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Posted 28 July, 2017 by Jade in General / 2 Comments

I kinda wanna talk about fandom for a bit, so:

I don’t write fic anymore (when will my writing skills come home from the war?), I can’t draw worth a damn, and beautiful meta or theories about characters or shows seem to be beyond me. But I greatly admire the people who do, especially those that can do it consistently.

I’ve always been pretty scared about involving myself in fandom too much; I wrote a fic here or there, mostly for crack ships, and mostly kept away from fandom drama. The only one I really remember clearly is Cassie Claire’s plagiarism and laptop-gate debacle, and that’s only because it’s recorded pretty thoroughly in various places. Oh, and the BBC Sherlock vs Elementary thing, but please, we all know that Elementary is clearly the superior show.

But this post isn’t about that, this is about what I think fandom’s so great for. Fandom can keep series alive (Chuck being a good example of this), and it can keep people coming back to things that have already ended (or things we wish had already ended). It allows people to experiment with their own styles in already established universes and characters, and try out things in the canon-universe and outside of that universe as well.

Granted, yes, there are some negative things about fandom; the drama, the shipping wars, the gatekeeping, the fact that people seem to think it’s weird and try to use it to creep people out for some reason, etc. Let’s get something clear though, to me, fandom is a bunch of people celebrating what they like or used to like about a piece of media and its potential.

When I liked interactions or the relationship between a couple of characters? I’d fic it. When I wanted to see an aspect of a scene explored more? I’d fic it. When I wanted a different ending? I’d fic it. Not because I hated it, but because there was so much in it to like and I wanted to explore it more.

I love that whenever I feel in the mood for something from a particular series, but not exactly that series itself, I can find something online. I love that I can find LGBT+ reinterpretations or re-imaginings of characters. I love that I can find fics or art for my crack ships, and I love that people can still be so enthusiastic for things that have ended years and years ago now.

Okay, fine, I can dress it all up with ‘everyone celebrating aspects of a series they like and that’s amazing’ all I like, but really I’m here for my ships and the fics that explore further aspects with the characters internally than the original series does. Yeah, I admit it. I love fandom because there’s always something more and there’s always something new, and there’s always really good fic.

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2 responses to “I Love Fandom

  1. Yes, I agree there can be negatives in any fandoms, but I love that you can find people that love something you love, even if it’s pretty obscure.

    • Right! Even the most tiniest of fandoms seem to have something and it’s great❤︎ Like, even if it’s the smallest thing you can always find something.