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Posted 6 August, 2017 by Jade in Japanese / 0 Comments

I’ve spoken about it before, but since Lost Eden came out I’ve been slowly (pretty darn slowly, these days) translating character routes from it. It’s a mixture of fun, stressful, and somehow satisfying.

When I started, I was posting parts as soon as I’d finished them, and I felt like I had to keep that speed up throughout the entire route. Thankfully, I learnt better after nearly falling asleep at work lol

It was pretty lucky that I’d started when I did, to be honest, because I’d taken some extra days off work the first two weeks or so when the game came out (for reasons other than the game) and I had plenty of time to translate.

Not long after that, however, uni started up again and I was juggling it, translating, and work. I’d also started playing Black Desert Online again, but it fell to the way-side as I was pretty much translating constantly in my free time. I felt like I had to post translations multiple times a day, every day. I know there are some people who can manage it, and all the respect to them, but oh gosh, I couldn’t do it. I was running myself down and I was finding it really difficult to enjoy translating and enjoy the game.

It didn’t help that, despite my posting them online, I still wasn’t very confident in my translations or my skill level in Japanese. I’ll always have those doubts though, so they don’t really matter too much.

Anyway, eventually, I finally got around to pacing myself (even if I had to take a couple of probably way too long breaks here or there), and I’ve finished two routes and I’m slowly working through four more.

While I want to post translations every day, I’m not sure it’s possible for me while I have uni and work at the same time. Potentially, if I set aside a day just for translating and queue a bunch I could manage, but ehh.

I’m enjoying translating a lot more now that I’m not doing it in every moment where I’m not at work or doing uni stuff. It wasn’t that I hated translating before now, but it’s a lot more fun now that I’m not pushing myself to complete as much as I can in one go.

I’ve just gotta work on not being so much of a perfectionist as well, because yeah, looking at my own translations still makes me cringe. Ugh, why aren’t I better at Japanese??? I should probably study more lol

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