Not to be a hipster, but…

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I have to admit before I start that there are a lot of popular books I like; I can quite easily join in the hype about a new announcement for a book in a series or a book that’s getting a lot of attention for its representation, etc, etc. I’m not denying that at all.

I buy a lot of books based on hype. Yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone’s reading the same books these days, everyone’s sick of seeing people posting photos of the same covers over and over again, why can’t people talk about other books instead? I get it, but anyway… sometimes I’m one of those people, other times I’m not.

Normally, I wouldn’t be making a post about this, but I’ve come across a few people at work who have recommended the exact same books to me (and these are people who, as far as I know, have never spoken to each other). They went on and on about how great the series was and how much they loved the world-building, and the storytelling, and how they were so excited about the potential movie and TV series. They couldn’t wait!

Meanwhile, I had my microphone muted and was groaning into my hands. Why, oh why did people like this series with this male equivalent of a Mary-Sue where the narrative supported him in all of his endeavours and he never faced any consequences for his actions? Please, someone tell me why!

Look, not to be a downer, but I hate the The Kingkiller Chronicle series. I hate it. So much. Everyone seems really surprised when I tell them my thoughts on it, too. So, because it’s been recommended to me multiple times already this week, it’s sort of making my reevaluate my thoughts on it a little too. And then I remember how much of an arrogant pain Kvothe is and I change my mind.

There are a lot of popular series or authors I don’t really like or care about (Cassandra Clare and John Green being prime examples), but this series, man, I don’t get it. Maybe I’m wrong about it? Maybe I should give it another go? So many people seem to like it after all. Except… no. Let’s not.

It’s a little hard sometimes not to fall into the pressure, that probably isn’t actually there but feels like it is, to give series I dislike another shot because surely there would have to be something enjoyable in them. It’s even harder, too, when a book could be great, but just doesn’t get there. Or there’s just one character you like out of many, and they’re treated horribly or twisted by the narrative into something else. Although a lot of this can happen with any novel except, for the popular ones, sometime it feels like you have to like all of it all the time no matter what. It’s a bit of a pain, and kind of impossible.

Anyway, now that I’ve turned this into a rant about a series I hate instead of what I meant to write, oops, who else has any popular series or authors they can’t get into? Have you given into the hype and given them another go or are you sticking to your initial opinions?

As for if I’m ever going to give The Kingkiller Chronicle another go, well:

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4 responses to “Not to be a hipster, but…

  1. It’s the worst when you read a super popular series and hate it bc then you’re left hearing about how everyone else loves it and you don’t… Lately that series for me has been Throne of Glass (which I don’t hate but think is severely overrated…) Also The Fifth Wave (which i did kinda hate)
    And books with missed potential make me SO SAD! When you can see what the author was going for or love some elements but everything else is just barely a miss…

    • Right! It’s the worst lol

      I used to be pretty into Throne of Glass, but it’s really gone downhill imo. I haven’t read the Fifth Wave, though, what didn’t you like about it? (If you don’t mind me asking)

      Yeah, or everyone else is great but everything is in the main character’s point of view and they’re barely tolerable. Or when an interesting plot point is dropped completely, or everything just suddenly changes direction… it’s awful lol

  2. Lizzie

    Hipster or not, I really related to this post. Then you mentioned Clare and Green specifically and I super related to this post. I think I have a tendency to wait ages to read popular books just so I feel like I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, but that’s probably my issue haha.

    • Haha, it’s not really too bad an issue, I think. Once the hype dies down a bit, you’d probably be able to get clearer information about the books anyway lol Even if it is just to feel like not jumping on the bandwagon, which I understand cause I feel that way sometimes too, you’ll at least get more views on the book before deciding to read it 😀

      Ugh, Clare and Green, I just don’t get the hype? lol I remember Clare from her Harry Potter fandom days and she’s awful, and Green’s writing is super pretentious and I couldn’t get into it.