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There are spoilers ahead, but I’ve tried my best to put major plot ones under spoiler cuts.

Haruka has ruined me for all of the other routes. I’m sorry, but I don’t think they’re gonna measure up anymore, just look at this babe. Amazing.

Before we get started, though, considering you can see two of Haruka in the character list on the official Otomate site, and the character descriptions literally tell you he’s male I’m not going to consider it as a spoiler. Because, seriously, it’s everywhere. Sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m also going to switch pronouns a lot when it comes to Haruka, sorry for any confusion~

Elena(/MC) receives a letter from a mysterious benefactor named ‘Id’ calling her to attend an all girls school in Yokohama. She leaves the church in Kanazawa where she grew up after her parents’ death in a fire, and catches the train to Yokohama. She’s very nervous around guys and it’s just her luck she gets her luggage stolen and has to be rescued by two men (Shindo Masanari and his elder brother Ritomo) before being able to make it to the school. On the way, she gets told about the crimes that are happening lately and about the people who seem to be turning into something between humans and demons called ‘arazu’ that are causing trouble.

After arriving at the school, she meets her roommate Haruka who is lovely and instantly nice to her. She shows her around the school, and at one point they run into Haruka’s fan club. Xenophobia and classism is alive and well in this game. When her classmates find out that Elena is poor, an orphan, and half-Russian as well as being Haruka’s roommate there’s hell to pay.

Haruka saves the day with the CG that initially got me interested in the game, she tells Elena that she’s an orphan too and asks her to be her sister. The school seems to have a system where older students mentor and take care of younger ones as sisters, and Haruka warns her fan club to be nice to her younger sister. Let’s be real though, as if that really helps. Haruka’s a senior, she can’t be everywhere Elena is (though she tries at times lol).

Later on, Haruka explains that she also works in theatre and has to leave during the nights for practice. She asks Elena to keep it a secret and here we get the reason Haruka made Elena her sister so quickly. But despite this she’s still consistently nice and encouraging to Elena, and doesn’t mock her at all even behind her back after leaving the dorm for the night. Look, I’m not saying Haruka’s perfect, but Haruka’s perfect. It’s a fact.

So, as it turns out, Haruka isn’t going out for the theatre, it’s to kill arazu which is what she is tasked to do as the eldest (remaining) heir of her family. Shocking, right? Kazuha, who serves her family and knows her secrets, assists her in this.

Anyway, over the next few days, Elena has to deal with people using her to try to get into Haruka’s good graces. She’s pretty timid at first and ends up running away from them at some point because she knows for sure they’re not interested in getting to know her. She runs to the church on the campus grounds and meets Iori who was playing the piano. He is annoyingly creepy and mysterious, and enjoys messing with her. She runs away as soon as he lets her go.

Eventually, she does make a friend (Midori) who reaches out to her because she’d heard that Elena had grown up in a church. They bond over religion, it’s nice. Midori tries to introduce her to her friend, Youko, but Youko has no interest in getting to know Elena at all. At least until Haruka arrives and offers everyone tickets to her next show.

On the way to the show they run into Ritomo, and Elena thanks him for helping her get to the school. Right after her classmates start talking about how good looking he is, and when someone brings up Haruka they wave it off saying that ‘Haruka’s a completely different matter’.

Haruka shines on the stage as a prince and, of course, Elena finds herself a little nervous after that. She tells Haruka that ‘if only there were guys like her in real life’ and inside Haruka’s just like ‘askjfks’ because there could be Elena, there really could be~~ Some of Haruka’s fans get a bit huffy in the meantime (Youko included), but Haruka and Elena bond over Elena’s handkerchief which was made by her mother. The other girls bring up Ritomo, and Haruka gets a little jealous despite herself. Not long after everyone’s kicked out of Haruka’s dressing room and they decide to explore a while before going back to school.

Youko is still huffy from the dressing room, so in the end the group goes without her to look at clothes as she’s heading back to the school by herself. Later on, Elena is emptying her pockets only to find her handkerchief is missing. She ducks out of the school and heads back to the shops. This is where she runs into Sidney Watkins (a British journalist), and also her first time facing an arazu. She and Sidney manage to escape and he escorts her back to her school. After Sidney leaves, Iori appears to mess with her some more; she asks him who he is and he says that it’s a game and she’ll win if she figures it out. By the time she gets back to her dorm it’s nine pm and Haruka still hasn’t returned.

The next day there’s talk of a murder (View Spoiler »), and everyone who went to Haruka’s play yesterday is being called in for questioning. Here we run into Masanari again, and he’s even less happy to see Elena this time than he was the first time they met. Gotta love a guy who’s consistent. She tells him what happened, and answers as honestly as she can until the point where he asks if anyone can corroborate her story that she got back at nine pm. She lies (remembering her promise to Haruka) and says that Haruka was in their room sleeping and didn’t wake up when she came back so no, no one could. Masanari accuses her of lying almost immediately, and takes her back to the station for further questioning. Further questioning includes threats of waterboarding; wow, what a time to be alive.

Thankfully, Haruka and the school’s principal (Iori) come to save the day. They head back to school where Haruka apologises for making Elena lie, and Haruka’s a bit down on herself for a while. There’s a really nice moment where Elena comforts her, and stresses that it wasn’t Haruka’s fault that she lied and that this happened. She was the one who decided to lie to keep her promise because she’s Haruka’s sister after all. Haruka pulls away from their hug a little after that. Haruka tells her not to push herself and not to hold back if she’s feeling down or sad. She brushes her hand on Elena’s cheek and Elena starts crying as she tells her about what’s been going on with her for the past few days (including the arazu). Elena then says that men are scary and that she hates them, Haruka tries to get her to calm down, but Elena continues saying that she’s going to be killed by a man. Elena collapses after that.

The next day Masanari and his colleague come to the school again to question Elena, this time they have documentation on her. Within that, though, is the name of Masanari’s father. Ritomo, who just appears wherever his brother is for ninety percent of the route, explains that he remembers his father getting drunk and mentioning the name of Elena’s father, he continues with what he knows from those conversations. View Spoiler »

Not too long after that, another murder (View Spoiler ») occurs—this time within the school. Masanari insists that the school be guarded, and Haruka finds it harder to sneak out at night. A day or two after that, Elena decides that she’s going to the funeral of the first murdered girl; Masanari’s colleague (Tsuyoshi) goes with them, and they run into Sidney on the way out as well.

Haruka, rather than return to the school goes arazu hunting, she runs into the same one that Elena had come across the other day. It’s holding a handkerchief—Elena’s. Concerned, after killing him, she rushes back to the school.

Elena has been lured to the church where the second murder occurred. She’s face to face with an arazu (View Spoiler ») rambling about how he wants her blood and how nice she smells. He references her handkerchief and how he’s been searching for that smell and how nothing else will sate him, etc, etc. Good times. Masanari storms in and is confused af because he doesn’t believe in arazu what is this fairytale bullshit. But, seeing how Elena’s being threatened, he gets over it pretty quickly and tries to protect her. Just in time for Haruka to rush in~~

It’s here that Elena finds out what Haruka’s been doing at night, and between Haruka and Masanari the arazu is defeated. Elena rushes straight for Haruka who’d gotten hurt in the process and, then, finds out that Haruka’s male as her dress had been slashed open at her chest and she was bleeding profusely. Partially freaking out because Haruka’s a guy, and partially freaking out because Haruka’s hurt, Elena manages to heal Haruka’s wound or at least stop the bleeding.

Later on, Haruka does his best to explain and Elena does her best to try not to feel so nervous. He explains a little bit about the the role his family has and why he acts the way he does (View Spoiler »). Elena realises that he wasn’t really setting out to deceive her, and she stops him as he tries to leave. He says that he understands that he can’t stay by her side as he is, but no matter what she’s important to him and he thanks her for being so kind. She stops him at the door and asks him to stay. She insists that he’s still the same person and starts crying. Haruka’s so weak to her crying, it’s great. Elena squeezes his hand and he squeezes hers in return. The next day Elena offers to help wrap his wounds despite how nervous she is about touching him now, and it’s really cute. Haruka tries to sort out his feelings a bit too.

Haruka then sends a request for Masanari to meet him at the church. And, damn, look at that babe with the short hair. My heart❤︎ They have a debate about what’s going to happen with Elena, and Masanari says he’ll make her his bride, make her leave school, and force her to help in the investigation. Haruka pretty much calls him an ass, and Masanari replies that he can use his wife however he likes and he’ll do whatever it takes to solve the case. Haruka (and I) are both upset by this lol

So, after some thought, Haruka offers a trade—he’ll help defeat arazu as long as Elena and his secret are protected, Elena isn’t pulled out of school, and he can assist in the investigation or else he’ll reveal that the criminal was an officer. Masanari asks why Haruka is going so far for a girl that isn’t even that special, and he doesn’t reply too lost in thought about it.

When Haruka and Masanari bring up the idea of helping to catch the arazu to Elena she has to break up their sniping at each other and agrees to do her best to help. She doesn’t want to see her friends get hurt anymore, and she wants to learnt the truth. She wants the town to be free of arazu. Haruka tells her that it’s too dangerous by herself, so she’s going to help Elena as well. Masanari replies that then the arazu will have two people to eat instead of one.

While getting permission from Iori to leave the school grounds to hunt arazu, the three of them run into Ritomo who offers to do some scientific investigation with blood samples and the like from Elena. Elena agrees as long as Haruka can go with her, and they move on to a hospital owned by Iori’s family. There they run into Sidney who follows them into the examination room. While they’re waiting for the preparation to be done, Sidney spots a book of Elena’s that hasn’t been mentioned before. It was her mothers, and has an inscription on the book cover in Russian. Sidney also asks her about her past, and Elena mentions that she was very sick once not long after her parents died, and that an angel came an healed her. Sidney offers to get the inscription on the cover translated and Elena agrees. Elena is then herded away for her examination where Haruka is left behind as it involves her removing clothing. Sidney leaves after this, and Ritomo says that it’s great that Masanari and Haruka are getting along so well—they reply that they don’t pretty much immediately.

On the way back from the hospital, Elena almost loses consciousness. Haruka blames the blood taken in the examination, and Elena leans towards her a little. She apologises, and Haruka brushes it off, but Elena can see Haruka’s acting a little strangely. She offers to listen if Haruka wants to talk, but Haruka asks instead if Elena’s using a perfume or something because she smells really nice… a sweet smell that lingers in the back of your head. She then mentions that she has another thing on her mind: why, if she was so nervous around guys, did Elena have no trouble talking to the other guys around her? Elena replies it’s because they’re so polite she feels less nervous, but Haruka repeats that they’re guys. Elena says she might be getting used to them thanks to Haruka. Surprised, Haruka quickly apologises and changes the subject. She goes to get Elena some water, and Elena runs the conversation through her head thinking that things had changed since she found out Haruka was a guy.

Over the next few days, Masanari takes Elena out to try to lure arazu. She’s a little nervous because the neckline on her outfit is a little lower than she would have liked, Haruka assures her that  she looks cute, but offers to walk around with her as well. They walk around together without much trouble, and Masanari eventually demands that Elena do it by herself because nothing was happening with the two of them together. Elena, cutie that she is, is pretty much immediately swarmed by guys. She tries her best to say that she has plans with a friend and tries to make her escape, but unfortunately she’s stuck. Haruka tries to save her as well, but gets roped into the conversation further than she would have liked as she matches one man’s type perfectly. Masanari ends up intervening.

A week later, on their way back they duck into an alley as an arazu had ended up being lured by that point. We get a lovely CG of Haruka protecting Elena, and Elena thinking about how safe she is with Haruka and how pretty she is. She thinks about it for a while wondering why she feels so safe with Haruka considering she’s actually a guy, and Haruka takes her silence to mean she was scared of the arazu. Later on they’re at the station talking about what to do in future with the arazu and what’s driving them, Haruka brings up that there are different tiers of arazu as, like humans, some are stronger than others. Masanari decides that he wants to capture rather than kill the next one and Haruka objects.

Haruka and Elena arrive back at their room in the school, and Elena examines Haruka’s wound which has healed up nicely. Haruka told her that it was all thanks to her, and they both talk about Masanari’s idea to capture an arazu. Haruka blames her upbringing, and Elena then finds herself wanting to know more about her. Elena thanks her for protecting her, and says that today felt special despite always being saved by Haruka. Haruka tells her that her words stir up a lot in her, and that she’s still important to her as her sister. Haruka hugs her.

Even though Haruka is always pretty affectionate with her, this feels different. Elena remembers when Haruka was holding her back when facing the arazu, it was warm and she felt almost dizzy.

Haruka leaves the room that night to meet with Kazuha claiming it was difficult to stay. He brushes it off when Kazuha asks and claims he was just wanting to get some fresh air. He’s dressed in clothes meant for a male this time and his hair’s short again. Haruka remembers that now, not only does he have to stay as a woman for his family, he now has to stay by Elena’s side as one too. He and Kazuha talk about what about Elena could be bringing out the arazu, and Haruka starts wondering why he even dressed like he was today, and how in order to protect Elena he would have to continue living as a woman.

The next day, Elena tells Haruka about a case she heard from Masanari. It’s a case where an arazu had killed an entire family but left the child alive. View Spoiler » Elena says that this is the arazu Masanari wants captured alive, but Haruka rejects that idea immediately. Haruka swears to kill the arazu herself. Elena asks her to calm down, but she just continues getting worked up. Eventually she calms down and explains why. Elena hugs her and offers to talk half the burden if Haruka wants to talk, even though she may not understand completely she wants to help Haruka even a little and stay by her side. She’s always felt calm when hugged or held by Haruka after all, so she wants to do the same for Haruka.

Haruka explains about arazu more after this, and thanks Elena for letting her see where she was weak for a moment. Elena seems to lightly scoff at the ‘weak’ part, but offers her support to Haruka for whenever she needs it. Haruka asks her to leave it for now, as she doesn’t want to see herself be weak, but if Elena asks she might just leave everything to her. She squeezes Elena in their hug and touches her hand as well.

She introduces Elena to Kazuha after this, and explains to her that he’s one of the few people who knows her secret. He’s someone Elena can trust, and he’s good at gathering information. Kazuha hints towards a further secret Haruka has, but it’s quickly brushed over. Haruka tells him that she’s going to defeat the arazu and protect Elena, who tells her not to push herself too much (even though she’s happy Haruka’s going to protect her).

Haruka receives a missive from Masanari asking her to meet him in Yamashita Park, despite the fact that he’s only just recently gone to Tokyo to investigate that case that got Haruka all worked up. Seems legit. So, of course, both Haruka and Elena go. As they wait, Elena thinks that she should have learnt kendo or something. Haruka asks why, and Elena explains that she wants to be helpful. Haruka jokes that she isn’t enough for her and Elena stumbles her way through reassuring her that she didn’t mean that at all. She then throws out that Kazuha’s there to help too, which is good because he’s a shinobi. Always handy to have one of those around in times of possible crisis.

Elena says that she’s a little jealous; Haruka trusts Kazuha so much, she’s jealous that he’s strong and able to help meanwhile she’s being saved all the time. Haruka asks if she wouldn’t prefer her to talk about Elena more instead and how much she trusts her more. Elena says that she’d be happy if that were the case, but she wouldn’t say something that selfish. Haruka sighs saying she would have preferred her to be more jealous as she always is. Elena asks her what she means, but Haruka brushes it off as a joke.

And then there’s this asshole.

View Spoiler » Haruka gets ready to fight, and the arazu begins to talk about a smell he wants to be beside, but first he would have to deal with Haruka. She starts to chant the curse that is supposed to stop arazu in their tracks, but he breaks free immediately. He questions her as they go, View Spoiler » and meets Haruka’s attacks as they come.

He shoves Haruka aside, questions her once more, and attacks her while she’s down. Haruka tells Elena to run, but this asshole tells her to wait. He turns away from Haruka and towards Elena. View Spoiler »

Elena tries to find some way she can help. She needs to stop the arazu, but her feet won’t move. He comes ever closer saying that he won’t hurt her like the other arazu. But he wants to touch her. Elena moves at that and thinks about aiming for the eyes with the scabbard of a sword, but feels like she doesn’t have the power to do so. She thinks she’s being eaten. She feels his breath on her neck. Haruka yells for him to stop. Elena screams, there’s a flash of light View Spoiler ». Kazuha appears and attacks him, but as he’s putting his sword away the arazu escapes.

Haruka and Kazuha deal with Haruka’s wounds, blood is running down her hands, and Elena runs towards her. She clasps Haruka’s hands in her own and holds them to her chest. Haruka’s pretty down on herself for failing at protecting Elena, Elena’s down on herself for Haruka getting hurt. Kazuha’s just around or maybe he conveniently slipped out for some reason? Anyway, Haruka and Elena have a cute moment where Elena’s crying and Haruka’s saying that she can’t touch her with bloody hands, and she removes Elena’s tears with her lips instead.

They return back to their room at school, and Haruka worries about what happened during the fight with the arazu and how things are changing (View Spoiler »). Kazuha (who has reappeared) tells her to rest, and rushes out of the building (with a silly run noise, it’s great). Elena can’t sleep, she’s thinking about the arazu and where he touched her before forcing herself to think about something else—the things he’d said.

Haruka calls her over from her bed, she asks her for something. A punishment because she couldn’t protect Elena. She thinks it would be better to be punished because everything was her fault and she can’t forgive herself. She’s weak, she can’t protect anyone, she should just stay in her room afraid. Her heart hurting, Elena walks towards Haruka’s bed. She says she will, and hugs her instead. The punishment she receives is Elena being nice to her, and she thinks to herself that no one would be blaming Haruka anyway. She reassures Haruka that no one would blame her and touches her hands before kissing them. Haruka brushes her cheek and tells her she saved her from wanting to disappear.

She touches Elena’s lips, and Elena finds it hard to breathe. She remembers the arazu touching her and freezes. She’d wanted to forget it. Haruka apologises, but Elena replies that it wasn’t Haruka she didn’t want to be touched by. Haruka says she’ll help her forget. She pushes her onto the bed, her hands are around Elena’s wrists, and Elena can’t move away. “Where did he kiss you?” Haruka asks leaning down to kiss Elena. “Here?” She continues, prompting for Elena to reply. “Then I’ll kiss you until you forget.”

It’s just getting good when HARUKA PULLS AWAY. HARUKA YOU HAD ONE JOB. ONE. JOB. Elena calls her name and she lets go of Elena’s wrists immediately. Haruka brushes everything off saying it was to surprise her so much she’d forget, and then says that thanks to her she’ll be able to sleep soundly. ARE YOU SURE? Elena rushes back to her own bed after that wondering what she was even expecting.

Once Elena’s asleep Haruka ponders as well, what was he even doing? He was jealous of the arazu for touching her. He doesn’t want anyone to touch her, or hear her voice as she’s getting kissed, he wants to make her his. He wants to be a man in front of her. He scoffs at himself, but can’t help but want to kiss her. View Spoiler »

The next day they head back to the hospital to see the results of the examination. There’s not much. Ritomo goes on a lecture about Charles Darwin and so on which I’ve kind of tuned out for for this summary because it’s gotten so long and it’s one in the morning, but we’re past the halfway mark and it’s only taken over four thousand words. Nearly there~~

They decide, since the examination wasn’t much help without further data (her parents’ blood for example), to go visit Masanari’s and Ritomo’s father as he knew Elena’s dad. Before they leave, however, Sidney appears with a translation of the Russian inscription in Elena’s book. She gets it back, but doesn’t read it right away as they’re heading off.

Elena and Haruka meet Masanari’s dad and he’s so excited to meet Elena❤︎ He apologises for not being there for her in the past and explains his friendship with her father and how long it lasted. He also asks her to live with him and his family and tries to push her onto Masanari a lot. It’s great. He also talks about how Elena’s parents met. View Spoiler »

After the visit, Elena decides that they should investigate Kanazawa where Elena used to live. Without thinking she assumes Haruka is going to go with her before stumbling over an apology and actually asking if she’ll come. Haruka’s happy to, of course. Road trip with the bae❤︎ Masanari mutters that she didn’t need to worry as if the guard dog wasn’t going to follow her to Kanazawa wagging her tail. Elena also mentions that it would be nice if Haruka could get some rest from her role in her family while they go.

The deal between Masanari’s and Elena’s fathers gets brought up again and he says if it came to it in the end he wouldn’t mind. Haruka pipes up that she would never allow it, and Masanari says he doesn’t need her permission, or what is she saying it’s because she’s her sister? Haruka denies it loudly. Masanari shrugs it off and asks her to work on fixing her power instead.

Haruka and Elena have a moment before heading back into the school. They talk about Elena’s parents, and Elena feels like she can’t accept more kindness from Haruka because she was selfish enough to assume Haruka would just go with her to Kanazawa without her asking. Haruka assures her that she was happy, but Elena adds on some more. View Spoiler » Haruka tells her that she wants to be the only one to protect her, the only one she can count on first, she doesn’t want her to be touched by anyone else, she doesn’t want her to be taken by anyone else.

Their lips are close enough to touch and Elena suddenly pushes her back. Haruka blames it on her being male, and Elena tries to assure her that it isn’t, View Spoiler ». She explains it’s not that she hates Haruka, it’s that she feels strange. Haruka asks what she means, and Elena continues saying that when Haruka was touching her before she didn’t hate it at all. Haruka brushes it off because ‘that was just as your sister’, but Elena shakes her head saying she can’t completely think of Haruka as her sister. She explains further as much as she can while looking down and away from Haruka’s face, and asks her to like her and stay by her side. Haruka replies that’s what she should be asking, and tells her she can’t say that to anyone else.

The next day they’re headed to Kanazawa~ Haruka’s ditching the dresses and make-up this time, as well as his top theatre star persona and his role in his family, and doesn’t he look happy(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Elena feels a little nervous despite herself, thinking that he really looks like a guy and realising she’s slept in the same room as one for quite some time now. She assures him it’s not that she hates him, it’s just she isn’t used to seeing him like this yet, but she’s happy for him to come with her.

While they’re in Kanazawa, Haruka asks Kazuha to head back to the main house of his family to try to find out what he can about the arazu and why they’re after Elena. He asks if Kazuha’s going to ask someone specific and tells him to be careful he doesn’t get stuck there. Kazuha tells them to be careful and not get injured. lol Kazuha, this is Haruka, Haruka’s always injured, like what is this.

On the train, Haruka and Elena talk about when Elena first came to Yokohama, and Elena asks about Haruka’s past some more as well. Eventually Elena falls asleep on Haruka’s shoulder, he’d been starting to doubt his conversational skills before he realised she was asleep lol He thinks to himself that it would be nice if Haruka got used to him as a male. He compares his reflection in the window to how he is normally View Spoiler ».

They arrived safely to the church where Elena grew up, and the priest greets them. They talk about Elena’s parents for a moment, and the priest explains what Elena was like when she first came to the church. He also talks about when Tsuyoshi was asking about Elena and, concerned, asks her if she’s been wrapped up in a crime. Elena rushes to tell him that she wasn’t involved directly, but a close friend was. She then brings the conversation back to her parents. The priest says that he knows something, but he can’t tell them—he’d been told in the confessional after all.

Haruka begs him to tell them something, and the priest refuses to break his silence on the confessional. However, he does tell them more about the time her parents died. View Spoiler » Elena had been in shock during that time, and stayed silent. The priest suggests that if they want to know more they should check out Elena’s childhood home. He offers to let them stay the night in the church, and the two of them accept.

They finally read the inscription that Sidney got translated, and Haruka seems to recognise it. The priest interrupts before the conversation can go further though, and takes them to their rooms.  Haruka visits Elena that night, and Elena feels her face getting red at how close they are. They talk about Elena’s past a bit, and how she remembers being happy with her family when she was younger, as well as the angel that saved her when she was sick as well. She tries to brush it off a bit in embarrassment, but Haruka says that of course an angel would come for her and comfort her, because he would do the same thing. The conversation moves onto making sure Elena’s okay after finding out what she did today, and Haruka tries his best to warn her that there could be something worse coming and leaves her an out if she wants to take it.

She starts crying and Haruka asks if he can hug her, but Elena’s a little nervous. He takes it the wrong way, and Elena tries to reassure him, so Haruka hugs her from behind and says he’ll talk how he always does. He covers her eyes, and speaks how he would when in the school. He tells her to forget and let go, and Elena replies that she can’t because the one hugging her is always Haruka. Haruka repeats some of Elena’s words from some time ago back to her, says that she’ll always be by Elena’s side when she needs him. Elena realises that both of them are Haruka and reaches up to touch his arm. Haruka asks if it’s really alright, and Elena tells him that she’s fine with Haruka in any form. Haruka tells her how he wanted to be in front of her as he really is, and how he’d decided to live as a woman as he didn’t want to be hated by her. Elena tells him that she wouldn’t hate him at all.

The next day they head to Elena’s old house. Haruka offers her another out if Elena wants to take it, but she continues. They explore through bookshelves and desks, and Haruka finds some photos of the family happy together. View Spoiler »

After Kanazawa, they decide to visit Haruka’s family for further answers. Before they leave Haruka talks about how his role in the family again and how no one knows he’s male at the main house, how because of his upbringing he doesn’t really feel like one gender or the other, but he continues with saying that he wants to be male in front of Elena. He asks her if can stay how he is now just in front of her, even if just for today. Elena agrees and says that she wants him by her side however he’ll be and that she always wants to be with him.

Meanwhile, at the main house, Kazuha is talking to the family head (Haruka’s grandmother). She postpones meeting him until the next day, and complains about Haruka leaving the main house for Yokohama, school, and theatre. She talks about how Haruka needs to hurry up and do her duty which, at this point, is marrying and having a child. Yeah, good luck with that.

Haruka’s dressed back up as a woman again, and Elena tells her not to push herself too much. They trade compliments for a while, and Elena can’t get over how pretty she is. Same, Elena, same. Elena thinks that she can’t think of Haruka as the same anymore as she’s admitted to herself that Haruka’s male (which is how he wants to be thought of by her anyway so). They leave Kanazawa.

Kazuha’s finally meeting with Haruka’s grandma. She asks about Haruka, and Kazuha gives an excuse but it only ignites a rant from her. Finally he manages to ask what he came for, to look at the old books the family has collected, but isn’t able to until he gives a reason why. Grandma is shocked he’s even bringing it up (View Spoiler »), and Kazuha explains where he’s heard it and what’s been happening. Haruka’s grandma agrees that in this case he does need to look through the books and gives her permission View Spoiler »

On the way to the main house Haruka explains a bit more about her past, and at the main house Haruka’s grandmother and Kazuha are going through old records and books. View Spoiler » Kazuha sees in the old records that some of the family heirs used to be male quite a long time ago, and asks about why it became only female over time. Haruka’s grandma said it was because only women were able to use the powers of the family, and that men weren’t able to be used. She explains that the reason why is taboo, and continues saying that only women are born into the family. View Spoiler » She then pushes Kazuha towards Haruka some more. View Spoiler »

The next night Haruka and Elena arrive. Haruka’s not expecting anyone to be waiting for them, but they’re made to meet her grandmother almost immediately. Haruka gets scolded by her grandma throughout the conversation for leaving the main house, attending school, acting in theatre, and so on, as they’re all unnecessary things for an heir of the family. She pushes Haruka towards Kazuha as well, before turning to Elena. She spots that Elena isn’t full Japanese immediately, and Elena admits that her mother was Russian. They all retire to bed after that as Haruka’s grandma doesn’t want to hear or ask anymore for now.

After the conversation with her grandma, Haruka decides that Elena should know everything and asks her to meet her when everyone’s asleep. Haruka’s dressed as a male this time, and he leads her out of the compound. He leads her to a cemetery, and explains that his family is resting there. After showing her his parents’ graves he takes her a little further back to where trees and shrubs are growing. He tells her his family is sleeping there too. View Spoiler »

Haruka says that he understands his grandmother’s feelings about their family, but at the moment all he can focus on is defeating the arazu (particularly that asshole), finding out the truth, and… protecting Elena. She asks why, but Haruka says that he doesn’t even know. He says he’s never decided things for himself like this before, and how he feels like he’s nothing. But, in front of Elena, his heart moves on its own. He admits that at first he was only kind to her so that she would keep his secret, but he found himself wanting to be kind to her, wanting to protect her, wanting to see her smile. He found his real self thanks to her.

He threw his dream away two years ago, was it okay to admit it now? To throw away everything and live as a man by Elena’s side. But he pulls away, saying he can’t abandon his family. He says he can’t tell her that he loves her, and Elena prompts him about his dream some more. Haruka replies that it’s a selfish one, he doesn’t have the courage for it. View Spoiler » She tells him her dream then: to stay by his side no matter how he is. She’s been Haruka’s since they met, and it hasn’t changed now. She wants to be with Haruka as a male too. Maybe they could find a path he can choose where he doesn’t have to throw away his name, and she offers to help him look.

Haruka stops her and asks her how far she’s going to push, she apologises, and he brushes his fingers along her cheek. He tells her he loves her, and kisses her. He tells her she’s brought him back to life, and they go backwards and forwards telling each other how much they like each other. Haruka asks if he, after everything’s done and finished, can kiss her again? Elena agrees of course~

There’s a strange smell in the wind and they pull apart. Concerned, they rush back to the main house. Lo and behold, it’s the same arazu from Yamashita Park. Grandma’s interrogating him as flames and smoke flare everywhere, and the arazu brings up his past with Haruka. He smells Elena on the wind and leaves Haruka’s grandmother behind to meet them. View Spoiler »

Haruka attacks him. The arazu finally realises he’s the same Haruka with the long hair, and freaks out. Everything is piecing together in his head, and grandma appears by the point as well. She doesn’t recognise Haruka properly at first, and only picks it up when the arazu speaks further. The arazu brings up the taboo with males in Haruka’s family, and Haruka pauses. Grandma freaks out, and the arazu laughs about it bragging about what he did two years ago. He asks Haruka how he feels knowing that no one needs him. He falls. Elena moves to run to him, but the arazu stops her. View Spoiler »

He explains about the distant past of Elena’s family and Haruka’s, and Haruka’s grandmother corroborates that a little. However, the blood goes bad in the men of Haruka’s family. View Spoiler » He compares it to the sickness in Queen Victoria’s family, and clearly enjoys spreading the news of the curse in Haruka’s family. He then turns to Elena, inviting her to go with him away from all of this. She rejects him yelling to let her go.

Haruka tries to get him away from her, but the arazu ends up holding him around his throat. If anyone moves he’ll rip it out. Elena calls for Haruka, but the arazu tells her to wait, it’ll all be over soon. Haruka tells her to run, and the arazu squeezes.

View Spoiler » Haruka manages to pull away, and attacks. He’s getting hits in this time. View Spoiler » Elena yells for him to stops he reaches out and embraces him. The arazu, meanwhile, is laughing his head off. He moves to encourage Haruka further, View Spoiler » and Haruka asks her to wait. As she turns to look at him the arazu escapes.

She hands Haruka back his sword, and Haruka’s grandma screams out for someone to kill him. Elena freezes. Since Elena wasn’t following her orders, Haruka’s grandma turns to Kazuha demanding the same. Elena tries to defend Haruka, he’d been protecting everyone after all, but she can’t forgive him being male View Spoiler ». View Spoiler » Grandma takes a sword and tells Haruka to prepare himself, he just stands there. Elena tells her that she won’t let her kill him, she insists that Haruka’s still the same person View Spoiler ». Haruka gets even further down on himself and self-hating, he’s bitter and sad, and Elena hurts to see it.

Grandma’s more upset at the loss of a potential heir and the end of the family line than anything else the arazu revealed. View Spoiler » At her being accosted by Haruka’s grandma, Elena replies that she won’t. She’s going to live together with Haruka. She turns to Haruka inviting him to leave with her, saying she’ll always stay by his side. Haruka’s concerned he may hurt her due to the curse, and that he’s not even really a man or a woman due to his upbringing. Elena waves it off, she’s happy to stay by his side whatever form he takes.

Grandma, who must hate happiness in all forms, demands their capture. They’re taken to some cells which this family has apparently, wow, because that’s not a little excessive.

The two of them have a moment in the cells, and Haruka tells Elena that the only reason he’s still alive is because of her. He says that he was really looking forward to living with her, as if it’s already decided that they can’t do anything. Elena suggests they run away together, but he tells her to run by herself. He’s afraid he’ll hurt her and doesn’t want to see it happen. Even if he has to give her up at least she’ll be safe. Elena rejects that idea immediately. She pushes him, going through what they’ve done together and how Haruka has finally found himself. Haruka replies that he doesn’t have the confidence anymore. He wants to touch her, he wants to kiss her, he wants everything, but… he’s not sure what’s his love for her and what’s from the curse.

Elena hugs him, just as Kazuha walks in. Grandma’s not listening to reason, and is still insisting on Haruka’s death. Elena asks Kazuha to save Haruka, he replies saying that even if they got Haruka out her situation wouldn’t change. View Spoiler » Haruka insists that she run away, but Elena says she won’t go without him. He tries to make Kazuha get her out, but Kazuha’s not listening. He pauses, and asks Elena if she loves Haruka. Elena replies that she does, so he continues. If Haruka remains here he’ll be killed, however if she remains here… View Spoiler »

Bad End occurs here: View Spoiler »

Haruka interrupts, thanking Kazuha for always being there for him View Spoiler », but this is something he can’t allow. He finally agrees that he and Elena will run away together. He wants to live together with Elena as himself. Kazuha hands Haruka his sword, he’d need it. He can’t watch the family Haruka’s worked so hard to protect kill him. He’ll remain behind, but begs Haruka to be safe. Haruka and Elena escape.

They’re heading back to the school in their escape. Along the way they talk about what they should do, but each agree they need to stop the arazu. Haruka’s still a little hurt so Elena tells him not to push himself, only to lean on his shoulders as she nearly falls over. They stop to rest for a while and go over what they learnt the past few days. View Spoiler »

Haruka’s fingers brush her cheek again, he laments the fact that the curse is active the more he wants to live as a man for Elena. He touches her lips. Elena says that she’ll fight to, she’ll do her best to help and stop everything, that’s why she’s here after all. Haruka tells her she’s too good to him and kisses her. She wraps her arms around his neck and it all goes a bit further than kissing. View Spoiler » He tells her he can understand why her scent invites arazu, but it’s now his. Yeah, this, uh, definitely goes further than just kissing. A lot further.

They make it back to the school, and end up in the church. Elena has a feeling the arazu will meet them there. View Spoiler »

Haruka asks, if her blood was so important, why her mother was killed then? He replies that he can’t remember, but it doesn’t matter because now they need her to continue the research. Haruka steps in front of her to protect her, and the man turns into an arazu. He and Haruka begin to fight, but something happens to Elena. She can’t move, she can’t speak, and can’t even hold herself upright. View Spoiler » and the fight continues.

View Spoiler » Haruka lands before her, she wants to reach out to him, wants to say his name, but she can’t. She’s screaming in her head for him to move before the arazu gets up again, words aren’t coming out and she bites her lip. View Spoiler » He looks at her, and Elena hopes her thoughts can reach him (I’ll always love you). She stumbles through his name, and he acknowledges her before moving away.

He’s still too weak, he tells himself if only he were stronger… Elena yells his name. View Spoiler » It’s like time stops, and in the next moment the arazu is dead. View Spoiler » it seems like it’s over.

Haruka thanks Elena for reaching him in the end, although Elena doesn’t really realise what she’s done (View Spoiler »). She still doesn’t understand, but Haruka’s just happy to be by her side for now and forever.

Good end: View Spoiler »

Some CGs:

Good End | Bad End

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4 responses to “Chouchou Jiken | Haruka

  1. Ghost

    Oh wow, I’ve been dying of curiosity about this character ever since I saw some of the CGs… I can see why Haruka might’ve ruined the rest of the game – what a route! Thank you so much for summarizing it~! 💕

    • I still have to play the other routes, but all I wanna do is play Haruka’s again lol It’s such a fun one, isn’t it?

      No prob! 🙂 Glad you liked it❤

  2. Lia

    I love Haruka, not only the game version but the manga version as well. So thank you for reviewing this game seeing not many were sure if it would turn out good or not. Will you be reviewing the other routes as well?

    • Thank you for reading it❤︎ Haruka’s route was fun~ (and oh gosh, I can’t believe that I forgot there was a manga version, time to hunt that down lol)

      I’m probably going to do something similar for the other routes as well, but I’m not sure how much detail I’m gonna go into because wow this post took long enough as it was lol I’ll definitely try though~