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There are spoilers ahead, but they’re hidden unless you click on them.

Now normally I like a little Mad with my tea, but this guy’s more of a grump than anything. I understand why, but I was expecting… mad? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Luna (MC), the Queen of Hearts, has to go to the White World as the power of her blood (Alice) is making her go crazy which is bringing unrest to the Black World. Luna is taken to the White World to escape this and, if possible, calm down the affect her blood is having on both her and the Black World.

Kanon wants to be in the White World as much as Luna does; read: Not At All. The snacks aren’t great, he has to leave his shop, he has to attend classes? What is this hell? But, unlike Luna and like Minette, he’s allowed to wander between worlds, so there’s that. It’s a little awkward, though, because the only reason Snow brought him along is because he thought Luna might be lonely without friends her own age.

He’s rude to Luna right from the start, and pushes her to do more by herself rather than relying on Snow like she had been. I really like Luna in this route; her arguments with Kanon are a joy. Think Ron and Hermione, only these two might be a little bit more childish at times (and realise their feelings much quicker). Like seriously, they argue over nearly everything, and steal each other’s food.

Kanon’s route also throws back to my favourite thing of Luna failing at anything domestic. It’s a running thing throughout this route, and also ends up dragging Kanon into helping her. He swears he’s roped into it, but really he volunteered first as he couldn’t stand watching her fail much more. Despite his complaints, he’s also quick to assist her further and help his and Luna’s classmates as well.

His route switches perspective quite a bit, and it goes into the mystery of his past, as well as hinting towards something in Nello’s route. It’s nice to see things being consistent between routes; like Jack’s crush on Luna, everyone being completely done with Minette’s fun, other more spoilery things.

As with all of Luna’s routes so far, her friends in the White World are complete shippers on deck. I love how they help Luna with her feelings, and give her some good natured ribbing about it too. Like Jack, Kanon gains a small fan following in the White World, but he’s nowhere near as passive about it. He vocally complains about the girls following him around and calling him ‘cute’ because ‘they’re only treating him like a toy’. But, on the plus side, this leads to one of my favourite interactions between him and Luna where they argue about who has the worse personality out of the two of them. Results are in: they’re both as bad as each other.

Another favourite moment is their not-date for fabric, and also Kanon showing off his powers. The way he has to show her brings him really close to her and the blushes on their faces are really cute. This also leads to more information about his past and Luna’s family which is nice. I like learning stuff about the main characters of otome games as well as their love interest lol

Yet again, because all of these guys seem to have sad pasts, there is definitely pain involved. It turns out that in order to resolve something from his past, Kanon may need to do something neither of them want. View Spoiler » Which, yeah, kind of sucks.

Kanon spends some time hiding this from Luna before she finds out from other sources. Due to her own insecurities and her feelings for Kanon, at one point she does seem to be all for it. Ugh, they’re both trying their best and they like each other so much. Damn it, game, why do you do this to me?

But, let’s move onto the endings. My favourite one was the White World Good End (View Spoiler ») because Luna is such a babe. Like, damn. She and Kanon look so good in this ending. My next favourite is the Black World Bad End (View Spoiler ») because, once again, Luna’s a babe.

The White World Bad End, off memory, wasn’t awful. Honestly, I don’t really remember it compared to the other endings, sorry. There’s also the Game Over End (View Spoiler ») which got a CG, surprisingly.

The Black World Good End, on the other hand, was a massive cop-out and I hate it. View Spoiler »

Some CGs:

White World Good End | Black World Good End | Black World Bad End | Game Over End

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