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There are spoilers ahead, but I’ve tried my best to put major plot ones under spoiler cuts.

I’m sorry, but has this guy ever spoken to a woman in his life??? Because he spends a lot of the route shocked that women actually do things.

I spent a lot of Masanari’s route not liking him; in the beginning he’s sexist, controlling, and possessive despite not liking Elena. He improves, but the improvement is slow-going for a while. His route is such a contrast to Haruka, who is lovely and affectionate, and I feel like it was a mistake to play Haruka’s first because damn, it really did ruin me lol I really wasn’t fond of this route at all.

Elena(/MC) receives a letter from a mysterious benefactor named ‘Id’ calling her to attend an all girls school in Yokohama. She leaves the church in Kanazawa where she grew up after her parents’ death in a fire, and catches the train to Yokohama. She arrives nervous, and it’s just her luck that she runs into a thief within her first few minutes of arriving. Her luggage is saved by a member of the Guard—Shindo Masanari. Elena, scared of men as she is, finds him intimidating as hell. Somehow, she manages to thank him and he just stares. Thankfully his elder brother is here to save them both from conversation.

Ritomo apologises for his brother’s rudeness, and makes sure Elena isn’t hurt at all from the ordeal. Masanari, on the other hand, wonders why Ritomo is even bothering with this girl. Ritomo tries to make it better, but Elena rushes to tell him that it’s fine, it’s normal for her. When he inquires further she stays silent and remembers her childhood of being considered strange because of her golden eyes and other non-Japanese features. Ritomo apologises for upsetting her, and she changes the subject to thank him and Masanari for helping her. She’s warmed up to Ritomo a little, but Masanari still scares her quite a bit.

Elena remembers, suddenly, she has to be heading off to her new school. Ritomo asks her if it’s far from the station and she explains that she doesn’t actually know where it is, just that she has to get there. Masanari sighs and asks her how, exactly, was she planning on getting there. She apologises, and Ritomo cuts in. By the end of the conversation he’s offering to walk her there, and Masanari is getting annoyed with his brother for helping a female stranger because there wasn’t any point to it. Seriously Masanari? Seriously? Like, helping people is literally your job right now. He also scoffs at the school because he feels like it’s just a bride factory for the Western countries. Ritomo scolds him for it, and mentions that Masanari should remember that disturbing things have been happening lately. Ritomo explains to Elena that there have been some bizarre cases occurring in Yokohama recently. Cases like where people are beheaded, they’ve lost all their blood, and the like; he goes on to mention that people believe it’s the work of monsters rather than people. He brings up ‘arazu’—people who have turned into something between humans and demons, and Masanari objects immediately saying they don’t exist.

Ritomo seems to realise that he may be scaring Elena and apologises, he continues saying that the Guard are striving to protecting every day and night. He explains that Masanari is part of the military agency involved and is also investigating the strange cases. Elena compliments him and says that the townspeople must feel quite safe. Masanari asks her what she thinks she understands about it, and she apologises and explains that while the cases do seem quite scary the fact that the Guard are protecting people must make them feel really relieved. Ritomo adds that it’s nothing to glare at her about, and says that he feels the same way. Masanari seems to doubt that, and Ritomo adds that he has a lot of pride for his brother and that he’s working in such a wonderful job to protect people. He adds he’s happy, as well, when people compliment Masanari. He goes on to talk about other cases before Masanari cuts him off. Ritomo finishes the topic by telling Elena not to worry as the Guard are there to solve the case, and Masanari agrees.

Masanari excuses himself after that, and tells Ritomo to come home occasionally. Ritomo and Elena head to the school.

After arriving at the school, she meets her roommate Haruka. She shows her around the school, and at one point they run into Haruka’s fan club which leads to Haruka asking Elena to be her little sister. The school seems to have a system where older students mentor and take care of younger ones as sisters, and Haruka warns her fan club to be nice to her younger sister. Let’s be real though, as if that’ll really help. Later on, Haruka explains that she also works in theatre and has to leave during the nights for practice. She asks Elena to keep it a secret and here we get the reason Haruka made Elena her sister so quickly.

Elena tries to adjust to the school and make friends, but most people try to use her to get into Haruka’s good graces. She’s pretty timid at first and ends up running away from them at some point because she knows for sure they’re not interested in getting to know her. She runs to the church on the campus grounds and meets Iori who was playing the piano. He is annoyingly creepy and mysterious, and enjoys messing with her. She runs away as soon as he lets her go.

While Elena is adjusting to school life, Masanari and his partner (Kase Tsuyoshi) are at the Meiji Constitution Navy’s Yokohama Base. Tsuyoshi is unusually early, and he mentions that he was pulled into a physical examination despite only graduating from the naval academy less than a month ago. He continues to say, however, that he should be thankful that he’s able to take the inoculations against tuberculosis since they’re in the navy; to think that the upper brass of the navy had close relationship with the famous Minamoto family in order to receive it. Masanari asks if he means the Minamoto family that built a fortune from foreign trade—they were  ‘new nobility’ (a family raised to that class due to their distinguished contributions to the nation) right? Tsuyoshi agrees, stating that they’ve been spreading their power for a while, including into medicine and academia.

Masanari remembers that the family also established the school Elena currently attends; he wonders what the point is of spending money on women, and says that they should be spending that money on arming the military and for the sake of the country instead. Wow, what a guy. (๑ ˭̴̵̶᷄൧̑ ˭̴̵̶᷅๑) Tsuyoshi admonishes him a little, and mentions that they’ve been in a time of peace for twelve years now and that it’s unavoidable to follow the way the tides are moving. Masanari responds that people are too carefree, and don’t understand the way of the world at all. Even if there aren’t any further wars, there are still these strange events occurring. Tsuyoshi tries to calm him down reminding him that the family is helping the navy with the inoculations as well, and he asks if Masanari’s had his yet. He hasn’t had the time and thus has managed to avoid it so far.

They change the subject to the cases they’re investigating after that, and Masanari complains he didn’t join the military to pretend to be police. He wants to hurry up and clear the cases already.

Back with Elena, some days later, she finally makes a friend (Midori) who reaches out to her because she’d heard that Elena had grown up in a church. They bond over religion, it’s nice. Midori tries to introduce her to her friend, Youko, but Youko has no interest in getting to know Elena at all. At least until Haruka arrives and offers everyone tickets to her next show.

On the way to the show they run into Ritomo, and Elena thanks him for helping her get to the school. Right after her classmates start talking about how good looking he is, and when someone brings up Haruka they wave it off saying that ‘Haruka’s a completely different matter’.

Haruka shines on the stage as a prince and, of course, Elena finds herself a little nervous after that. In Haruka’s dressing room after the show, Haruka and Elena bond over Elena’s handkerchief which was made by her mother. Not long after everyone’s kicked out of Haruka’s dressing room and they decide to explore a while before going back to school.

Youko is a little huffy from the attention Haruka paid Elena the dressing room, so in the end the group goes without her to look at clothes as she’s heading back to the school by herself. Later on, Elena is emptying her pockets only to find her handkerchief is missing. She ducks out of the school and heads back to the shops. This is where she runs into Sidney Watkins (a British journalist), and also her first time facing an arazu. She and Sidney manage to escape and he escorts her back to her school. After Sidney leaves, Iori appears to mess with her some more; she asks him who he is and he says that it’s a game and she’ll win if she figures it out. By the time she gets back to her dorm it’s nine pm and Haruka still hasn’t returned.

The next day there’s talk of a murder (View Spoiler »), and everyone who went to Haruka’s play yesterday is being called in for questioning. Elena is confronted by Masanari again, and he’s even less happy to see Elena this time than he was the first time they met. Joy. He asks her to sit down and she does without protest; she tells him that she didn’t expect to meet him again under these circumstances, that it’s sad, painful, and confusing, but she feels that she can’t just sit and grieve. Masanari replies asking her to answer his questions honestly. He confirms her name, and asks her why she was with the person who was murdered that day.

She looks down at her hands in her lap and tells him what happened, she answers as truthfully as she can. She tells him about running into the arazu, which he scoffs at and asks if she’s trying to turn the blame on the murder to that man. He tells her she just must have been cornered by a bad man and she shouldn’t exaggerate. She says she has a witness, and brings up Sidney. She continues telling him what happened honestly until the point where he asks if anyone can corroborate her story that she got back at nine pm. She looks up at him and lies (remembering her promise to Haruka) saying that Haruka was in their room sleeping and didn’t wake up when she came back so no, no one could. Masanari accuses her of hiding something almost immediately; this had been the first time she’d met his eyes, and also the first time she started speaking in longer sentences to him as well. When Elena doesn’t elaborate, he decides he’ll just ask Haruka instead. Elena begs him not to saying that it’ll get in the way of her work and she has nothing to do with it. Of course, he responds that the person to decide whether she’s relevant to the investigation or not is him and not her, but Elena’s story also has some inconsistencies. Before talking to Haruka, he’ll take her in for questioning. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her from the room.

Tsuyoshi is waiting outside and Masanari explains the situation before asking him to gather more information and also to find Haruka. Elena asks him to stop, and Tsuyoshi advises her to stop resisting and that he’ll let the staff at the school know what’s happened.

Masanari asks Elena to tell him everything, and Elena states that she already has. He asks if she’s going to continue feigning ignorance, makes a sexist remark, and calls her conceited for resisting. Elena ignores it and asks if the murder really is true. Masanari gets upset because she doesn’t understand her place. Elena takes a deep breath, and then repeats that she was with the person until late afternoon yesterday. She adds that since she doesn’t know the time of the murder she can’t say anything more relating to it. If she had more information, perhaps she’d be able to give him information that could help. He asks if she’s trying to give her opinion now, and she replies that she just thinks it would be more efficient. Reluctantly, Masanari agrees.

The scene of a brutal murder was found early this morning in Yamashita Park, and the murder seems to have occurred late in the previous night. The body had been drained of blood, had many surface wounds, and they were currently looking for the corpse’s limbs which had been removed. Masanari tells Elena that it’s now her turn to talk, stop feigning ignorance, and stop trying to deceive him. He looms over her, asking her if she intends to stay silent until the very end. Fine, he’s going to ask her questions until she talks instead.

Not long after, Tsuyoshi knocks on the door announcing that Haruka wasn’t found on the school grounds. Masanari turns back to Elena asking where, exactly, Haruka would be. When Elena avoids answering, he turns back to Tsuyoshi and asks him for a cloth and some water. Wow, gonna waterboard a teenager. What an A+ guy. Tsuyoshi protests because isn’t it a bit much to waterboard a school girl? RIGHT!!! Masanari says that it doesn’t matter, so Tsuyoshi offers to question her instead. Masanari, eventually, agrees.

The afternoon passes, then the night, and in the morning Elena is fully expecting to be stuck there for the day again. Masanari enters stating that she looks awful, and asking if she’s going to keep holding back. Elena replies that she can’t tell him what she doesn’t know and that she’s already told him everything. Masanari says that he’s not sure if she’s stubborn despite being a woman or strong for one. She remains silent, and Masanari huffs saying that she can do what she likes, but he’ll make her talk today. It’ll be too late to regret or cry then. Tsuyoshi runs in then, he says that some people from the school have come for Elena.

Haruka runs into the interrogation room heading straight for Elena, and Masanari immediately starts interrogating her about her whereabouts when the murder occurred. Elena covers quickly stating that Haruka was already asleep when she came back, and Haruka asks Masanari if Elena’s being interrogated was only because of questions about Haruka. She apologises to Elena, and she explains that they’re leaving. Iori, who (it turns out) is the school’s principal, agrees. Masanari asks him who he is, and Iori laughs and demands the return of his student. He introduces himself as the principal, and Masanari doesn’t believe it. Iori brings up the fact that he’s the same age as Masanari’s brother, and both Elena and Masanari are surprised. Iori asks again for his student to be returned, but Masanari says that he can’t allow it. Tsuyoshi tries to smooth things over, but makes it sound like they still want to keep Elena locked up some more. In the end, they agree to return Elena if the Guard can come in and out of the school freely with regards to the investigation. Both Iori and Masanari are upset at this idea, and Masanari suggests that the only reason Tsuyoshi is requesting this is because he feels unwell. Finally, Masanari agrees to let Elena go.

They head back to the school, and later on Elena and Haruka talk about what happened. Elena tells Haruka it wasn’t her fault that she lied and tells her about the past few days, she then says that men are scary and that she hates them, Haruka tries to get her to calm down, but Elena continues saying that she’s going to be killed by a man. Elena collapses after that.

The next day, Elena is called in once again for questioning—this time within the school grounds. Haruka joins her, despite not being called for, to which Masanari objects to immediately. Haruka brushes it off stating that he was the one who said they had questions for her yesterday, after all. Masanari asks her to leave the room while he talks to Elena, and they argue for a while before Elena cuts in saying that she’s going to do this properly and her answers aren’t going to change whether Haruka is in the room or not, so rather than arguing about Haruka staying in the room she wants to help catch the culprit. She’ll take responsibility if something happens, so could Haruka stay? She tells Haruka that she feels better with her there too.

Just as they’re about to start, Tsuyoshi runs in with the documentation on Elena. Masanari skims through it and pauses. The door opens and Ritomo appears. He’d heard from Iori that Masanari was at the school and came to make sure his brother wasn’t working too hard. Masanari brushes him off saying he’s just working, but Ritomo notices Elena. She introduces him to Haruka, and Ritomo fanboys for a little bit. He also introduces Masanari and explains that his and Masanari’s father had been part of the Guard as well. Masanari cuts him off showing him the documentation that had given him pause earlier. Their father’s name was in Elena’s records.

Ritomo stops to think for a moment, and then explains that he remembers his father getting drunk and mentioning the name of Elena’s father, he continues with what he knows from those conversations. It turns out that he and Elena’s father had promised that their children would be engaged to each other if they were around the same age. Elena goes into shock, Masanari insists it’s never going to happen and both Tsuyoshi and Ritomo congratulate him on meeting his bride. Masanari decides to confirm this with his father, and both he and Ritomo leave for home. Tsuyoshi lets Haruka and Elena off answering further questions for the day.

The next day, Masanari and Ritomo catch up with their father, and he’s horrified to find out that Elena’s father has passed on without his knowledge. He explains that the last time he’d heard from Elena’s father was when he sent a letter saying that they would be returning to Japan, but nothing since. They were coming back from Russia where Elena’s father had been doing scientific research. He says that he should have been contacted when it happened, but it turns out he was. Because of the war there had been some issues with the mail system, and the letter may have been lost. He sighs, he’d wanted to be there for his old friend, but in the end he couldn’t do anything. Awkwardly, Masanari starts asking if the other thing Ritomo had said was true, and his father brightens immediately. It’s true. Extremely true. Their father wants to know why he’s so upset about it, and then decides he’s going to bring Elena back from the school to live with them as a family. Ritomo congratulates Masanari on his cute bride.

One of Masanari’s subordinates arrives; there’s been a murder at the school. A student’s (View Spoiler ») body was found in the church on campus.

Tsuyoshi is trying to control the scene, but the identity of the victim spread, and one of the sisters says that the death was violent and couldn’t have been done by a human. It must have been the work of a demon. The students are very subdued throughout the day, and Elena wonders if the death was caused by another arazu. On top of that, today was the funeral for the other student that had died. Elena decides that she’s going to the funeral, and both Tsuyoshi and Haruka accompany her.

Meanwhile, Masanari is talking with his commander (Tsukada Shunichi). He asks Tsukada if he believes in arazu, and gets the answer that Tsukada can’t think of it as the work of people, but atrocious acts committed by a party. However, the would need to confirm this either way—whether it’s human or something else. If he doesn’t see it with his own eyes he won’t believe it. Masanari remembers Elena telling him about when she encountered an arazu. Tsukada continues saying that the criminal is sneaky; no evidence remained at the first crime scene and the second occurred even with the Guard within the school.

After the funeral, Elena has been lured, View Spoiler », to the church where the second murder occurred.

The scene changes back to Masanari and Tsukada, they’re talking about a possible mole. Masanari freezes, it can’t be… He excuses himself to and rushes back to the school.

Elena asks if the second murder occurred near where she was, and the person with her agrees. Then she must have been praying, she says, but she’s told she wasn’t. She was killed before she’d started praying, it’d been dark then. They hadn’t been able to see her face. Elena pauses, and they hear footsteps as Masanari rushes in. Masanari says that there’s a chance that the kill was an inside job, and he questions why Elena is in the church. Elena and Masanari watch as the person starts to smile and talk about the smell of blood still lingering. They couldn’t be satisfied with her blood, if it wasn’t that girl they couldn’t be sated.

Masanari asks what they’re talking about, and the person continues talking about how the murdered student’s blood was no good. Something was missing. It wasn’t enough. They turn into an arazu with a roar. Because they can seem to turn it on and off now??? At will??? Apparently??? Why didn’t I ask this question in Haruka’s route actually… because yeah, what??? Anyway!

The arazu rants about wanting more blood, thicker blood. Masanari is freaking out, and Elena helpfully points out that the person is an arazu now. He goes for Elena, and Masanari yells for her to get back. Unfortunately, the arazu reaches her in time and she’s cut. Masanari does his best to fight the arazu off while yelling for her to run away, but she doesn’t. Instead she raises her arm and, in an effort to get the arazu away from Masanari, yells for the arazu to stop and that her blood is over here. Masanari asks her if she has a death wish, and Elena replies that she doesn’t want anyone else to die.

As the arazu readies to attack someone else assists. They’ve frozen the arazu and telling Masanari to attack now while they’re held in place. It’s Haruka. Masanari rushes the arazu, only to falter, and get thrown back into a wall. Elena rushes over to him, and she can see he’s holding his hand close to his stomach and wrapped in his clothes. Masanari acknowledges that the arazu is no longer the person they were, and decides he’ll kill them with his own hands. He stands, and between he and Haruka manage to defeat the arazu (though Haruka gets hurt in the process).

Elena rushes back over to Masanari and asks about his wounds. He brushes her off, and she pushes in concern that there may be internal injuries. He yells that he’s fine and there’s no need for her concern, and then looks down. Haruka struggles in the background, and Elena remembers that she was hurt as well. Haruka’s bleeding from her chest, and Elena goes over to help. Haruka tries to stop her, but it’s too late. Elena finds out her secret—Haruka’s male.

Two officers rush in then asking what’s been going on, and they collectively freak out over Masanari being injured and the body of the arazu. Masanari tells them to collect it, and brushes off any attempts to get him seen to by a doctor. Haruka returns to her dorm in all of the confusion, and Elena stays behind with Masanari. Masanari’s fellow officers are still confused about what’s happened, and constantly seeking answers from him. Masanari tells them to stop asking and to hurry up and clear up the body. Elena thinks about what she should do; she doesn’t feel confident talking to Haruka for now, and everything here was a little chaotic. Masanari looks to her and says he has questions. The first thing he asks is who, exactly, Haruka is and about her powers. Elena, of course, doesn’t know anything, it had been the first time she’d seen Haruka like that as well. She does defend her when Masanari implies that she could be the culprit, but Masanari isn’t ready to take her off the suspect list just yet though.

Elena thanks him for protecting her earlier, and Masanari tells her that it was unneeded and he was just doing his job. She thanks him anyway, and suggests he get looked at by a doctor to which he replies that she’s worrying unnecessarily and to leave it alone. He says that the first thing to do is to clean up the scene here first. A car arrives to transport the body, and Masanari tells her to go back to her dorm. She declines, and says that she’ll go with him instead (they’re both surprised at that). Eventually he agrees that she can come with him after she announces that she owed him her life, and she can’t leave without thanking him in some way.

At the base Masanari is pulled into an examination with a doctor. His injuries were more serious than he’d been acting, and the doctor tells him not to push himself and rest. Masanari says that he still has things to do and can’t, and the doctor prescribes him some pain killers instead. As they go to leave the doctor stops them asking if Masanari’s had his inoculation yet, and since he hasn’t he’s given it now against his protests.

After they leave, Masanari asks if she’s satisfied now and tells her a car will arrive soon to take her back. Elena asks if he’s okay, and suggests he rests up, but he rejects the idea listing what he needs to do. They talk for a while, and then she asks if he really intends to keep working without taking some time to rest. Elena pushes him to get some rest after she leaves, even a little, no, for at least the night. He might collapse if he doesn’t. He gets a bit upset with her because he’d already said that he was fine, and if she keeps being annoying about it he’ll just leave her here. Elena replies that it’s fine; she’ll just return to her dorm by herself as long as Masanari rests. He’s surprised, and she takes advantage of it to continue telling him to take care of himself and his body better. He stares directly at her, getting more worked up, he’s told her to leave it alone multiple times why was she going so far? She replies that she’s just worried and he repeats it, confused, before calling her weird; she’s cowardly normally, and only acts strong in the times when it isn’t needed… he doesn’t know how to deal with her at all. He asks her, as well, why she stayed when he told her to run. She replies that she doesn’t know either, but she couldn’t just leave someone behind and save herself. She knew that she wouldn’t be helpful, but she couldn’t leave the person saving her behind. Masanari finally decides he’s going to rest for the night after she leaves, but only if she stops worrying about his injuries. He’s said it many times before, he didn’t do any of it for her; it was just his job. He has no intention of removing himself from the investigation, and he’s going back to work again the next day.

Elena’s back at the school; she’s not sure about returning to her room because Haruka’s there. Eventually, she musters the courage and enters. Haruka welcomes her back, and asks how everything went. Elena replies that it went alright, so Haruka asks if she can explain. She apologises for deceiving Elena, and explains about her role in her family and why she dresses the way she does. She asks Elena that she’d be happy if Elena would still think of her as her sister and treat her the same if she can? Elena agrees.

The next day at the Yokohama base, Masanari’s been called to Tsukada’s office. Tsukada asks about his injuries, and Masanari replies that he’s fine. They talk about the person who became an arazu and that they need to research into how it occurred. This is not the end of the case, there’s still much more to do. Masanari then asks why he was called in, and Tsukada tells him that he needs him to go on a sting operation. They need a way to draw out the arazu, but how? Masanari asks, they only go after women. Tsukada tells him not to worry, the bait has already been decided—the school girl he saved yesterday. Masanari’s surprised, why is her name appearing now? Apparently, Tsukada’s heard rumours that this girl draws out arazu, and must have an unusual power. The Guard can use her for it. Masanari brings up a point that the principal of the school may object, but Tsukada tells him that a man named Utagawa will talk to the principal about it. Masanari wonders if he really can use Elena in the investigation; she’ll come across dangerous things again just like last night after all. He remembers that he swore to solve the case no matter what it took, and decides that yes, he can use her for this. He agrees.

The next day Elena and Haruka are meeting by the school gates and about to head back to the dorms when there’s a commotion nearby. When they look, they see Masanari standing at the gates. He walks up to them, and starts speaking to Elena before demanding she come with him. Haruka stops him saying that he’s making a scene, and Masanari asks her why she’s still there. Haruka replies that she’s still a student enrolled in the school, and furthermore she’s Elena’s sister. Masanari objects, and Haruka cuts him off before he reveals her secret. She suggests they change locations to talk.

Masanari tells Elena about the sting operation and her potential role in it, and Haruka objects. Masanari says it has nothing to do with her, and it’s orders from above. He justifies it with the fact that Elena’s related to the case, and adds that Haruka is too, but he’s still suspicious of her. Elena tells him that Haruka isn’t that kind of person, and he tells her to shut up in response. He continues talking about how Haruka is still attending the school as a woman despite being exposed as a male, and mentions that it would probably become a huge scandal if it was exposed. If she doesn’t want it to happen she should be quiet. He grabs Elena’s wrist and begins to pull her away. Haruka asks him to stop, and then threatens him in return—View Spoiler ». Elena tries to calm them both down to no avail, at one point she thanks Haruka for her concern, but tells her that she wants to help Masanari with the investigation. She wants to prevent people from being killed, and she wants to know what’s going on. Masanari is shocked, and tells her that she actually understands her position in this (the complete opposite of what he thought about her). He tells her that he’ll take responsibility if she ends up in a dangerous situation.

Haruka asks to be allowed to help, and Elena says she’d feel relieved if Haruka was there with her but she doesn’t want to trouble her. Haruka says it isn’t any trouble at all, Elena’s her sister and it’s also her job. Masanari tells them not to just decide things for themselves, and he doesn’t want unrelated people involved. Haruka replies that he’d said she was involved earlier, didn’t he? Besides, she knows how to deal with the arazu better than he does. She then explains about the arazu and her role, and Masanari eventually agrees.

Masanari finishes explaining about the investigation, and Haruka suggests to Elena that they return to the dorm. Masanari pauses, the dorm? He asks if Haruka’s still attending the school despite being male, and Haruka says she is. He asks about her dorm stating that, off memory, Haruka and Elena were rooming together. Elena replies in the affirmative, they’re still roommates. She asks what’s wrong with that, and Masanari decides that he shouldn’t have left the fact that Haruka’s male alone. He’s going to spread the fact throughout the school, and he continues by asking Elena if she has any modesty and says that it’s inexcusable that Elena is sleeping in the same room as a man before marriage. Haruka tells him not to blame Elena, she was just doing what Haruka had asked after all, and she doesn’t appreciate what he’s implying—they’re sisters. Elena agrees, even if Haruka is male they’re still sisters. Masanari objects, and Elena pleads for him not to tell the school. Fine, he decides, but Elena’s not going back to the dorms. She’ll go back home with him.

He drags her from school and directly to his home. Here she meets his father who is overjoyed to meet the daughter of his old friend… and Masanari’s fiancée. He insists that she calls him ‘Dad’ as she’s with his son now; neither she or Masanari can get through to him, but they at least manage to convince him not to pull Elena from school. Eventually, the conversation ends and Masanari leads Elena to her room. They decide to fake a relationship in front of Masanari’s father, and Masanari complains about how troublesome it is. She giggles, and mentions that he must be really close to his father. He denies it and says, instead, that he respects his father a lot. Embarrassed, he rushes to get her to her room.

And from here her life with Masanari starts. He’s angry even in the mornings, and he walks her to school every day. So, in an attempt to become friendlier with him, Elena makes dinner one night. Father is glad to have a home cooked meal by a woman, and Masanari is silent. He asks her why she’s staring (for your reaction, duh), and she replies asking him not to push himself because he’s been coming back really late recently. He tells her not to say unnecessary things, and says that his work is busy and different to the work she’d receive at her girls school. She apologises, and he seems to regret it a little so he justifies it with he’s just doing his job and there’s no need to be concerned. He adds that she doesn’t need to worry, it’s not like they’re really in a relationship.

One evening Elena comes back to both Masanari and Ritomo home, and Ritomo pokes fun at his brother asking Elena if he’d done anything awful to her. Elena says that everyone’s been nice to her, and then she notices the other person in the house: Tsukada. He introduces himself to Elena and Masanari makes sure to tell her not to be rude to him. Seriously dude? She’s politer than you. Anyway, Tsukada scolds him for being so cold, and says that it’s not like they’re at work. He adds that Masanari’s stiffness is his biggest flaw, and he asks Elena not to turn out like him. Tsukada and Masanari’s father talk for a while, and they also talk about when Masanari was  a kid and how he always wanted to be a guard and had his brother help him study. Masanari gets embarrassed and tries to change the subject.

The subject does, eventually, change to Elena’s father. They talk a bit about his studies, but Masanari’s father doesn’t explain a lot. He does mention that her father had met Olga, her mother, in Russia, and why they’d moved from Russia to Japan. He also explains why he wasn’t able to get Elena when her parents died, and he asks about their death. Elena says that she doesn’t remember it very well, but she believes it was a fire. Tsukada mentions that he’d heard about her father from Masanari’s dad as well, and he’d also been to Russia. He offers to tell her about the country, and talks about it for a while as well. She asks to hear more and Masanari scolds her, but Ritomo backs her up asking about Russian food.

Afterwards, Masanari and Elena are in the hall. He’s in a bad mood, but says that she looked like she had fun, and she replies that she did—she got to learn a lot about her father. He asks if that’s all, but she doesn’t understand what he means. He says that she was pretty comfortable talking to his brother and Tsukada even though she’s so scared of him. The subject changes to the investigation after that, and Masanari tells her that she’s going to have to lure one out soon. She replies that she’s not even sure if she can do that, and he calls her pathetic in response. She feels like she’s about to cry but holds it back. He’d only say she’s crying because she’s a woman after all. She declares that she’ll be useful, and Masanari asks for proof and then says he’ll test her. If nothing comes out of it he’ll leave her and continue the investigation himself.

The next day Masanari drags Elena out arazu hunting. She walks around town by herself all day with no success, and by the end of it her feet are killing her. Masanari tells her that they’re quitting for the day because he can see she’s in pain, but Elena wants to push on and he reluctantly agrees. He asks why she’s going so far, and she says that since this is all she can do she wants to help. He tells her that he half doubted her when she said that she’d help with the investigation, but he’s glad to see she wasn’t lying. They continue on.

Later on, they’re finishing up for the night. No arazu have appeared, and Masanari has to convince Elena that they’re going home. He says that they’ll rethink their strategy, and then tells her he’ll get them a ride home. He leaves her for a moment. It’s then that Elena hears a voice, and a man appears. He’s acting strange, and talking about a nice smell. She screams, and the man’s appearance changes. The arazu swipes at her and she’s cut, he rambles on about her blood, and she tries to figure out how she can run away. She screams for help, and Masanari appears. He asks if she’s alright, and then turns to ask the arazu questions that don’t get answered. He attacks the arazu, but when he goes to arrest him he runs.

He turns back to Elena, asking if she’s alright. She says that she is and apologises for not being able to do anything. She starts shaking, and Masanari notices that she’s injured. He kneels down to have a look, and as he gets closer he gasps in pain a bit. Elena asks if he’s okay, and he brushes off her concern. He starts wrapping the cut on her arm and she thanks him. He looks at her for a while, and she asks him if he’s really alright. He apologises, he’d taken his eyes off her and she’d gotten hurt. It was his fault because he’d doubted her; he couldn’t protect her. She rushes to assure him that she’s alright, and not to apologise, didn’t he come to save her after all? Her injury’s not that bad, and she was lucky. He replies that it wasn’t that, it was that he’d made a promise to protect her and couldn’t follow through, and on top of that the arazu escaped. Elena agrees that it’s a pity the arazu escaped, but they have another chance. She’ll do her best to help and make sure it goes well next time. He asks if she’s dumb, at least get upset with him or something. How can she say this after him leaving her to arazu? If she keeps helping it could happen to her again, it could be worse, she’s already trembling. She replies that yes, it is scary, but she wants to do her best to help. Also, she has no intention of getting upset with him, he’s been working so hard to solve the case.

Their eyes meet. He’s looking at her as if he hasn’t seen her before. He stands, and holds out a hand for her. He apologises for doubting her and tells her that he’s sure the arazu are after her, he doesn’t know why but there’s no time to doubt. He asks if he can rely on her to help in the investigation, and she says of course. He apologises for not recognising her resolve earlier, and for letting her be in danger, but this time he’ll make a promise not to let her get hurt by arazu again.

The next day Masanari walks Elena to school. In her classroom, Elena is instantly swarmed by classmates wanting to know about the man that dropped her off. There are rumours that she’s left the dorm and is now living with her fiancé, it looks like it’s true, but they want to know the truth. Elena, remembering the promise they’d made to fake a relationship, replies that it may be true. They then start asking her about Masanari’s manner, house, and when she’s getting married. Her classmates then start talking about some cases where brides are going missing and getting killed on their wedding day, and Elena wonders if it may have anything to do with arazu before shrugging the idea off. Elena also catches up with Haruka, who wants to make sure that Masanari isn’t being awful to her. Elena tells her that even when she was targeted by arazu Masanari protected her, and Haruka asks when. She gets upset at the answer, and tries to convince Elena to stop helping in the investigation. Elena says that she’s already decided to keep helping, and Haruka agrees reluctantly.

That night Elena is serving tea to Masanari and his father, she also offers them some sweets she’d made. Masanari says that he’d just prefer tea, but his father digs right in. Elena wonders if Masanari even likes her cooking, and she notices him watching her. When asks if something’s wrong he says it’s nothing, but he doesn’t look away. She’s been feeling him watch her a lot lately, it doesn’t seem like he’s angry, but it’s like he has something he wants to say. Masanari’s father pulls him into conversation, confirming it’s Masanari’s day off tomorrow and then asks him to take Elena out on a date. Both of them freeze, Elena is freaking out about going out with a guy by herself (the investigation is different, okay). Masanari asks why he even should take a girl out… why would he do a weak thing like that? His father calls him an idiot and says there’s nothing weak about taking care of your partner. She’s always helping around the house, and it would be good for them to spread their wings a bit. Sightsee around Yokohama for a while, they’re both young and they should have some fun. Elena pipes up that Masanari should rest on his day off, and Masanari starts to snap at her before he realises what she’s saying. He murmurs to himself that it might not be too bad, he does need to get to know her better, and then he speaks up and agrees to take her on a date. Elena asks if it’s just going to be them, and Masanari asks if that’s not enough, and Elena denies it. Then it’s decided, he says and tells her to think about where to go.

In the morning she and Masanari head off for town. Elena doesn’t have any idea on where to go, so Masanari asks her if there’s anywhere that she thinks she may want to go. She first chooses the Yokohama Business District because her classmates spoke of it a lot, and she’d felt like she’d get lost going there by herself. She gets pushed and pulled into the crowds of people a bit before Masanari pulls her close by her shoulder. He tells her not to stray from his side.

He asks her where she wants to go next, and she says that her classmates had been talking about a restaurant that had delicious cake so she wanted to try that. Not really enthused, Masanari agrees and Elena thanks him. On the way a white dress catches her eye, it’s her first time seeing a wedding dress in real life. He asks what she’s looking at and scolds her for moving away. She apologises, but Masanari notices her interest in the dress. He leads her into the store. Elena’s in awe of the dress, and Masanari asks if she’s really interested in it. She replies that she is, and that it’s a wedding dress used in western style weddings. Masanari sighs, so many things are becoming westernised this days. She agrees that might be true, but she does want to try wearing one once. Elena imagines a possible wedding to Masanari and then stops herself. She’s flustered, but it doesn’t look like Masanari’s noticed. Their eyes meet, and they both try to pretend that they weren’t thinking the same thing for a moment. Masanari says that he just remembered that they’re technically engaged and Elena wonders if that meant he was imagining the same thing. He then continues to say that it’s her choice what she wears at her wedding, but if she does wear that dress it would probably look good on her. She thanks him, and he replies that she doesn’t need to—he’d just said what he was thinking.

They move onto the restaurant and Masanari tells her to order whatever she likes. She happily looks over the menu for a moment before noticing Masanari looking a little depressed. Everything on the menu is sweet. Elena asks him if he hates things like this, and he agrees that he doesn’t really like them. She thanks him for coming with her and says that she may have never been able to come without him. He tells her to stop exaggerating and that he did offer to take her where she wanted to go. He asks her if she’s ready to order, and she replies that she’s torn between an ice-cream soda and a fruitcake (the picture of the cake seems more like a strawberry shortcake than a fruitcake tbh). He suggests she choose the ice-cream soda, and he orders the fruitcake. She looks at him surprised, and he asks if there’s something wrong with his order. The waiter brings their order over, and Elena is in love with hers. Masanari, on the other hand, is probably looking down at his in horror. It’s too sweet, he didn’t know cakes could get this sweet. He tells her to eat it instead because he doesn’t want to waste food. She says that it’s delicious, and he smiles.

He says that he’s surprised at how sweet it was, girls must really like sweet things. Elena replies that she thinks it depends on the person rather than gender, and she asks Masanari if he likes bitter coffee. His coffee doesn’t have any milk or sugar, he takes it black. He says it’s not that he likes or hates it, it just clears his head. It’s much better than the violently sweet taste from before though. Elena giggles, and offers to make him the same cake with less sweetness next time if he likes. He replies that he may be able to eat it if it were less sweet, and he says that her cooking isn’t bad either. Elena stops eating in her surprise, and she says this is the first time that Masanari has complimented her cooking, she’d been so worried he didn’t like it. He says that he didn’t think he would need to say it, he wouldn’t eat it if it was bad.

He abruptly changes the subject, apologising that he’s so unsociable. He’s been told this multiple times by his classmates from the academy, and he says that he’s sure she would have had a better time on a date with his brother. His brother? She asks, and he huffs a bit. He tells her that she calls his brother by his first name, but only calls him by his last. Elena’s a little confused, but he continues on and tells her it’s nothing. He knows that they’re different, he knows it very well. They talk about Masanari and his brother for a while and their childhoods, and how much Masanari respects his brother. He does, his brother has something he lacks after all. He talks about how he used to follow his brother and Tsukada around, and how he’d always wanted to be part of the guard as a child. He’d always though that this would be his path to take, and how when he was younger he didn’t see his father much because of it. He’d always heard stories about him and his work though. Elena says he must be happy that his dream has come true now, and he shrugs. While it’s true that he’s now part of the naval guard, he’s working to solve the arazu case, and so far from where he thought he would be. He’s not satisfied with the guard as they are, and he’s not sure what his superiors are thinking particularly Utagawa. Elena says it’s been over ten years since the war ended, and wasn’t it a good thing that the army was getting smaller. Masanari replies that’s only if war doesn’t happen again. Masanari says that Japan’s getting weak, and if war did happen again they wouldn’t be able to protect it. Elena looks concerned, and he tells her that the guard would do their best to protect the people. That’s why they’re there after all.

Not long after, Masanari turns the conversation to Elena’s childhood. She talks about her parents’ deaths, growing up in the church, and what’s available in Kanazawa. She talks about being half-Japanese, and Masanari listened with interest. She explains that because of being bullied and made fun of by various boys throughout her life she’s gotten nervous around guys. Masanari states that that must be why she was so scared of him before, and she apologises. He says that she does grab attention, but he tells her it doesn’t matter that she’s only half-Japanese, she’s still herself. Don’t worry about what other people think and say. Elena remembers, then, that he used to judge her based on her gender, and then she thanks him. He asks why, and she responds that he’s a good person. She giggles at his confusion and says it’s nothing. He scoffs and blames it on her gender and she thinks if only he didn’t think like that and he’d be even better, but she’s gotten used to it now.

She thanks him for going out with her, and tells him that she was nervous about being alone with a guy. He replies that she’s been out by herself with him many times now, and she says that that’s different. He doesn’t get it. She thanks him for the day anyway, and says it was fun and she understands him a bit better now. He replies that it had meaning for him too.

Some time later, the investigation continues. This time at a church—they’re running a sting operation with Elena as the bride. The cases with brides getting killed have been increasing, and this time they’ve brought in Haruka too. Haruka offers to play the part of the groom, but Masanari says that he’ll do it. He and Haruka argue about it for a while, before Elena says that it’s fine. She goes into the church ahead of them, and they glare at each other. Haruka tells Masanari if he touches Elena, or something happens to her, she’ll never forgive him. She’ll try her best to protect Elena, but he’ll be the one closest to her and he shouldn’t forget that.

Both Haruka and Masanari are in awe of Elena in her wedding dress (as they should be). She asks if it looks weird, and Haruka is the first to recover telling her she looks beautiful. She says that it’s almost like she’s a doll, and the veil suits her hair colour perfectly. Masanari is just silently staring at Elena. Haruka gets up him for not saying anything in front of a beautiful bride, and Masanari finally brings himself to speak saying that it looks like she’s ready. Nice try, my guy.

Tsukada opens the door asking if everyone is ready, and Masanari replies in the affirmative. He compliments the two of them saying they look good together, and that they should just get married for real now. At Elena’s and Masanari’s objections he adds that he was joking, and then tells them everyone’s ready. Everyone involved is part of the guard, and his old classmates from the academy are there too. Although, they think it’s an actual wedding.

They really did not think this wedding thing out, because there are arguments all over the place over who’s escorting Elena for the bridal walk, and whether Masanari and Elena are actually going to kiss. Like… did they not research weddings at all for this operation??? Isn’t the guard supposed to be competent? Guess not. Anyway, Tsukada and Haruka go to prepare and leave Masanari and Elena behind.

Out of the two of them, Masanari is the first to bring up the kiss. Nervously, Elena answers yes, and Masanari tells her that he’ll fake it. From around them it’ll look like they’re kissing, but they won’t be. Elena thanks him. Masanari seems to want to say something, but the door opens and his old classmates walk in congratulating him on his wedding. He introduces them to Elena, and they start poking fun at Masanari for keeping her a secret. Masanari smiles, and he’s a lot less stiff with them than he is with Elena. He actually looks to be having fun. Not long after the guys leave, Masanari tells Elena that they’re normally more formal and polite than this, but since it’s a group of young guys it can’t be helped. Elena says that he looked like he was having fun, and he blushes. Of course he was, he says, they’re his friends.

Not long after that Ritomo and Iori. Apparently Iori had told Ritomo about the investigation after hearing about it from Utagawa. Ritomo was the one to convince Iori to trust Masanari’s judgement which is why Elena’s been allowed to assist in the investigations so far. Ritomo turns to Elena and thanks her saying that it would be good if this were her actual wedding to his brother. She starts to tell him to stop joking, but he cuts her off saying that he’s serious. He wants her to marry Masanari from the bottom of his heart. Iori stirs up some stuff with Masanari because he’s a professional troll, and Ritomo asks everyone to be careful. Elena thanks them both, and they leave.

She pauses and Masanari asks her what’s wrong, she’s a little embarrassed. Masanari asks if it’s about the kiss, and she agrees. He gazes at her, and she starts to change the subject, but he begins to mutter to himself that she, too, would prefer someone other than him. He sighs, brushes of her concern, and suggests they go. It’s about time for the ceremony to start.

They have a very awkward marriage ceremony, and when it gets to the time of the kiss Elena’s trembling. He puts his hands on her cheeks, and moves closer; he whispers about a sweet smell, and for a moment Elena is sure he’s going to kiss her for real. He winces back a bit, and then fakes the kiss for the audience. Later on, after the ceremony, he and Elena are talking about how no arazu appeared. Masanari is breathing heavily and seems to be in pain, Elena asks him if he’s alright, but he says it’s nothing. He tells her not to worry, but it gets worse, and he grips her hand tightly. She asks him to let go, but he pulls her closer. His lips brush her skin multiple times, and it’s like he’s devouring her neck. She’s trembling and he asks why she’s objecting, and why she objected at the idea of kissing him earlier too. Did she hate the idea of being kissed by him that much or was there someone in the audience she didn’t want to see it. Haruka? Ritomo? Wouldn’t she prefer his brother as her husband than him? Elena says that she never thought that, but he can’t seem to hear it. He tells her that he’ll make her understand that she’s his, and pushes her against the wall. Elena yells for him to stop, and he comes back to himself. It’s like all the power’s gone from his body, and he wonders aloud what on earth he’d been doing. She yells at him for not acting like himself and runs outside. He rushes after her.

In her haste she’d run out in her wedding dress, forgetting about the investigation… and the arazu. She runs into one outside, and Masanari is there to fight the arazu before it reaches her. At one point it looks like the arazu is going to overpower him and she screams for it to stop. View Spoiler » Masanari manages to defeat/capture the arazu and Haruka and Tsukada rush outside. Tsukada looks directly at Elena, he murmurs something in Russian (View Spoiler »).

Later on, Masanari and Tsukada are back at the Yokohama base. They’re talking about the arazu appearing and Elena. Masanari wonders what she’s hiding, and why he started acting unlike himself with her earlier. Why did he do that?

It’s late when he gets back, and Elena is there to welcome him home. She tells him she made some food for him and goes to get it for him. She remembers what happened earlier, but pushes it aside. Masanari tells her, a moment later, that it’s late and she should get some rest. She agrees, and goes for her room, but Masanari notices something on her foot. She says that she’d hurt it earlier, and Masanari asks if it was when the arazu was after her. There’s a short pause before she answers yes, and Masanari’s posture changes immediately. She rushes to assure him that it’s nothing, and he doesn’t need to worry. She can still walk perfectly fine. He apologises, and says that he’ll treat it. While treating the wound he apologises again, this time for what had happened earlier. He swears that it’ll never happen again. He continues, thanking her for assisting in the investigation and telling her she did well like always. They alternate between apologising to each other and trying to explain, and Elena thinks that she doesn’t want an apology while she’s apologising, and then he hugs her. He tells her not to apologise, she did nothing wrong, and he’s not going to hurt her again. He promises. Elena thinks that she feels safe in his arms and she believes his promise.

Elena wakes the next morning from a nightmare about the arazu. She thinks about Masanari for a while and how she feels differently about him now than she used to, but pushes the thoughts away. She needs to get ready to go before he worries, but she’s finding it hard to get up this morning. Meanwhile, Masanari is downstairs rethinking and rethinking the moment where he asked her if she hated the idea of being kissed by him that much, and the like. He wonders why he said those things, was that how he really felt? No, it was just jealousy. No, something worse than that. Did he really have those thoughts inside of him? He decides he’s going to do his best not to hurt her from now on. But also, he thinks, she’s running quite late. He goes to check on her.

When Elena opens her door Masanari is immediately concerned, her face is red, and when she says she has a small fever he scolds her. What was she thinking?! She takes it the wrong way and tells him she’ll be ready shortly, but he tells her that she should be sleeping. He checks her temperature and tells her there’s no way he’ll let her go to school like this. She tries to brush it off, but he says he’s going to call a doctor and tells her to change and go back to bed. She says it’s just a cold, probably from when she was up late in the cold one night, and Masanari begins to think that it’s his fault she’s sick. Elena tries to tell him it’s not his fault, she’s just been tired lately, but he takes that even worse.

Elena hears Masanari talking as she wakes from sleep; he’s saying sorry… he says her name. She slept until late afternoon, and it seems like he’s been there the whole time. She tells him she’s feeling much better now, and he looks relieved. He tells her the doctor looked her over and determined it was just a cold, and she replies that she told him it was nothing to worry about, but he scolds her for making light of it. He gets her water and food, food that he’s made and he gets a little embarrassed admitting it. He tells her that she doesn’t have to eat it, and he can find someone else to make her something, but she eats it anyway and tells him it’s delicious.

She asks him why he’s so worried about her cold, and he says it’s because women are weak. They have less power than men, less strength, their bodies can break easily, they get sick easily… and they die quickly. She asks why he thinks that way, and he tells her that his mother was like that. Her body was weak, and he rarely saw her off the floor, she rarely left her room, and whenever the weather got colder she’d feel worse. He wouldn’t be allowed in her room then, and he’d hear her pained voice from the hall. Only when she was feeling better would he be allowed in her rooms and they’d play together, or talk rather. He loved hearing stories about his dad from her. Women are weak, weak and fleeting… they disappear easily. He asks Elena if she’s the same. She thinks for a moment; Masanari has surely thought this without questioning it: women are weak, they’re weaker than men and must be protected. It’s not that he hates women, he just wants to protect those weaker than him. (Except he totally hated women before Elena, so… >.>) And he must be scared to protect so much… like his mother who left him behind.

She tells him she’s not leaving him and he freezes. She tells him she understands his concern, and that yes she is definitely weaker than him, and probably looks like she’d die easily. He agrees, but she cuts him off. She’s not weak at all! She won’t die from a cold, and if she rests she’ll be just fine. She won’t leave someone who worries that much behind, so please stop looking so sad. He admits that she has more of a backbone than he thought, she did say she wanted to clear up her friends’ death after all. He talks about how she faced the arazu as well, and how he hadn’t wanted her in the investigation, but she remained firm. She replied that she’d cried. Of course she did, he replies, but she did well. She said it was because of him, because he was there to save her she was able to survive and be safe. When he promised to protect her she wanted to try her best, she believes in him, so she’s okay even when she gets scared. He smiles a little, and promises to protect her again. It’s strange, he tells her, he feels like he’s making a promise as a person rather than a guard this time.

He tells her to rest and that he’ll check on her later, before he leaves though Elena asks him if she heard him say her first name earlier. He goes red, so she heard. He asks her if she doesn’t want him to say it, and she replies that she’s happy he did. He asks about her then, is she always going to call him by his last name? She replies that it’s a little embarrassing to call him by his first name now. He asks why, she can call his brother by his first name perfectly well. He replies that he’s her fiancé, is he always going to be called ‘Shindo’? She pauses, then finally calls him by his name. He tells her to call him by his name from now on and he’ll use hers. At that he leaves, and she says goodnight to him on his way out. He tells her to rest in return.

Elena recovers quickly, and catches up with her classmates and Haruka at school. She spends one afternoon thinking about her engagement to Masanari, before running into him at home in the evening. He has news from Tsukada, they’re going on another operation. Elena agrees, and tells him she’ll try her best, but Masanari looks pained at the idea. He tells her he’s a little torn, he wants to solve the case, but he doesn’t want anything to happen to Elena. Elena tells him it’s fine, she trusts him to protect her. She knows how much he wants to protect everyone, and how important his work is to him. It’s all fine. He tells her she keeps surprising him, she looks so weak and yet her heart is so strong. She replies that she isn’t, she’s only strong because she has Masanari and her friends supporting her. There’s nothing special about her at all. He replies that maybe that’s true, maybe his mother, and all the other women he’s put down as being weak have their own strength they hold. But also, he sees her strength so brightly. He touches her for a moment before lowering his hand, he can’t let her meet any more danger, he wants to protect her and everyone else in this country. He doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. He’ll try to find another way where she won’t be involved.

His father interrupts, concerned. What on earth has his son dragged Elena into? He’d thought they were hiding something, but that? Elena tries to defend Masanari, but he tells her this is between him and his son. He asks Masanari what kind of investigation, but he doesn’t get any answers. Instead, he decides to ask Tsukada himself. Tsukada arrives and they tell Masanari’s father about the investigation and about the arazu. The subject of Elena’s family eventually comes up, and what her father was doing in Russia. View Spoiler »

Afterwards, Masanari and Elena are in the hall. Elena’s a little out of it and apologises to him, but he tells her not to worry. No matter what her father did she’s still herself, and she tells him that he’s said that to her before. She remembers their day out in Yokohama, and tells him that he gives her courage, but he tells her that’s what she does. When he looks at her he wants to be strong, he wants to protect her. She’s become his strength.

Throughout the next few days they meet up with Ritomo who has questions about the arazu and Elena. Tsukada has a meeting with Otakawa, and between Tsukada and Elena they manage to convince Masanari’s father to allow them to go for the next investigation. The night before the next part, Masanari is concerned about the way he’d been acting previously, and concerned about Elena. He’d been drawn in by her scent previously after all, so could he… no, of course not. Elena leaves her room to find Masanari in the hall, he worries for her being up so late and says she’ll catch another cold, but she replies that she was concerned for him. He seems to be upset lately, and she wants to be there for him.

The next day, they’re at the place of the sting operation. A party. Various important officials are in attendance, including Tsukada, Otakawa, English guard, Iori, and more. Elena spots Iori in the crowd and Masanari recognises Otakawa standing next to him. The two are mid-conversation, but it looks strained. Masanari decides to join the conversation, and they head over. Elena asks why Iori is here and if he’s checking on the investigation, he replies that there’s no need as Elena will be heading back to the school today. Masanari replies that she’s going back after the investigation is over, and Iori scoffs saying it’s not like he’s her real husband. Masanari announces they’re actually engaged in response. Iori says that he won’t allow them to wed, and Masanari replies that he doesn’t need permission. Iori complains about people taking his things and that none of this is any fun. View Spoiler »

Iori spills the beans on everything that’s been going on, and Masanari is horrified. View Spoiler » Otakawa has been working for his own gain, and to gather more power. View Spoiler » Masanari is more offended that he’s doing this for his own gain than the country’s. Otakawa says that he should be thanked, and Elena gets upset on Masanari’s behalf saying he’s not the kind of person to want that, and that he wouldn’t want people to die for his own power. Meanwhile, Iori is still upset no one’s acknowledging his claim on Elena.

Masanari protects her stating he’s not going to let anyone use her. It’s then that there’s a crash. And another. A giant arazu appears. Iori scoffs and gets out of the way. Otakawa freaks out, and Masanari yells for people to get back. He attacks the arazu, but it’s nowhere near defeated. Elena yells for it to stop, View Spoiler » Iori smiles, and Otakawa decides he can’t return to Elena. View Spoiler » Someone, behind him, says that they can’t allow it and there are gunshots.

The shooter (View Spoiler ») says that Otakawa didn’t know how to use the power over arazu, and how he has a better idea. He grabs Elena and cuts her before throwing her back to Masanari. Blood drips down her arm to the floor. There are more crashes and the sound of glass smashing. More and more arazu are appearing.

They’re going straight for Elena and Masanari, and she yells for them to stop. View Spoiler » The shooter announces that the arazu are there because of Elena and that she’s their commander. The power of rumour and fear does its work, and Elena and Masanari are arrested.

In the cells, Elena and Masanari get a history lesson about the shooter’s first experience with arazu and they find out his plans. He wants an army of arazu for Japan’s sake, if the country continued how it was it would only get weaker and weaker. The arazu were a way to become stronger. He asks Elena if she wants to help, and she rejects the idea immediately. He replies that it’s not really like she has a choice, popular opinion would have her locked up anyway.

Meanwhile, Masanari is in pain. View Spoiler » He tells Elena not to come closer, but of course she does. He kisses her. View Spoiler » He moves from her mouth to down her throat, she’s warm everywhere. It’s now, of course, she realises that she’s in love with him which makes it worse. She wishes for him to return to how he was. He pulls back cursing. He’d sworn not to hurt her, and yet he has. Elena tells him that it’s not his fault, she’s the one causing trouble for him, and he begs her not to cry. He’s bleeding and she asks him to let her fix up his injury, but he ignores the question asking one of his own. View Spoiler »

The shooter takes them out of the cell the next day. They’re taken to a building in the Yokohama base, and the shooter gives them their options once more. Their options are pretty limited: help him or face a firing squad. He explains the same thing he did when in the cells except much more long-winded, and stating that he wants a second world war to make Japan the leader of the world. Both Masanari and Elena object, but Masanari goes on to say he respects that he wants to do everything for his country, and that yes the country has been getting weaker, but arazu aren’t the way to resolve it. The people are.

Guards are gathering outside. They’re surrounded.

Bad End occurs here: View Spoiler »

Elena’s only thoughts are to save Masanari. She wants to save him, and Masanari tells her that they’ll always be together (referring to their fake wedding). They’ll stand and face the people outside together. The shooter accepts this and says he’ll watch how it plays out. Elena and Masanari step outside.

Masanari makes a long, long, long speech about what happened, loving his country, the role of the guard, how arazu aren’t a part of that, how power corrupts, and that he wants to improve Japan and its strength through people rather than monsters and experimentation. A+ speech, I skimmed all of it. His old classmates are moved by it immediately, but for some of the higher ups it takes a little bit. But he manages to talk him and Elena out of being arrested. Good job for such an unsociable guy. The shooter also turns himself in View Spoiler ».

Masanari and Elena watch the sunrise.

Good End: View Spoiler »

Some CGs:

Good End | Bad End

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