Good Ends? Never Heard Of Them

Posted 2 August, 2017 by Jade in Otome / 0 Comments

I’m one of those people who can’t make it to the Good End in an otome game to save her life; which, in some cases, the main character’s life does seem to hinge on it sooo… sorry? I’m also the kind of person to always choose the options that lead to my death in Choose Your Own Adventure books too, so maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions anymore. Ever.

I remember my first venture into PlayStation otome games, which was Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~, and I think in that game it was the only time I deliberately went for all the incorrect responses deliberately in my first playthrough. I hated all of these characters and the horses they didn’t ride in on. Suffice to say, I ended up dropping this one and never picking it up again lol

On the other hand, when I first picked up Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal, I died. Every time. I was actually trying to live, and they kept killing me every single time. Eventually I gave up because maybe otome games just weren’t for me, I kind of sucked at them after all.

A year later, I finally discovered walkthroughs. Yeah, I was pretty slow to Google this, what was wrong with me??? But then, I finally cleared a game. Finallyyy. Turns out that, without these walkthroughs, I’m never able to complete anything.

On the other hand in some games, OR JUST THIS PARTICULAR ONE THAT I’M TRYING TO COMPLETE NOW, I still can’t manage to make it through even with a walkthrough.

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly is killing me a million times, despite the fact that I’ve been trying to choose different options each time. Like, come on game, I realise I screwed up previously, but do you have to keep punishing me???

So, I gave up on that one for a while and moved onto other games with much easier walkthroughs. But now that I’m back to it, this time without a walkthrough, I keep finding myself taking the same steps without thinking about it. ガ━━(TДT|||)━━ン What is wrong with me?

I’m pretty much cursed with Bad Ends or Game Overs when I’m playing without a walkthrough. I always end up reloading to previous options on mobile games, I go through each option just to test what works and what doesn’t, and then I end up making the wrong decision in a crucial moment and lol goodbye lover. Or you know… I end up killed or locked in a cage forever or something.

Walkthroughs are handy for gallery and trophy completion too, actually. FULL COMPLETION OR BUST! Honestly, I never knew how obsessed I was with getting all the trophies before I started playing otome games more often.

But, you know what, sometimes the walkthroughs just feel like too much work? Oh, the main character’s getting asked her opinion? Time to check the walkthrough to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. Crap, where’s my phone? If I was playing Reine des Fleurs, which gives you a time limit on responses, I’d be failing at the answer immediately lol

With a walkthrough I manage to complete games, usually, with no real issues. Without, I just die. A lot. I’m gonna have to work on playing without walkthroughs more though because it seems to be more fun at times. So, here’s to a lot more deaths. Over and over and over again❤

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