Do comics really count?

Posted 26 July, 2017 by Jade in General / 9 Comments

Recently I finished my Goodreads Challenge goal of reading 100 books. It’s not as great as it sounds lol It’s mostly manga which brings me to what this post is about.

Ages back, back when I was far more active in booklr, I found a post where someone was complaining about people who ‘only read comics’ and how ‘comics/manga shouldn’t count for Goodreads Challenges’ because it’s mostly images.

I can kind of half-understand where they’re coming from because yes comics (and manga) are generally quick reads, it’s not like they’re 800+ page high fantasy novels or something, so of course they’d reach their goal quicker and it may be a little discouraging to others. But then, that doesn’t mean that comics aren’t worthy of counting as books. If they don’t count for you then that’s fine, but idea that they don’t count at all is kind of weird?

Like, how far are we going to go into what counts and what doesn’t? Do Audiobooks not count anymore because it’s not like they’re actually getting read? Do non-fiction books stop counting because they’re not telling a story? Do eBooks stop counting because they’re on a screen and not on paper? Does poetry stop counting because they’re nowhere near the word or page counts of novels?

There are things I can get from comics that I don’t get from novels. There are cute little asides or extras, we can see the characters’ expressions, the backgrounds, the art❤

Yes, not everything is written out and it’s mostly dialogue or inner monologues, but you can extrapolate what’s going on from that and the images. Plus, the art is amazing. Ever wanted to see the face of your favourite character after just being rejected, well… look, there it is. Ouch.

The same amount of time and effort is put into them as there is in novels. Some series are long-running, and chapters are released every month and in some cases every week. The writing has to be consistent, catchy, and the art has to maintain the same style or better throughout. Some series can span for years, and years. Many western comics get reboots every few years.

Sure there are some awful comics and awful writers, but there are also awful books and awful authors. Let’s be real here, sometimes you have to wade through some stuff that isn’t great to get to the stuff that is no matter what you’re reading.

If they don’t count for you, then whatever, it’s fine. Just don’t decide for everyone that comics aren’t worthy to be counted as books because that’s just rude.

But also you’ll pry my meeting my Goodreads Challenge goal out of my cold dead fingers; comics and manga totally count.

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9 responses to “Do comics really count?

  1. I’ve been thinking if I should add my manga and webtoon reads on my Goodreads challenge. If I add my manga/webtoon reads this year, I’d probably surpass 200 reads (by volume count). Lol. But I never add them on my Goodreads, because, first, you’re right about them being a quick read. So, whenever I read manga, it just go so fast, I never have the time to add them on GR, because I after I finish one, I’d quickly read a new one. Haha. Not gonna lie, I actually read more manga/webtoons than novels.

    • Haha, yeah, there’s been a bunch of times I’ve read a multi-volume series in one sitting and then not added them to GR because hunting down each and every volume and getting the read order right is a pain (´△`)↓

      But, like, some people seem to look completely down on others for logging comics and manga they read onto GR for some reason? And I don’t get it? Ooh, it has images, how shameful~~~ Not everyone has to enjoy the same things, but that doesn’t make the things they dislike not worth it to other people. I don’t know.

      Anyway, you should totally add them if you want❤ It is really easy to just forget about GR and keep picking up the next volumes though, hey? lol

  2. To be honest, if I added all the manga and comics I’ve read to my Goodreads then I would have completed my challenge a long time ago! I read them a lot faster than I would a novel but that doesn’t mean I enjoy them any less. I never remember to add them though, since I move onto the next volume or issue quickly haha

    Also, what’s the manga of the boys with blonde and brown hair? I recognise it but can’t remember the name!

    • Haha, yeah, it’s really easy to move onto the next one without even thinking about it. Trying to go back and put them into GR sometimes can be a pain, particularly if the series isn’t on there or only one volume of it is there.

      It’s Anoko no Toriko (あのコの、トリコ。), I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but it looks good 🙂

  3. This is an interesting topic and, though I would not have counted comics toward the goal either because of how short they are, I find myself sitting here saying “who cares?” This is supposed to be fun and its individualized for each person. If you want them to count and feel that they do, well, then they count! To each their own and bravo to you for completing your challenge!! 🙂

    • lol Thank you❤

      I understand that many people don’t count them based on how short they are, but I’ve also read shorter books so why not? lol I read too much manga not to count it. It is all personal preference though, and everyone has their own way of looking it, it’s just when people decide that what they dislike shouldn’t count at all for anyone is where I’m gonna have issues. >.>;;

  4. I think about this all the time. For me single issues of comics don’t count, I read 4-5 and then add the collected trade to my Goodreads challenge. Graphic novels and manga are full on volumes of stories so I don’t see why not count them. Just my opinion lol. It doesn’t make you any less of a real reader if you count issues/volumes etc. though and every one is different. Saying “they shouldn’t count” for everyone is not fair.
    Congrats on completing your reading goal (I am really struggling with mine at the moment and reading some comics has helped get me out of the slump)!

    • Right! It’s all down to personal preference, it’s when people try to force theirs on others that there’s problems lol What have you been reading recently?

      Thank you~❤ Yeah, comics always help with slumps. As nice as it would be to be able to read huge novel after huge novel with no consequences, at least comics can break it up a bit. Stops them from blending into each other lol

  5. For me they totally count, even single issues. Why single issues? Because it’s the same as reading novellas that eventually get collected under one name. If I can find it on Goodreads, then I’ll add it on my “read” shelves. Also, comic books can sometimes be just as complex or more than prose. And to people saying that comic books read faster…faster than what? I’m sure there are tons of readers out there who can read a 500-pages tome in one day if they like the book. I used to not understand the love for comic books, but ever since I tried them out I’ve been hooked. Like you said, you can do whatever you want with the way you read or how you count your books, but don’t expect everyone to do the same or use the same system as you. great post!