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It’s been a while since I’ve seen this around, but way back in the day when I was on my expat blog kick (my adventures as an expat were nothing interesting to write about, but everyone else’s were fun) I used to see this a lot. The blog I saw it on the most isn’t active any longer, but they generally used it for positive things that had happened in their life recently, and a reminder that there were lots things to be happy about.

I’m going to twist it a bit for this post though and talk about five tropes I love in fiction❤︎

A trope is a convention or pattern within a narrative; it can be a character type, a plot device, a structure within the narrative, a cliché, etc. There a plenty in media, and I love quite a lot of them depending on what I’m reading/watching/playing.

Onto (some of) the tropes!

Enemies to lovers – let me ramble on how much I love this trope, alright? Because it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to change who they are, but depending on the kind of story they could be on opposite sides (leading to the Star-Crossed Lovers trope or the Love Across Battlelines trope), or they could just be people who had a rivalry, or battling over a particular thing; it doesn’t matter just give me the snarky trying to best each other but ‘oh shit they’re hot’ panic. I want to see their feelings change and both of them grow to understand each other and eventually fall in love, and ahh. Let me have this.

Soulmates – I’m actually very picky with the soulmate tropes, because I hate it in characters I’ve only just been introduced to. However, I absolutely adore it in fanfiction especially if it’s for a crack ship. Same thing with Reincarnated Soulmates, if I don’t know anything about either of these characters originally what makes their being destined for each other compelling? Particularly if the author’s put in a love triangle that will end exactly as we expect. With characters I already know well, though, give me all the things.

Deadpan Snarker – I love snarky and sarcastic characters❤︎ Granted there has to be some moments between the snark to show that there’s more to them than just a sarcastic comment, but they’re one of my favourite character types.

Fake Relationship – Give me all the awkwardness that comes with wondering where the act ends and real feelings begin. Give me all the frantic scrambling for a cover story, and cute couple moments. I just love it so much.

Odd Friendship – I love friendships in media. Love them. Rather than love triangles, give me more friendship! Or poly relationships. Friendships that no one else seems to understand? Even better. I love seeing how characters can interact with each other and the different ideas they have about their friends.

What are some tropes or character types that you like in fiction? What are ones you can’t stand? Throw them in a comment, I’d love know❤︎

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7 responses to “Things I Love Thursday | Tropes

    • Strong female main characters, yes!

      Ugh, yeah, the love triangle trope is a massive pain. I get that it’s there for a reason, but it usually just makes the characters in it seem awful at times.

        • I know right! The wait’s killing me!

          They definitely do, and I don’t think I’ve ever really seen one done well either. It’s sad, there’s so much opportunity to explore different kinds of relationships between characters, or all the time could have been used to move the plot forward and get more in depth with it, but instead it’s just a mess. 🙁

  1. Oooh! I love most of your choices here. I also really like enemies to best friends because it’s something we don’t read of that often and it’s so nice to see people who thought differently come together.

    Soulmates is such a tricky subject for me, especially if they fall in love because they’re soulmates but we don’t really find out what they like or appreciate about the other person. Also, because most soulmate stories are just: “and they fall in love” but I think a soulmate can also be a best friend, or a family member, or a queer platonic partner.

    I am so into deadpan snarker, that is like one of my favourite things to read in books!

    • YES! We need more enemies to best friends❤

      And yeah, it’s hard with soulmate ones. They’re so rarely done right and the intricacies or the negative aspects of it aren’t explored often enough 🙁 It’d be awesome to get more platonic soulmates in fiction, hell, I don’t even care if it starts with unrequited love at least have some more exploration of the trope~

      They’re the best❤❤ I wish I could be that snarky on demand lol