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There are spoilers ahead, but they’re hidden unless you click on them.

In a shocking twist, warning someone that you might be a bad person does not actually excuse you from being a bad person.

I kind of hate happy go lucky characters in otome games sometimes because ninety percent of the time their past is going to be awful, and Nello’s is no exception. It beat me up, stole my lunch money, and spread rumours that I cried.

Like Minette, he can travel freely between worlds, but sticks mainly to the Black World for his work. He meets Airi (MC), who has been taken from the White World to replace Luna as queen, when he’s checking to see if the dress he’d been commissioned to make was fitting her properly.

His interactions with Airi in the beginning are really cute, and I love the playfulness of their conversations. He’s really good at cheering her up, which is lovely; unfortunately, he’s also really good at avoiding answering questions.

Eventually, he offers to help her find a way back to the White World. This is where we’re introduced to his boss, Asagi, and you’re going to get sick of him and his smug face really quick. He offers to help Airi get back in exchange for a small bottle of her blood and a signed contract that makes him king once Airi leaves. Airi’s blood, the blood of Alice, has the ability to enhance or awaken the powers of citizens in the Black World. Their system is based on a hierarchy of blood; at the top is Alice, second is those with powers, and third are those without. View Spoiler »

Good news, Airi makes it back to the White World View Spoiler ». It’s almost as if she never left, and the Black World almost feels like a dream. Instead, she’s more concerned about the deaths that are occurring near her school campus. She’s also finding herself drawn to Nello, though she can’t remember why or where she knows him from.

The two of them have some pretty cute moments, but they’re kind of undercut by Airi constantly trying to remember and Nello’s awkward excuses at the ends of their dates as he runs off somewhere.

There’s such a gap between Nello’s happy-go-lucky personality had how he acts when he’s serious or telling the truth. He’s completely down on himself; he knows what he is and what he’s done, and he knows that there’s no excusing it. I’m in love with his conversations with Airi from this point. I really like how Airi responds to him, and how much she tries to help without pushing too much.

Airi felt less flat in this route than she did in Minette’s, and her reactions to Nello were nice. Her characterisation played well off his conflicting feelings, and I just really love her conversations with Nello, okay. She’s so sure of her feelings for him, and tries her best to understand as much as she can. Like, I’m still kind of ambivalent about her character type a bit, but if it were Luna in her place I don’t think this route would go well.

I think the main problem I had with Nello’s route was his constant questioning of Airi of: ‘If I were a bad guy, what would you do?’ or ‘Would you still trust me if I weren’t a good guy?’ and… I just??? Didn’t we just go through this with Minette? Anyway, Airi is too good, too pure for this world, and her response is always the same that she trusts him and believes in him. It’s lovely, it’s sad; it’s really bloody annoying.

Bad news, it turns out Asagi isn’t a great king? Who knew? I mean, who could see that totally obvious thing coming?

Anyway, due to reasons (View Spoiler ») the two of them are back in the Black World. Nello and Airi ignore the inevitable for as long as they can, and have some pretty cute moments, but everything comes down to the moment Nello’s done constructing something for Asagi. View Spoiler »

Quite a bit happens nearing the end of Nello’s route including a couple of Game Over Ends. Both with CGs, one where View Spoiler », and another where View Spoiler ». The White World Bad End (View Spoiler ») was pretty sad, I guess. The Black World Bad End (View Spoiler ») was average.

The White World Good End and Black World Good Ends ended were both massive copouts. The Black World Good End was more than the White World Good End anyway. The White World Good End (View Spoiler ») was cute, and may be my favourite if only because Luna was in it.

I felt a little cheated by the Black World Good End though. View Spoiler » I don’t know, I was a little annoyed with it, to be honest.

I also might have mixed up some endings. I need to replay his route (;・∀・) … pretty sure I’m right though.

Some CGs:

White World Good End | Black World Good End | Game Over One | Game Over Two

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