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There are spoilers ahead, but they’re hidden unless you click on them.

Minette is charming, fun, and doesn’t tell the truth; I’m annoyed I fell for him anyway.

He’s a magic-user/potioneer, and can travel between the two worlds freely. He’s quick to change the subject or deflect if things get too close for comfort, and he excels in distraction. Out of the two worlds, he prefers the Black World to White and that’s how it leads to his meeting Airi (MC).

Airi is brought from the White World to replace Luna who was taken there instead. She’s told by Rain that she’s to be the new Queen until the unrest in the Black World had calmed down from Luna’s reign. Airi is, understandably, quite upset about it View Spoiler », and meets Minette when she’s attempting to find her way back home to the White World.

Minette is fun to see in every route he’s in, he’s always riling someone up in some way. Airi, on the other hand, is the typical very naïve main character you see in a lot of otome games. She takes everything people say at face value, and really believes in the good in people. Unlike Luna, she’s very limited in who she can interact with; either Rain or whomever deigns to visit her that day. Her situation is depressing and when she isn’t doing her duties as queen she’s locked inside her room all day until Rain lets her out.

Whether it’s because of the situation or because I’m over the really naïve (but surprisingly insightful) character type, I’m not sure but Airi’s characterisation was a little flat. No matter what Minette does in the route, Airi is perfectly happy to forgive and follow along with it. However, a lot of the conversations between the two were great, and Minette’s reactions to Airi’s complete honesty was both nice and sad to see.

One of favourite moments of the route were Minette helping Airi get out of the castle for a bit, and the CGs along with that. Minette showed her around the city and the parade that was in her honour for coming to help the Black World. They watched fireworks, Minette showed her some magic, I died. Great time. It was a cute date.

My other favourite is mostly because my future husband Jack made an appearance♡ Minette teasing him about his crush is A+, and Airi was just really happy to hear about Luna because no one ever tells her anything about her. The CG with Jack’s long-suffering expression when Minette is messing with him is gold, and Airi and Minette look quite cute in it too.

No surprise, but the fluff peters out here. Due to some commotion and violence, Minette ends up taking Airi home with him. This is a mistake. Here we’re introduced to his ‘owner’, Misty, who allows him to stay with her and gives him an allowance in exchange for favours.

I have very mixed feelings about the next part of the route. I feel like if I were to write much more about it I’d have to put everything below in a spoiler tag. So, a quick (hopefully small) spoiler filled summary here: View Spoiler »

Minette seems to go through more character development than Airi in this route. He starts to be more honest with others and lets other people help him. I kind of hate the whole having to have someone love you in order to change or be saved kind of trope, but Airi definitely helps him in this route. There’s a moment between them before heading back to the castle that I’m really in love with.

I think, sometimes though, that these games sort of forget that the characters have friends? Because being amazed that someone likes you is a little odd when, you know, you’ve got friends. Like a bunch of them. They’re right there.

The endings weren’t too bad though, except my favourite is one of the Game Over Ends (View Spoiler »); why am I like this??? The White World Bad End in comparison was really tame in comparison (View Spoiler »), so that was a little disappointing.

The Black World Good End (View Spoiler ») and White World Good End (View Spoiler ») were both pretty cute; I’m more fond of the Black World Good End because Luna and Airi interacting and Luna teasing her and wanting to hang out♡ Come on, game, just let me have this. Let them hang out!

The Black World Bad End (View Spoiler ») kind of ended how I expected, to be honest. It was a little depressing on both ends lol

Some CGs:

White World Good End | Black World Good End | Black World Bad End

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