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There are spoilers ahead, but they’re hidden unless you click on them.

I would marry this man; I’m totally in love with this awkward, blushing, shy mess of a man.

Luna (MC), the Queen of Hearts, has to go to the White World as the power of her blood (Alice) is making her go crazy which is bringing unrest to the Black World. Blood is really important in that world and has a hierarchy, the top is Alice, next would be others who can use magic that don’t have the blood of Alice, and third would be those without powers. View Spoiler »

The blood of Alice also has special properties that can awaken powers (or more power) in the people that drink it; it also gives off a sweet scent and can drive people from the Black World to lengths they wouldn’t normally take in order to taste it. On top of that, in order to become Queen of Hearts Luna had to drink the blood of a citizen of the Black World to awaken her powers. It is believed that this is part of the reason as to why those with Alice blood who become Queen eventually go crazy.

In the beginning of the game, a gardener who Luna had (somewhat unintentionally) sentenced to death ends up killed and she has to escape to the White World with Snow to try to find a way to reverse or calm down the affect her blood is having on her and the Black World.

Jack is the head of the Queen of Hearts’ guard (he could be the head of my guard any day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) okay, I’ll stop), and follows Luna (MC), at Snow’s request, to the White World to help protect her.

He’s very eye-catching in the White World, and gains a small following (including a group from the kendo club), but he only has eyes for Luna. He’s incredibly shy, and the slightest bit of attention from Luna can have him collapsing to the floor and stumbling over words. However, if anyone he cares about is in danger he becomes a lot more put together and you can definitely see why he’s head of the Queen’s guard.

Anyway, Jack’s route was the first one I chose because the game introduced him hiding around a corner and as if I wasn’t gonna troll the hell out of him Ψ(☆w☆)Ψ sadly there weren’t that many options to mess with him at all…

His personality contrasts well with Luna’s, and their interactions are really cute. It was fun seeing them interact together and even with other people; actually, I’m so glad that they interacted with other people. Sometimes in games it feels like that the MC and love interest can only interact or talk about each other, but there was enough stuff happening otherwise that it didn’t feel like too much.

Jack’s route was fairly short, but I’m in love with Luna’s development throughout it. She’s still haughty, and somewhat self-centred, but she’s never cruel to Jack or her friends in the White World. She’s easily embarrassed and a little insecure, but she grows as a character while still maintaining her personality and I love her. Also: Luna failing at doing anything domestic is my favourite thing and you will pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

There were a couple of things I didn’t like in Jack’s route (I know, what???), but the main thing was after View Spoiler ». When she’s talking to Jack about it she blames herself because she was walking around after scraping her knee, and she should have known better. Not much is done to contradict her, unfortunately.

I really liked the Black World Bad Ending to probably more than I should have (View Spoiler »). Luna and Jack could walk all over me and I would thank them for the experience. The White World Good End (View Spoiler ») in comparison was super cute, and I will never get over Jack’s reaction to being given a bento.

I found the Black World Good End a little disappointing, to be honest (View Spoiler »). The CGs were kind of cute though. The White World Bad End made me laugh a lot though as I definitely expected it to be one of his endings (View Spoiler »).

I really recommend Jack’s route; it does work well as the first one if you’re not wanting to get into the main part of the plot at first. You still go through Luna trying her best to be better and be able to get back to the Black World and you get some great interactions between her and everyone else and her and Jack. There isn’t a lot of action in this one, in my opinion, but Jack and Luna certainly make up for it♡

Some CGs:

White World Good End | White World Bad End | Black World Good End | Black World Bad End

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