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There are spoilers ahead, but they’re hidden unless you click on them.

It’s kind of awkward when you go into a route not expecting much, and then leave it shipping a polyamorous relationship. Whoops.

After, unintentionally, sentencing a gardener to death, there’s talk of taking Luna to the White World to calm the effect her blood (Alice) is having on the Black World. When the gardener ends up killed in the middle of the night, she’s whisked away by Snow to the White World to protect her and, hopefully, calm down the violence she’s caused.

Snow is very protective of Luna. He’s more like a mother-hen than a friend, and worries unnecessarily over her. He’s quite bookish, but has a way with plants and gardening which, on top of his looks, brings him a small fanclub in the White World. Honestly? He’s kind of boring. (´・ω・`)

I didn’t really like Snow to begin with; he seemed manipulative and I was sure he knew more than he was saying. He picks and chooses what he tells Luna and, as cute as their interactions are at times, it really annoys me. There are moments in this route where I liked him; he was pretty sweet and I liked his massively obvious crush on Luna, but there were times where I just wanted to shake him. Like, you have access to like hundreds of royal secrets, and you let things get this far??? How???

Anyway, Luna is A+ in this route. Like always. She gets into hotheaded arguments with Kanon all the time, and braves the convenience store all by herself. My little baby’s all grown up and buying things, I’m so proud. She has a really lovely moment with Snow not long after, and his subsequent actions with Rain about it are great.

There’s some more moments of Luna’s friends being shippers on deck in this route, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. Luna’s jealousy over Snow getting approached again an again for confessions, and his denial that they weren’t dating, was pretty in character for her. I dislike the way it came about, but her reactions and Snow’s utter cluelessness was great.

There’s a moment I kind of want to talk about, but half of it is definitely going under a spoiler cut. One, because it’s kind of spoilery, and two, because it’s really not something I expected to get in this game for some reason, and really isn’t that great of a moment. At multiple times throughout the route, Luna asks Snow how or when she can go back to the Black World. This is a running thing throughout the route, and Luna’s questions about it are completely understandable. Snow, not knowing how to answer, either avoids the question, spins a small tale, fucking lies again, or tells her to wait.

At one point, Luna’s blood and the fact that she’s activated Alice comes up. View Spoiler »

Meanwhile, in the Black World, Airi and Rain are dealing with rumours that the last queen cursed the Black World to remain violent and chaotic forever. The one who’s spreading those rumours is, of course, the smug faced guy you’ll soon get sick of seeing from Nello’s route. He can travel between the two worlds with ease, and seems to have a past with Snow.

We find out a few things from Snow’s past in this route, but not much about him and Asagi, instead we hear more about his relationship with Rain and his family. We also get some cute flashbacks about him and Luna who have known each other since they were kids.

Luna does end up back in the Black World in this route which leads to a lot of strain between Rain and Snow. Rain, who has made his intentions clear many times in pretty much all of Luna’s routes, is ready to kill. Meanwhile, Snow is still looking into ways to save Luna and let her be happy wherever she wishes.

Which brings me to the endings. My favourite ending did not have a CG, again. Come on! While it includes my least favourite character, ugh, it’s such an open ending and I want to see it happen (View Spoiler »). The Black World Bad Ending (View Spoiler ») was actually kind of sweet.

The White World Good End (View Spoiler ») was boring. So, so boring. The Black World Good End (View Spoiler ») involved Luna and Airi interacting (best thing), Luna demanding Rain say ‘pyon’ at the end of every sentence and Rain requesting the death penalty instead. There are also some cute sibling moments between Snow and Rain too.

The polyamorous relationship was Snow/Luna/Jack by the way, because they were all looking out for each other and cute and Jack admitted that he liked both of them♡♡

Some CGs:

White World Good End | Black World Good End | Black World Bad End

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