more John in this one. He’s such a prickly little jerk, it’s great. His slow-going friendship with Booth, who was brought to Neverland in Seas, is fun and his and Wendy’s relationship slowly repairing is fantastic. Booth, who I didn’t have much interest in in the previous books (he didn’t have much going for him in the first one imo), was a pretentious sarcastic little twerp and I couldn’t have liked him more. It’s such a change to how he seemed in the first book that I couldn’t help but like him.

Abbott and Oxley were, once again, amazing❤︎ Their moments with Wendy were some of my favourites (as usual). Unfortunately, the constant preparation for war did get in the way of some of those, but they’re as great in this one as they were in the first two. On top of great character interactions, we get to go to places in Neverland Wendy hasn’t been before and meet characters long thought dead. We also see Wendy pushing John off a cliff, so if you don’t like John by now you’ll get to see that at least.

There were some character deaths in this one that I just did not want. I would have loved for certain characters to survive, but of course they couldn’t. Speaking of death, however, there was a semi-worrying interaction between Booth and Wendy where it was basically the whole ‘if you die I’ll die’ kind of thing where I had to stop reading for a little bit because I got enough of ‘I can’t live without my lover!’ in other books and don’t people realise how unhealthy that is??? Like, this entire series is about the super unhealthy relationship between Wendy and Peter and Peter and his Lost Boys, and yet??? This??? Really??? I want less of people saying if their lover dies then they’ll die/should be dead as well/etc in books, please!

While I felt like the way some of the book was resolved was a little bit of a cop-out, I’m kinda suspending my disbelief on it a little bit because it’s Neverland. Like, anything can seem to happen there so I’m gonna roll with it. I did like how Wendy’s and Peter’s interactions changed throughout the novel, and I quite liked how their relationship finished in the end.

All in all, the Wendy Darling trilogy was a fun read and it was nice to see it play on the more negative aspects of Peter’s nature, and I loved seeing Wendy come into her own as the series developed. Their interactions were some of the best parts of the series, but I pretty much loved Wendy interacting with anyone to be honest, she was pretty great.

“Because fear doesn’t care if you are lying down or standing; it comes either way.”

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