Disappearing acts

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How are blog entries supposed to go after disappearing for months on end? Filled with many excuses like mine usually are, I guess, oh well. Excuses: work, uni, sleep. My bad, sorry lol Also, apologies again because I think this post is turning a little bit into a pity party. Whoops.

I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately; a reading slump, a gaming slump, a writing slump, an ‘everything takes too much effort and all I need or want right now is sleep’ slump. I’m amazed I even managed to remember due dates for university assignments over the last semester because I wasn’t remembering much else. While I’m sure I probably was doing more than I think I was, outside of work it felt like all I was doing in my free time was sleeping (and, yet, still not getting enough).

Far more recently, I’ve started getting back into actually doing things. I dusted off my Korean textbooks again to try to start working on that, my Japanese classes at university this semester have me reading everything I can get my hands on, I’m playing otome games again, and I finally got around to finish reading some damn novels already. Only things left are to pick up translating again, writing, and blogging❤︎

When I used to think of all of this though — blogging, translating, writing (gosh, it’s been years since I’ve written any original fiction or fanfics), the whole shebang — I’d get a mixture of embarrassment and dread. Partially because I never think I’m any good, which a lot of people probably think that about their own stuff, so whatever. I’m only going to stay an awful if I don’t try, so working on it’s the best thing to do. But, on top of that, I’d get embarrassed to even try. The whole ‘if it’s not perfect, why bother?’ kind of thing, which damn, if I’m going to think that way I might as well just delete everything now and put away my language learning textbooks too.

Seriously though, I am a very lazy perfectionist. It’s only about certain things too which is the worst, because it’s usually the things I care about a lot. Well, it’s something to work on as well I guess.

Anyway! Like I said, I’ve started doing things again. I’m getting back into the stuff I like, and working on moving past the sleepless hazy mess I have been lol I haven’t read anything specifically for reviewing yet, nor have I been playing any otome games to review just yet either. Instead I’m gonna spend some time re-reading some books I know for sure that I like, and I’m replaying a game series I love as well. Then move back into reviewing stuff and, with any luck, translating stuff again after a day or two.

So far on the re-read has been the Illuminae Files trilogy, a couple of manga series, and next might be The Gentleman Bastard Sequence, and Six of Crows. After that who knows, I have a few series I want to re-read at some point. Now might be the best time lol I might post some updates or something with regards to it if I spend a while on these, because otherwise this blog probably won’t have much content~

For otome games, at the moment I’m replaying Amnesia. I thought about finally getting around to finishing Collar x Malice, or Moshi, Kami, or Reine des Fleurs, or Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, but Amnesia was one of the first otome game series I finished playing completely and I still really like a lot of the characters from it a lot❤︎ Plus, I’ve already got all the trophies so I don’t need to go through it again and again to make sure I get everything lol

Anywho, time for a cup of tea and then some more complaining to my Vita about how much of a creep Toma is how long it’s taking me to re-unlock Ukyo’s route. Just let me romance my fave! (Okay, fine, Toma’s growing on me a bit too, but Ukyo~~)

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