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There are spoilers ahead, but they’re hidden unless you click on them.

 And then there’s this asshole. Remember how I said that Snow was boring? Well, Rain’s even worse. It took me so long to finish his route which is annoying because it could have been pretty interesting. Oh well.

Airi is brought from the White World to replace Luna who was taken there instead. Rain tells her that she’s to be the new Queen until the unrest in the Black World had calmed down from Luna’s reign. When she’s not passing judgement on cases brought to the Queen, or listening to citizen’s concerns, Rain generally keeps her locked in her room or within the castle walls.

Maybe I’m biased because of Luna’s routes where there have been multiple instances of Rain being awful or ready to kill, but I don’t like him. Like, at all. He’s silent to a fault, and his encouragement to Airi doesn’t sound like encouragement at all. I understand that he’s awkward, there were enough moments to show it, but he’s so bland.

On top of keeping Airi locked up, neither of them have many conversations with each other. Airi hears more about him from Minette and Asagi (who through a series of events from the time that Minette got to take her out of the castle manages to meet Airi). It’s not to say that they have zero interaction, but it’s either constantly interrupted, something goes wrong, or they both misunderstand each other. It’s frustrating.

However, I did like finding out that Rain is weak to crying women (or Airi crying anyway) and quickly tries to make it up to her or distract her with tea. Another thing was the scene where he takes Airi to the library and shows her his favourite series as a child and she reads it to ‘get to know the Black World better’. Sure, Airi, sure.

Meanwhile, Asagi is filling her head with lies and rumours about Rain and Luna being in love. Excuse me while I laugh myself to death. Rain’s response when he finds this out is that if anyone told Luna her face would look as if she’d swallowed a lemon. Airi thinks that’s an awful response but like the very thought of them together, oh my god, that’s hilarious.

On top of this, because Airi won’t stop asking to go back home to the White World, Rain tells her that he’ll help look for a way back and that she may be able to go back after some time. She accepts this and does her best to be a good queen; which she is, mostly, she’s fair and tries her best to listen to everyone even if they’re boring or she’s tired. She accepts that she can’t leave the castle and makes do with the rules that Rain has set for her including getting escorted everywhere even within the castle.

But weird things are happening in Minette’s visits, and over time she’s finding she can’t even remember the names of people from the White World or why she would even want to go back at all. She brushes it off for a while, but on a midnight excursion to the library she finds out why. View Spoiler »

Airi does the only logical thing a teenage girl can do in this situation and runs away. She’s found in the forest by Asagi who helps her get back to the castle. Rain is quick to snap to a judgement about it and about why Airi and Asagi are together, which yeah understandable I don’t like the smug jerk either, but Airi defends him vehemently.

Moving on, there’s a parade that requires Airi’s involvement as queen. She finally gets to leave the castle! She’s nervous and excited, but Rain’s bringing all the security with them. They even brought Jack back♡ But, of course, everything that can go wrong will. There are explosions in the distance, people fleeing to safety, people fighting… it’s almost like the new queen didn’t change things much at all.

Airi does her best to try to calm people down, and it’s from here you can get the only Game Over End (View Spoiler »). From here it does get more plot heavy too, thankfully, because if we weren’t going to have cute moments they could have at least given us more plot.

Airi finds out more about the power her blood holds here, and there’s even a demonstration as to what it can awaken in people. She is told absolutely nothing throughout this route, and I’m so very angry about it.

The endings weren’t that great either, sadly. The White World Good End (View Spoiler ») was weird and kind of half-arsed? It also gave some new ‘rules’ about the way the two worlds work together that don’t work with the rest of the game (View Spoiler »). Yes, it needed to be italicised because what????

The Black World Good End (View Spoiler ») wasn’t too bad, a bit of a cop-out. But at least I got to see Jack teased about his crush on Luna again♡

The White World Bad End (View Spoiler ») didn’t have a CG, but it was average. The Black World Bad End (View Spoiler » had a great CG, and it’s my favourite ending. Of course >.>;;

Some CGs:

White World Good End | Black World Good End | Black World Bad End

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